Has Russia Signed a Secret Military Alliance with France Against the USA ?

by Georgi Stankov, March 10, 2015


I have no tangible proofs that Russia has already signed a secrect military agreement for a mutual help in their clandestine war against the Empire of Evil (USA), but all the facts point to this conclusion. If this is true, it explains why the Germans are now also leaving the sinking Western cabal’s ship and officially criticize the bellicose policy of Washington, and in particular of General Breadlove, the top commander of NATO in Europe and Victoria Nuland – the “Fuck EU” political whore and deputy secretary in the US Department of foreign affairs – as I already reported. The Germans will never dare such a rift with their American masters, unless they have the support of France. The Berlin-Paris axis seems to hold these days.

After the surprising visit of Hollande in Moscow last year when he met with Putin at the airport, there were a lot of rumors as to the topic of their secret conversation. Informed sources claimed that Hollande had received frightening information from his secret services that the USA is planning a massive black op against France to force this country into a global war, as this happened later on with the Charlie Hebdo Hoax in a farcical manner.

Hollande must have asked Putin for urgent help during his sudden visit to Moscow. None of this information was confirmed by both politicians, but soon thereafter the Russians stopped their pressure on Paris to deliver their military ship, which the French were obliged to do by October 2014 at the latest. The penalties for this breach of the contract on the part of France, which was forced to postpone the delivery of the ship to Russia under Washington’s pressure to punish Russia with sanctions as the West was losing the conflict in Ukraine, amounted to at least 2.5 billion dollars.

I noticed this sudden shift in the French-Russian relations immediately at that time and knew that there must have been a secret agreement between Russia and France to coordinate their joint resistance against the Empire of Evil to unleash a new devastating war in Europe starting from Ukraine. Therefore it was not at all surprising that both Hollande and Merkel were instrumental in the second Minsk peace agreement with Russia against the will of Washington.

There is no doubt that much more is happening behind closed doors than the MSM report and that these clandestine negotiations and agreements have only one goal – to weaken the Empire of Evil to realize its hegemonic foreign goals of enslaving the whole humanity under one centre, one sovereign, as Putin warned in his historic speech at the Munich security conference in February 10, 2007.

If it comes true that Russia and France have signed a secret agreement on military cooperation against the USA, and my HS and the latest information point unequivocally to this fact, then this is the game changer on the global chess board on behalf of Russia. It is important to know that the two countries have always been allies for many centuries, except when Napoleon decided to conquer Russia and was defeated by the Russian people and the severe Russian winter in a most humiliating manner. Such historical alliances still play a great role in modern diplomacy, which is based to a large extent on tradition.

The latest information proves that Washington is most concerned by the fact that Moscow has allowed the French navy earlier last month to equip their nuclear attack submarine Saphir with one of Russia’s revolutionary electronic warfare systems weapons, and which allowed this submarine to sink an entire US navy carrier group, including the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt, in war games conducted off the coast of Florida in February, as the Russian outlet Sputnik indirectly confirms:

A series of joint naval drills between the United States and France recently didn’t quite turn out the way the US, no doubt, expected. The practice scenario ended with the French nuclear submarine that was acting the part of an enemy ship “sinking” the American aircraft carrier and most of its escort. 

The exercises took place over 10 days starting in mid-February off the coast of Florida. The French nuclear attack submarine (SNA) — named Saphir — joined US Carrier Strike Group 12, comprising the aircraft carrier USS Theodore Roosevelt (nicknamed the “Big Stick”), several Ticonderoga cruisers or Arleigh Burke destroyers and a Los Angeles class nuclear attack submarine.

The exercises were meant to test the newly upgraded carrier, which had undergone a four year, $2.6 billion overhaul, ahead of the Strike Group’s deployment.

“We are going to experience real combat situations from all angles, there will be training evaluations from a hostile ship boarding, submarine attacks, and enemy ships or vessels trying impede their justice upon our strike group,” said Capt. Scott F. Robertson, of the USS Normandy in a statement about the exercises.

Better Friend Than Foe

And all those exercises went well while SNA Saphir was on the American side of the imaginary conflict, in which fictional states were attacking US economic and territorial interests. The French sub supported the American vessels in anti-submarine warfare drills. 

However, the second phase of the exercises found the French ship playing on the enemy side, charged with a mission to find and attack the Theodore Roosevelt.

And so it did, sneaking deep into the defensive screen of the Strike Group, avoiding detection by the American anti-submarine warfare assets, and, on the last day of the drill, “sinking” the Roosevelt and most of it’s escort

Aircraft Carriers Iconic, but Vulnerable, Naval Giants

Aircraft carriers travel with these escorts, and train with submarines, precisely because they are so vulnerable to submarine attacks, the USS Theodore Roosevelt proving no (theoretical) exception. 

“For every sailor who’s not in a submarine, submarines are real scary,” writes David Axe at Real Clear Defense.

“Stealthy and heavily-armed, subs are by far the most powerful naval vessels in the world for full-scale warfare—and arguably the best way to sink those more obvious icons of naval power, aircraft carriers.”

The original report on the drills was published March 4 on the website of the French marines under the headline, “Le SNA Saphir en entraînement avec l’US Navy au large de la Floride,” but has since been removed. A link in a Marine National tweet about the drill likewise, leads to a blank page. Parts of the article, however, are reproducedin French language reports.”


Hence we are well advised to expect very soon new sudden rifts in the facade of the Western military alliance, NATO and a total disarray of their hegemonic policy to establish the NWO. This collapse will be facilitated by other important revelations and crises such as the possible defeat of Netanyahu, the greatest war mongerer of current times, in the coming elections this week or the pending government crisis in the Netherlands, as Daniel has just reported to me. Of course much more will follow and we are the driving force behind all these processes that will reveal the ultimate truth to humanity.

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