Serapis Bay: Join Me in Your Quest of the Role of the Ascension Flame

Carla Thompson, March 20, 2015

A great masculine energy flooded the upper floor of the apartment and after a few minutes of attuning to it, I received this message from Serapis Bey. This is a short message, and the first message I have ever had from this great Ascended Master.

“I AM Serapis Bey! I AM the Keeper of the ascension flame!

It is my duty to convey the perfection of the Source through the implementation of the ascension flame.

The ascension flame remains the salvation of Man through the initiation process of the sacred temples woven in to the fabric of the expanded reality just beyond your fingertips.  

I invite you to join me in your quest of the role of the ascension flame.  Consciously invite me to attend your dream state and to be carried to your greatest fulfilment on your journey back home!

It is my fervent wish that all come to understand the power of this very beautiful and most powerful flame and its role in clarifying the truth of your reality, your reality being a holographic construct created by the mind of man.

I look forward to your conscious interest in this aspect of life!”

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