Massive ID Shift on March 26th /27th, 2015

by Georgi Stankov, March 27, 2015

This is a short update to inform you that a massive ID shift took place last evening PDT here on the Pacific coast and in the early morning hours in Europe. I was somewhat hesitant to write about this event as I was not sure if other members of the PAT have noticed it. Today I received an email from Jeronim from Constance Lake, Switzerland who described this same ID shift from his own experience and perspective and this convinced me that most probably some of you have also actively participated in this remarkable ID shift.

To me and Carla this event happened in the evening, after St. Germain had visited us the whole day and gave a message to Carla how to use the Pink Flame of love in combination with the Violet Flame of transmutation, ascension and healing, which I will publish tomorrow.

As I have reported in the past, St. Germain came last year in the summer and informed Carla that she was from that time onward the new Chohan of the Violet-Gold flame, in addition to being a Chohan of the Pink Flame of Love, although we as Elohim both belong to the Blue Ray of God’s will. This is what he said last year as an explanation for this decision:

Today (July 15, 2014) is a great day!  A day of peace and joy, a day of the final reckoning. I am Saint Germain and today I bring to you the following truth:

You (Carla) are a Chohan of the Violet-Gold Flame. As Chohan of the Violet-Gold fire, you carry it within your fields, through the activation of your “I AM” presence, whose role it is now to flood the fields of Gaia, and the auric fields of humanity, with the Violet-Gold fire, continuously, without rest.

As your “I AM” presence is now fully awakened and fully attuned to this truth, you, or rather your divine essence, is actively pouring this Violet-Gold fire into your fields, through You, within You, and into every atom and electron of your Body-Mind-Soul matrix. It then flows outward in a great expanding field.

Your immediate physical presence among others instantly transfers this Violet-Gold ray to them and awakens their I AM presences from the “ground up”, so to speak. You are a great Violet light now, even though your original and natural orientation to the Blue Ray remains.

It must be declared that your dual soul carries the full energy of the Blue Flame, the Flame of the Will of God, the Flame of Divine Omnipotence and unfailing Faith in a most balanced masculine-feminine expression, and this he does in a most powerful way. This new development has “freed you up” (from representing the Blue Ray; note, George), so to speak, so that you may grow in service, now as Chohan of the Violet Flame.

To clarify at this place, your initiation to the Pink Ray, the Flame of Cosmic Love, was a stepping stone on this path to keeper of the Violet-Gold flame. You shall continue to run the pink energies within your body’s electrical matrix, and your “I AM” presence knows when these energies are needed, in an instantaneous, moment-to-moment fashion. You may continue to use this ray as you have been doing. I confirm that it is also a very powerful healing tool and your use of it is perfect in every way.”

Since then we had not heard much from St. Germain who informed us that he would come in due time to initiate the use of both flames. This happened yesterday and this event illustrates that “God’s mills grind slowly but thoroughly“.

Anyway, after that we both started using these two flames as explained by St. Germain and the effect was staggering. We created first a massive vortex and then we were both taken away to the Source. The intensity of the energies was incredible. When we returned back on this uppermost mother planet, we were disoriented and did not know at first what had happened. We actually lost any perception of linear time.

The most striking sensation was that we were no longer on the same old earth, but had moved to a new reality. Everything seemed to be completely different and detached from the old matrix.

Simultaneously I received an email from Elna from Arkansas who wrote:

“The word “giant” has been floating around in my head for a  few weeks now… Are we these giants? I know when you talk of the Elohim. Are they giants? Just trying to understand. When I go within I feel that I am a giant at times. Feel so big. When I have had the dream of me holding the earth in my hands. A giant.

My reply was:

Of course we are giants, not in 3D but multidimensionally. We now encompass with our fields all timelines of Gaia and even more.”

I considered in my response also Anita’s message which I had just published. We are indeed expanding our light bodies and fields exponentially every single moment in the Now and we do not feel human anymore. And this is what Jeronim wrote to me today about this huge ID shift:

“Hallo Lieber Georg, es ist witzig ich sitze Hier und will dir schreiben und es ist so, als ob wir in Raum und Zeit Eins wären und ausserhalb davon. Geist, Energie, Materie in Göttlicher Einheit!… Seit 2014 haben für mich die Monate Zyklen, die in sich abgeschlossen sind vom Göttlichen Plan. und zwar immer am 27. und am 28. des Monats ist dann die Verankerung.

Heute haben sich die Dimensionen physisch getrennt. Wir wussten das es im März diesen Jahres Geschehen würde. Allerdings gehts ja immer weiter. Wir sind wieder mal extrem weit aufgestiegen und unsere Schöpfermacht dehnt sich richtig gewaltig aus.

Hello dear George, it’s funny, I’m sitting here and I want to write you and it is as if we were one in space and time and outside of it. Spirit, energy, matter in Divine unity! … Since 2014 the months have cycles for me that are completed by the Divine Plan and always on the 27th and the 28th of the month there is an anchorage.

Today, the dimensions have physically separated. We knew that it would happen in March this year. However, it always goes on and on. We have once again ascended extremely well and our creative power expands really huge.”

My answer came promptly:

Lieber Jeronim, es ist sehr gut, dass du mich heute angeschrieben hast. Gestern Abend erlebten wir, Carla und ich einen gewaltigen Schub nach oben und wir wurden für eine Weile lahmgelegt. Ich kann auch bestätigen dass jeden Monat um den 27. ich einen Abschluss der monatlichen Licht-Arbeit erlebe, der sich wie ein Quantensprung manifestiert. In der Vergangenheit war das meisten mit massivem Abstieg von Quellenenergie verbunden, der mir sehr zugesetzt hat. Jetzt hat sich die Qualität der Energien spürbar verbessert und ich ertrage diese Episoden viel leichter. 

Gestern kam auch St Germain zu uns zu diesem Anlass und gab Carla eine Botschaft, die ich Morgen publizieren werde. Er hat noch einmal die Pink Flamme eingeführt und erklärt, wie man sie im Zusammenhang mit der violetten Flamme benutzen soll. Wir haben angefangen, diese Methode auszuprobieren und sie zeitigt sofortige Wirkung. 

Also kann ich deine Wahrnehmung voll und ganz bestätigen, auch dass ich in jedem Augenblick in der Lichtstadt Raetia bin, wie ich gestern Carla noch einmal versichert habe. Wir dehnen uns in der Tat mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit, wie Anita’s HS berichtet, und werden gigantisch wie Elna aus den USA mir gestern schrieb. Es gibt zur Zeit eine Vereinheitlichung der energetischen Erlebnisse für alle Lichtkrieger der ersten und der letzten Stunde, die auf eine präzise Vorbereitung für den Aufstieg hindeutet.”

Dear Jeronim, it is very good that you have written to me today. Last night Carla and I experienced a big shift upwards and we were paralyzed for a while. I can also confirm that every month around the 27th I experience a completion of the monthly light work, which manifests itself as a quantum leap. In the past most of the time it was associated with a massive descent of source energy, which really hit me hard. Now the quality of the energies has improved noticeably and I cope with these episodes much easier.

Also yesterday, St Germain came to us for this occasion and gave Carla a message that I will publish tomorrow. He has once again introduced the Pink Flame and explained how to use it in conjunction with the Violet Flame. We started to experiment with this new method and it showed immediate effect.

So I can confirm your perception fully, also that I am every moment in the City of Light Raetia, as I assured Carla one more time yesterday. We expand indeed with the speed of light now, like Anita’s HS reports today and we become giants as Elna from the United States wrote to me yesterday. There is currently a unification of the energetic experience for all light warriors of the first and the last hour, which indicates a precise preparation for the ascension.” 

Hence the ID shift and expansion go hand in hand and are dialectical aspects of one of the same phenomenon – our incessant Ascension and Transfiguration to Logos Gods. This process has been accelerated now and when you begin to use the violet and pink flames in combination after I publish St. Germain’s message tomorrow, you will be able to further accelerate your personal ascension by also expanding beyond this small planet and becoming one with the new Golden Galaxy and the omniverse.


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