Energy Report of the PAT – March 5, 2015

Breaking news:

Yesterday we have started with the server transfer after we received the necessary auth-code. It will take several days until the domain and website transfer will be accomplished. As Piotr has confirmed to me, there will be no interruptions and you will not notice anything while this transfer takes place.

Herewith, I would like to express one more time my deep gratitude to all of you for your energetic and moral support and for the generous donations that have helped us enormously to do this server transfer and provide a much better protection against all possible attacks of the dark ones.



Hello Georgi,

I have read your last article “Personal Reflections” with great Interest and lot of goosebumps all over me.

During your Website shut down, I was in total peace and decided to write few articles related to the feeling I had at that moment.

I have started few weeks ago a document when you suggested me, to run my own Website. Since then, I have created a single page containing my selection of Spiritual links that every one should know. Today, I have included in my list the last 2 new ones created in the week of the shut down.

I didn’t know at that time why I was creating this document. I had that same  FAREWELL feeling in my heart.

I know now that this document is a kind of LEGACY to my loved one, friend or anyone that has been in contact with me during my life on this planet. I am not  talented like you to write beautiful document as your last one.

But I am happy to have created my last 2 articles that are based on my own experience lived in 2008-2009. They are my actual point of view about Spirituality. Here are the title of these 2 articles that are included in link below.


2. Dance around the fire

I am ready now to lay down my  lightsabre and leave this battlefield.

Thank you Georgi!

Marcel Gravel, Montreal, Canada


Dear Marcel,

thank you very much for this great confirmation on the accuracy of my latest reflections on the current energetic situation. We are now indeed leaving our legacy for the others that follow our steps at a greater distance.

At the same time we are now so closely connected through telepathy that we automatically make the same experiences and come simultaneously to the same ideas. This is a clear sign that we are now rapidly approaching the finale.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Personal Reflections is extremely wise and clever, my congratulations for these decisions. I am looking optimistically forward and I believe in God’s wisdom to save those who deserves, no matter who it is.

For last half year I have visited your website regularly. It was pleasure and honor for me to be a small part of this process. I am sure that I am not the only one who feels the same.

Dobriša Cesarić


Teče i teče, teče jedan slap;Što u njem znači moja mala kap?Gle, jedna duga u vodi se stvara,

I sja i dršće u hiljadu šara.

Taj san u slapu da bi mogo sjati,

I moja kaplja pomaže ga tkati.


A waterfall flows, and flaws, and flaws;What does my little drop mean to it?Look, a rainbow appears in the water,

And it shines, and trembles in thousand colours.

My little drop helps to create

That dream in the waterfall and makes it shine.

Many people lived empty life.

Dobriša Cesarić

Prazan Zivot

Sve ulice nas vrijeđajuuvijek istim licima,a naše duše žeđaju

za beskrajnim vidicima.

O mi smo toga presiti.

Pobjeć, pobjeći nekuda.

Mi čudo jedno čekamo,

a neće nam se desiti.

Ne kunemo se mukama,

a radosti ne dolaze;

i dani tako prolaze

sa vječno praznim rukama.

Empty Life

All the streets are offending uswith always the same faces,and our souls are thirsty

for endless vistas.

We have had enough of that

Run, run away somewhere!

We are waiting for a miracle,

But the miracle won’t come.

We do not swear by misery,

but joys don’t come,

and so the days pass by

with always empty hands.

Your website was for many a possibility to foresee the opportunity for better life, your words was so fresh like an orange on a branch after the rain. It was the autumn for the world we live in.

Dobriša Cesarić

Jesenje Jutro

Obukoh se.Prozoru priđoh,A vani: jesen.

Moj prijatelj uđe u mokrom kaputu

I cijelu mi sobu namiriše kišom.

Ne veli ni: zdravo!



Izusti: „Jesen.“

Ta riječ je bila tako svježa

Ko naranča na grani

Nakon kiše.

An Autumn Morning

I got dressed.Approached the window.Outside: autumn.

My friend came in. His coat was wet.

He made my whole room smell of rain.

Not even a “hello”.

He sat down.

Lost in thought

He said: “Autumn.”

That word was so fresh

Like an orange on a branch

After the rain.

A lot of people have been helped by your work and You can say for yourself that You have completely fulfilled Your mission. You have the right to be proud and satisfied. I am sure that I am not the only one who is grateful to You.

Dear Carla and George, be well. Who knows, maybe we shell meet us somewhere in the future sometime. I am looking forward to this opportunity.

Love from Zagreb

Branko Peh


Dear Branko,

thank you very much for this wonderful letter and for your appreciation of our work. The poems you sent me are beautiful and I must admit that I did not know this poet Dobriša Cesarić. I had to check Wikipedia and then I was confirmed that he has written at the same time when Guiseppe Ungaretti established Il hermetismo in Italian literature. Cesaric’ poems very much reflect this same mood. Very interesting indeed, and I am glad that you made me aware of this poet.

I think that our collective work has just started and will last for very long, however on the new worlds and of course in the higher realms. But this is already happening now.

With love and light

Hello George

Finished reading Personal Reflections. Is this your way of saying Good-bye to the PAT?  If this is what you are saying.  Am speechless at the moment. There is a lot of words flowing in my head right now.  Thank-you……  We all answered your call over three years ago. Has been an adventure for all of us.  Laughed some,  cried some,  awakened a lot, prayed. The emotions have been up and down and over and around. Your endless patience for all who has wrote to you…. The power in your written words to each of us, has been soul touching. I have not ever met a person in this lifetime who is bluntly honest. Do not take this personally.  Such a breath of fresh air! I am sure we have worked together at another time and place. Maybe many? One day I will remember…..  This has been a real pleasure……..

Thank you George……I really mean that…….

Love from the Hills of Arkansas

Dear Elna,

not at all, I only say that we must now detach from this reality, but the PAT is no longer part of this reality. Our connection is now deepening each day through telepathy, as I shall report in the new energy report.

Thank you very much for your appreciation.

With love and light

Great piece, Georgi.

I didn’t notice it immediately, but now that you have express the concept, I’ve received a flash! You’re completely right! The shutdown of the site has been a clear sign! No sadness or unhappiness for the incoming change, more analysis of world’s situation (you know I like them a lot) are not helpful. The site has done, in a marvelous way, its job. your readers, the less evolved ones like me too, have become adults and can walk on their legs. Now it’s time to say farewell to this declining and crumbling 3D holographic illusion and travel free with our spirit.

un abbraccio
Paolo, Italy

Dear Paolo,

I thank you very much for this convincing confirmation of my assessment of the recent events. All other PAT members who have written today also fully coalesce with my latest reflections.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

It has been a while. Just a short note. I am in total resonance with your  Personal Reflections posted today. I have personally experienced the shutdown of your website as a huge victory for us all.

I fully agree that now is the time to stop wasting our energy on the illusions of this 3rd dimension but to detach focus only on our ascension.

My best to Carla.

Love always
Mara Burger

Hallo Georg,

hab grad dein farewell gelesen und musste schmunzeln über die Synchronizität. Zuerst schrieb ich dir es in der Mail, dass der shutdown einen tieferen Sinn dahinter hat, wenn er schon so lange zugelassen wird und gestern?, vorgestern? kamen mir dann wie aus heiterem Himmel und glasklar die selben Gedanken wie in deinem Artikel: was mache ich noch hier? Das ist nicht mehr mein Spiel. Was soll ich immer noch andere ‘retten’ – wozu?

Ebenso deutlich kam mir wieder ‘tabula rasa’ in den Sinn. Ich hab hier keine ‘Brüder und Schwestern’, reinen Tisch machen und dann können sich die anderen Seelen je nach gusto neue Puppen zum Spielen suchen. Ich nicht mehr….

Lieber Gruß aus Neumarkt, wo grad beim Lesen deines Artikels ein paar heftige Donner und Blitze vom Himmel fielen *schmunzel*

Birgit Wagner

Liebe Birgit,

ich danke dir vielmals für diese überzeugende Bestätigung. Wir stehen zur Zeit telepathisch in einem sehr intensiven Kontakt und machen die selben Erlebnisse durch.

Liebe Grüße

Hello Georgi & Carla:

Your new method using DNS failover is an improvement over before, but also child’s play to bypass for someone who can block you at the gateway.

You need to consider to start to publishing simultaneously in the open news outlets. Both allow free publication and it guarantees you will always be published.


Love James

Dear James,

thank you very much for this suggestion which confirms that I am on the right track. If you go to BIN, you will find that we started publishing there selected articles about a month ago. I do not like Rumour MiIl as it is dark tainted.

With love and light

Hi Georgi,

I’m so happy that you are back after a few day’s disappearance on the net. I send You and All of Us much Love and support. This event- I mean, the problem with Your webpage somehow made me realise,’s time to trust the inner knowing and guidance totally, without any doubt.We are all  so deeply connected. Everything matters, every thought, action- the more conscious and love oriented it is the better for all of us. Your fast recovery and a big coming back gives me much hope.

Greetings and much strength.
Anna from Poland

King World News has been taken offline a number of times in the past few weeks, including today. It has become very clear by now to all KWN readers around the world that governments in the West do not want the alternative news and information we provide to be shared with the public. This has resulted in an increasing number of attacks on the site. King World News will do everything in our power to get back online as quickly as possible each time the site is taken offline and thank you for your many emails of support.

Eric Paradis, Toronto, Canada

Dear Georgi and Carla,

I do hope you are both well, despite the fact that this attack has caused some stressful moments (I’m sure).

I have sent a donation, so you should receive it soon.  How long does it take for it to show up, is it immediate?  I sent it today – Sunday at 2.30 pm, my time.

I am well, even though I sprained my ankle three weeks ago. It is almost better now, probably a few more weeks and it should be normal again, but I’m able to walk again – Thank goodness!  It’s rather strange not being able to do anything when you can’t walk.  Luckily there are these small taxis here (cars) and they are very cheap, so I could get around some.

Happy to see the site back up!  Great idea to have two sites.

Much love and many blessings to you both.

Dear Laurie,

Thank you very much for your donation which we received this morning upon awakening. I am forwarding all donations to Piotr who is now the website administrator and is doing this without any payment. But I have decided to forward all donations to him as he has a lot work to do now to make the transfer to a new server. He is now making a copy of the old site and it will take him roughly 10 hours today as he wrote to me.

I am very sorry to hear that you have sprained your ankle, but I think that  your soul wants you to be immobile now and concentrate on the inner change.

I very well remember when I had a two-week-holiday at the Dominique Republic in 1994 and tore my inguinal ligament while playing soccer. After that I could only lie at the pool and then I was flooded with information from the higher realms on the Universal Law. I was as if heaven opened for me on this hot Caribbean island. I started writing new formulae in a small notebook as I did not have anything else to write and of course I had to write all the physical equations by heart as I had no textbook on physics to check. I barely remembered them as I had studied physics 25 years ago. But all of a sudden they popped up and I filled the whole notebook with derivations.

When I came back home and checked these equations – they were all correct and then I very easily unified them under the Universal Equation of the Law and could later on write my book. This is just an example when a physical impediment serves a higher purpose. Now we are moving so fast from within that we need to fully detach, almost immobilize our bodies as to make this energetic transition possible.

But I of course I do wish you a quick and full recovery.

We were in addition to the shutdown of the website overwhelmed with some unpleasant 3D matters, such as black mould in the bath and the kitchen, the breakdown of our dishwasher and the kitchen stove on the same day  this week. But we resolved all problems already and moved forward.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

Yes, I think so, my soul did want me to be immobile for a while – I have no problem with that.

I had the most amazing dream around the 11th of February, but it didn’t feel like a dream, rather like I was with some higher light beings. I remember going down a list of these codes where these light beings were aiding me with this process of absorbing them through my finger tips, when I was getting down to the last few codes, I woke up with pain in my ears from these high pitched tones, and was concerned about getting the last code, although I feel the codes were completed for that process.  On this same night, I also experienced vibrating to such an extent, I felt I would disintegrate.

For some time now, I sense I’m almost at the stage where I feel I’m able to control a certain process with my third eye (pineal) in terms of going into different states of consciousness. I can just close my eyes and I start dreaming or go to another place – it’s almost instantaneous. I have noticed for some time that there are amazing geometric designs and colours that float before my inner eye and I’m able to become conscious of this happening and almost control it. I saw as well, in my inner eye a line of bright light that turned into a white ball of light then disappeared, it seemed very significant for ascension purposes. Someone else mentioned this in the last energy update.

Indeed, this really does feel like the inner trans-formative alchemical process happening on the inner planes now.  It’s more exciting than the LBP and all the woes that go with that.


Dear Laurie,

I fully concur with you that this last phase of the LBP feels much different than the previous one, although in my case the cc-waves and the headache are regular guests. But in the interim time I also drift away and the intensity of the energies is so high that my body is also dissolving. I am sure that we now constantly, every second, leave this reality and bilocate to other realities or even at different places in this world. I have the feeling for instance that I constantly present in Germany and lately also increasingly in Bulgaria in a very concrete palpable manner.

I have not had or heard of your experience with a “line of bright light that turned into a white ball of light”, but I always see with my third eye a bright spot of light in the centre of my third eye’s vision and also can see the energetic fluctuations in my field.

My general impression is that now heaven is opening its portals for us and that we are on the cusp of moving into this new reality.

With love and light

Artricle on DNA

Dear George,

Wow, did I ever enjoy both your Introduction and Charlotte’s Abstract posted today, March 3rd, absolutely brilliant. I’ve always been interested in Biblical quotes with reference to science and I couldn’t have asked for a better presentation of same, thank you both.

Interestingly, in one of Patricia Pereira’s books as channelled from the Arcturians, there is reference to “The Eye of God” approaching Earth, which as I read the Abstract, I instantly connected to Eta Carina. The word “Eye” is another synchronicity.

And after reading the Table at the end I thought, well, there’s a phrase in the Bible – sorry, I’ll have to find it – that refers to moving mountains with faith, and that means moving Gaia to 5D with our unwavering faith in ascension, not to mention dealing with the LBP.

Everything is coming together very quickly now and this post at your website brought even more into the light. Superb all the way around. Thank you both again.


Dear Barbara,

thank you very much for your appreciation of Charlotte’s article and my introduction on the DNA code. It was time to dedicate again more time to science in conjunction with our ascension. I have forwarded your email to Charlotte and I am sure she will respond to you.

With love and light

Dearest Barbara,

Thank you for your wonderful response, and thank you Georgi for your magnificent introduction and kindness in posting the article. Everything is absolutely coming together so nicely for all of us and Georgi has been such an incredible inspiration. My heart is overflowing with love. What an exciting time to be incarnated on the planet!

Thank you both from the bottom of my heart.
Charlotte Smith

Dear Georgi Stankov,

I write to you because I felt something strange and I want confront my feelings with you. Dark ones which control our reality come from the fourth dimension. They operate from that level. To this time peoples were defenseless in the face of activities on that level. They (dark ones) did what they want but now we go to four dimension and I start to feel that we need to change our perspective and our decree. So far we prevented discharges originating from dark ones who controlled peoples. They could not manifest its existence just like that because even they had to obey the laws ruling 3D reality. They couldn’t break laws but they could affect on the free will of man and hereby they influenced the fate of the world (still using tools 3D). I think that today something changed and I do not know why but I feel that they will try to “attack” humans in a straightforward manner. I feel that can happen something unexpected. Dark ones can try to prevent ascension of this world in a very direct way. This is possible because we raised significantly ours vibrations, vibration of this reality and vibrations of Mother Earth and now we are almost on the level where it can possible. Of course our vibration still grows to 5D and more but we must go through 4D (majority of the population stay on that level and lower). We get through conventional and unconventional military threats of 3D but now we enter to new space where possible direct confrontation with dark ones is. Happily here we can count on direct support of Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) or Universal Federation of Light (UFL) and others light warriors. I think that both GFL and UFL may intervene if necessary on 4D dimension in the case of a direct threat from dark once. Very soon our reality may look like science-fiction movie.

PS. Today (March 2) I remembered a dream before few days where I followed spaceship which hiding behind the clouds. They were definitely bad intentions relative to the people on earth.

What do you think about that?

With Love and Light
Tomasz, Poland

Dear Tomasz,

I think that today (March 2) there was a huge shift upwards and our apartment was full of angels. Your consideration that while we move to upper 4D the contact with the dark archons will intensify is quite logic. However, I personally think that we have eliminated them by and large on this uppermost mother planet and it could be that today we made one final ID split.

On the other hand, there is information that these archons may appear on this planet as a Russian secret report suggests. I read this article but it did not convince me:

However yesterday and today we registered an attempt of the dark ones to attack us through a human being, but badly failed as they cannot reach us.

I personally do not think that we shall see any archons on this uppermost mother planet, but it is quite probable that something similar to what you sense may happen on lower timelines that now separate from us.

With love and light

Dear Georgi Stankov

You are right but I know that I also am right. Things like that simply come to me and I never try to come up with this or deduce this. Very often I am amazed at what passes by me. Traversing through all realities both horizontal and vertical sometimes is very confusing. I know that I wrote to you is real but on different timeline. Until the final transition there is the risk of anchor our consciousness on reality which is only one of infinity version of event. Thank you for drawing my attention on this issue. I still must be careful and I must cut all realities (both the lower and the higher) not vibrating with the highest good for me and for all creation.

Thank you once again.

With Love and Light

Dear Tomasz,

I am sure that your perception of the dark ones was real and I only suggested that it is happening on a lower timeline and we shall not see this event here. I have the same very real experiences with lower timelines and know how powerful they impact the human mind and psyche.

With love and light

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