Embracing the LBP

by Jerry R James, March 12, 2015



At this “late” date it is amazing how little the “basics” of ascension are  understood. Ascension is not about receiving channeled information and informing others of the judgments and pitfalls of being human from entities that are either malevolent or don’t have a clue about living as a human. These entities are very likely the ones who enslaved us in the first place or at least participated in the continuing “false” light matrix.

Ascension is also not about Sherina, Jahn, George or Jerry being right. It is not even about showing love toward others. Showing love toward others is often a new age entrapment, which often stems from disillusionment” that we are advancing our spirituality. Ascension is about raising our vibration high enough to escape the matrix. As informative as it might seem, channeling is not a tool to raise ones vibration and neither is meditation. Ascension can only occur by route of the light body activation process or LBP and if you are experiencing you will know without a doubt that you are.




My symptoms or side effects of this process have changed somewhat this year. When I first began this process I would have vertigo so badly that I could not stand up and then I would vomit and have diarrhea. Now my nights are by far more intense than my days. I am so busy. Teaching, taking classes, fighting etc. Sometimes I meet people in my dreams from the past that I barely knew but I tell them my whole life story including ascension.

Then I spend time with Anita in different scenarios. By morning I am completely exhausted and my head is clogged and eyes are very blurred. It takes about an hour to recover to a normal but exhausted state with often headaches. I haven’t lately had a problem with intense vertigo but mostly lightheaded. Then there is the intense trapped gas pain in the intestinal area. To my surprise I think I am in rather good shape physically. I thought I would have died by now and of course wish that I had. I am just stubborn enough however not to ever quit.

I must have a role to still play but this process after over 15 years still remains much of a mystery to me. I no longer meditate, visualize, decree or anything but the process still continues unabated. I once begged in a dream to be released from this process but the answer from some being was no. You are too important to the process and the process is too important. I guess that is true for all of us that are still standing. I must have made the choice to work from this side, while Anita decided to work from the other side, but I still wish that I had not.

I have met with many people this last year that seem to be the “second” wave, whatever that is. Some of them are massage therapist, acupuncturist, holistic vets etc. So many are now interested in “conspiracy” type theories that they bring up and I talk with them about the state of the world and then if they are interested move on and tell them about the false matrix, my experience of LBP and of giving up everything and loss of all possessions and everyone in my life even pets. But while they can relate to the fraud of 911, Obama care, banking scandals etc they just don’t have any personal experience with LBP. All of them of course meditate and are on a health regiment.

They just can’t grasp that LBP, as horrific as it is with the accompanying loss of a social life, is to be embraced not cured. All of them want to cure me either with diet, special homeopathic remedies, reiki. I was into these practices long ago and because I take no medicine and despite my symptoms am dizzy or not still able to perform rigorous hikes. Of course the cure for all social ills is to get into the scene again. Meet new people, start dating again develop a network. How can that happen for someone who has to take a nap and be in bed by 7 each night. Then of course there could be medicines and psychological evaluations.

I really haven’t seen much progress in the  understanding the ascension process and all it entails. Perhaps there will not be until and unless we return as teachers in a new world, but if we have a choice I probably will opt out.


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