Frantic Preparations for WW3 – The Ascension Day Is Coming Closer

by Georgi Stankov, March 14, 2015

The last several days we observed a massive, coordinated dissemination of false information about the alleged disappearance of Putin and even his death. It was obvious that all this disinformation was written with the CIA-pencil as numerous times in the past and has always been proven to be wrong. This kind of deliberate political hoax, in which all western MSM were involved in full defiance of any accepted journalistic standards of decency, correctness and credibility, is never coincidental. It always happens when something big is in the making.

As we are in the End Time, the only big thing that can happen is a sudden nuclear WW3. We have been discussing this possibility now for more than two years and on many lower timelines such a devastating global war was indeed unleashed by the heinous ruling western cabal. I, personally, and some more PAT members have had direct experience with such nuclear wars on near-by parallel timelines as time travellers and have reported it accordingly.

The most significant event of war escalation on this uppermost mother planet happened in September 2014 when Putin ordered the highest possible alert status of the Russian strategic nuclear forces on the eve of the NATO summit in GB, where aggressive measures against his country such as the installment of rapid deployment forces in Eastern Europe near the Russian border were decided. Shortly before that the military doctrine of Russia towards NATO was redefined, naming NATO and the USA as enemy number one to Russia, as was the case during the Cold war.

Read here: War Escalation

During this event Putin was returning to Moscow from his 5-hour visit with his Mongolian counterpart Elbegdorj Tsakhia in Ulan Bator, and was “strategically redirected” to one of Russia’s most secretive bunker complexes below Barnaul Airport located in the Altai Republic. From there Putin authorized the conduct of large military exercises of the Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) to practice countering irregular units and high-precision weapons in Altai, and “conducting combat missions in conditions of active radio-electronic jamming and intensive enemy actions in areas of troop deployment”. Supersonic MiG-31 fighter-interceptors and Su-24MR reconnaissance aircraft also took part in this exercise and the scale of air power involved in it was announced to be “unprecedented for exercises of this kind”.

Now we have a similar significant military escalation between Russia and the West that may culminate in a global nuclear war on this uppermost mother planet, unless we diffuse it and trigger instead the planned paradigm shift.

This all happens in anticipation of the super new moon and solar eclipse at equinox end of next week. The energetic preparation for this massive portal has been spectacular so far. Since the beginning of March, I experience a relentless upwards spiral of source energies with constantly growing intensity and vibrations. Some sources claim that every 24 hours the intensity and the vibrational level of these energies double, and I am inclined to consider this information to be true.

Especially the last 48 hours were characterized by the most intensive period of cleansing human patterns of rejection associated with the massive opening of the collective consciousness to the transcendental truth of human existence as multidimensional beings and creator gods. I was personally fully thrown in this battle as in the worst times in 2012 and 2013 when only a few of us had to do the whole cleansing work on behalf of humanity. Some of the PAT members have also reported similar devastating experiences that were caused by a complete dissolution of all known emotional patterns associated with a deep depression, which always accompanies such massive descents of source energy into the human physical vessel.

I knew immediately that something big is in the making, as these energies must lead to significant changes and major collapses of the old matrix.

As has been just revealed by Sorcha Faal, the disappearance of Putin from the public stage was necessary, as this already happened in September last year, in order to coordinate the declared state of war of Russia with the West after the Russian President had issued the full activation of  “Dead Hand” nuclear order, which was first issued 29 July 2014 to The Strategic Missile Forces (SMF) of the Russian Federation.

Yesterday, at the height of global cleansing I felt huge fear intensities coming from the collective and experienced at the same time debilitating chills, which always occur when MPR and / or nuclear catastrophes happen on parallel timelines. I even asked Carla if she thinks that we had new MPR after we stopped feeling them more than a month ago. It may as well be that a nuclear war has already happened on some near-by timelines, while we now move rapidly to higher frequency levels.

This conclusion is supported by the observation of a new peak of massive attacks of the dark archons on PAT members as reported by Michael Naumann and Anita Küttner-Kroll yesterday. This all completes the energetic picture in the last 24-48 hours.

And now read carefully the latest report of Sorcha Faal:


Russia Warns “State Of War” Exists As UK Nukes Prepare First Strike

By: Sorcha Faal, and as reported to her Western Subscribers

According to this report, the full activation of the much feared “Dead Hand” nuclear option was authorized under President Putin’s previous order due to the discovery that the nuclear forces of the United Kingdom (UK) were preparing a first strike against military and civilian targets located in the Federation.The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that the Federation is now in a “state of war” thus bringing to full activation President Putin’s “Dead Hand” nuclear order issued 29 July 2014 to The Strategic Missile Forces (SMF).

The intention of the nuclear forces of the UK preparing a first strike against the Federation, this report says, was revealed by Federal Security Services (FSB) electronic intelligence experts working in conjunction with Kaspersky Lab who discovered last month a massive US National Security Agency (NSA) cyber espionage programme targeting not just Russia, but everyone else on Earth.

Both the FSB and Kaspersky Lab experts, the MoD reports, were able to swiftly reverse engineer the computer code(s) involved in this massive NSA spying operation which then enabled them to electronically obtain the launching codes and coordinates of all the UK’s nuclear weapons showing their plan to launch a first strike against the Federation during the week of 15 March.

Though information of this highly successful FSB-Kaspersky Lab intelligence operation has been suppressed in the West, some counter-news of it has been reported by a few technical websites, includingThe Verge which in their article reported yesterday titled “A Network Error Routed Traffic For The UK’s Nuclear Weapons Agency Through Russian Telecom”, in part, says:

“For the past week, something strange has been going on in the European internet. For five days, web traffic from Texas to certain addresses in the UK has been routed through Ukrainian and Russian telecoms, taking a detour thousands of miles out of the way. Network traffic often takes a circuitous route as a result of network congestion or interconnection difficulties, but neither one would be enough to account for these routes. Instead, this was the result of a bad route announced by Ukraine’s Vega telecom, inserting itself in between.

It’s particularly disconcerting because of the sensitive nature of many of the sites involved. Among the dozens of sites involved was the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment, which is tasked with managing and delivering the UK’s nuclear warheads, as well as the UK’s official mail service, the Royal Mail. US defense contractor Lockheed Martin was also running a VPN connection that was caught up in the redirection.”

Read also hereUK’s nuclear weapons data and other sensitive internet traffic accidentally sent through Ukraine

Upon the MoD’s confirmation of the UK’s intention to launch a nuclear first strike against the Federation, this report continues, Russian military forces throughout the country were immediately activated with a special emphasis placed upon massive rocket-artillery maneuvers on the southern borders.

Foreign Minister Lavrov, this report notes, further warned the West this week that Moscow would respond to NATO “in an adequate way” as thousands of Norwegian troops neared the Russian border this week preparing for the influx of a US Marine Expeditionary Brigade, estimated to number between 14-18,000, whose tanks, armored vehicles, artillery, ammunition and battle equipment have flooded into Norway this past year.

The MoD also in this report states that the Ministry for Civil Defence, Emergencies and Elimination of Consequences of Natural Disasters (EMERCOM) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MVD) previously issued an immediate travel ban on firefighters, ambulance drivers rescue troopers, tens of thousands of police officers, prison guards, and other law enforcement agencies who are deemed critically needed during times of war.

Also to be noted, though not contained in this MoD report, are reports from London that Russian personnel and officers have evacuated their embassy and that a mass of activity is now being reported throughout Moscow, especially in and around Red Square.

As President Putin, top political officials and military leaders are now under MoD “protection”, other reports (of unknown quality) state that the Kremlin has also “advised” journalists not to leave Moscow and to prepare for a “major announcement” over the next few days.

Though not specifically stated in this MoD report, but strongly eluded to, are that crisis negotiations between Moscow and the West are currently ongoing and have led within the past few hours to NATO’s Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, stating that the alliance does not plan to interfere in the conflict in east Ukraine…”Ukraine is not a member of NATO, so there is a difference between Ukraine and NATO members, because the security guarantee is for NATO allies.”

This NATO “assurance”, however, may do little to calm this crisis and avert nuclear war after the Federation’s Investigative Committee launched a criminal case against Robert Scales, a retired US major general and a Fox News military analyst, who said in a live broadcast this week that the only way for the US to turn the tide in Ukraine is to start killing Russians… “It is Game, Set and Match in Ukraine. The only way the US can have any effect in this region and turn the tide is to start killing Russians. Killing so many Russians that even Putin’s media can’t hide the fact that Russians are returning to the Motherland in body bags.”


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