Immediate Creation Proven

by Georgi Stankov, March 18, 2015

We live indeed in auspicious time. All of a sudden, there are some very good channelings in websites, where boring stupidity spread only a few days ago. They come just on time and follow closely the footsteps of our important discussions from this week. If this is not a convincing proof how immediate creation occurs, as mentioned by myself in my previous article today, what else? How long have we been waiting for this to come?

This message below is another confirmation that the selection of our topics is spot on in terms of time and space. The reason for this is twofold:

1) As incumbent Logos Gods, we are the pacemakers of the current revelation and ascension process and determine the kind of discussions that are necessary for humanity to awaken in a most beautiful manner. This trend will accelerate and deepen in the coming days.

2) As conduits of the Source, we now influence all incarnated human beings at the level of their HS in a most profound manner and these spiritual impulses trickle down into their blockheads and they begin to open for the truth and re-discover old basic truths, which have been hidden from their mired, compartmentalized minds for eons of time.

This is the kind of “self-perpetuating prophecy” we now experience, whereas this anthropomorphic term stands for the simple fact that we always create what we think and desire, but the more consciously and with more faith we perform this creation, the more impressive and immediate the results are.

I, for my part, am truly overwhelmed by the speed with which my wishes manifest these days and have to employ all my self-discipline not to get giddy or “high” by this overwhelming manifestation of my divine power. You all can do the same now and enjoy your power as Creator Gods – you only need to firmly believe that you can. And please do not forget, even this cretin Obama managed to become US president with his slogan: “As we can!”, only be repeating it often enough.


Dream a Bigger Dream

The Angelic Guides

channelled by Taryn Crimi, March 18, 2015 

Today we would like to focus your attention upon the topic of manifestation. As many of you are becoming increasingly aware of the limitations you have thus far placed upon yourself; you are also now capable of shedding these limitations. You are beginning to see more clearly than you ever have before. You see, when you become conscious of any belief you then have the ability to release it, to alter it or to replace it. So many humans have not dared to dream big for fear that they will always remain disappointed that it never manifested. This is what we would like to touch upon in our discussion with you today.

We wish to remind you to dream your dreams without restriction, without the limitations you have no doubt placed upon yourselves. We can assure you, each and every one of you are quite good at manifesting, however many of you have not yet mastered the art of manifesting your desires. For many eons humans have allowed their fears to run wild and as a result those fears rather than the dreams have been what has manifested. You see, you will always manifest what you focus your attention upon. The universe cannot determine if it is a “good” manifestation or a “bad” manifestation; it cannot determine the difference between a dream and a fear. It is simply a mirror reflecting back to you what you give your attention to on a daily basis.

When you determine what you wish to create you must also believe that it is possible for you to manifest it. You do not need to know how it will manifest; it is not of your concern. All that you must identify is what you wish to create and then take the steps available to you to assist you in reaching your goal. We often liken the sense of certainty that must be felt to something as simple as “will you receive mail at some point this week”? To this you reply, I am absolutely certain that I will receive some form of mail at some point this week. Though this analogy is very simple, it is that certainty that is required when manifesting your dreams. You must be so sure that it will in fact manifest in divine timing in the path of least resistance (see my identical statement two days ago in my article “Ascension through Constant Creation“. This is the kind of serendipity we now constantly observe, note, George) that there can be no other possible outcome. It is with this determined faith that you must commit to when manifesting your dreams, for when you do, we can assure you, the Universe has no other option but to provide you with the end result you have summoned. It may not be in the way that you believed it should appear, and it may not manifest in the time that you deem necessary but it will surely manifest. Only after a dream has manifested can you see why that particular path was best suited for you, why it was for your highest good, or why it manifested in the timing that it did.

Many of you have previously made many excuses why you could not possibly create your true dreams, but you are each learning that those were only stories, only limitations that were placed by the one and only you. No one else, nothing else, but you; and therefore no one else can remove those limitations but you. There is a saying upon your world that says “where there is a will, there is a way” and to this we would agree. For every problem there is also a solution. When you are able to shift your focus from what you have identified the problem to be, to the understanding that there is also in fact a perfect solution, you summon the universe to generate a proper solution.

Many become discouraged when they are met with perceived obstacles or challenges along their path to creating their dreams as they believe that it is taking them “away” from their dream or in some way delaying it. To this we smile, as the challenge or perceived obstacle is part of the path of least resistance, if it was not, it would not be on your path. Sometimes you must blow through the obstacles in order to achieve your dreams rather than take the long way around in order to avoid them. Every experience that you are having is part of the path, it is not a detour, rather it is an essential part of the path. With each step that you take you can confidently know that you are one step closer to achieving the dream that you have set for yourself. It isn’t until you reach your destination that you are able to understand the journey that lead you there. So we remind you to continue to dream big. (This is a leitmotif of all my writings on ascension, note Goerge). Do not fear that you are not capable of achieving your greatest aspirations; for there are no limitations except the ones you place upon yourself.

We hope that this message has served you and we remind you to dream big!

In love and light, we are your Angelic Guides


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