On Inner Dark Dwellers, Ego, Mind and Spiritual Evolution Through LBP

by Georgi Stankov and Lin, February 16, 2015


Have you heard of the Dweller on the Threshold?

Hi there, I discovered your website about a week ago thanks to a link from the BIN (Before It’s News) website. Your articles are very interesting. I was wondering if you, or anyone you have heard about, has had a similar experience to me along the lines of ascension…

About ten years ago I was experimenting with my HS and I was finding it very easy to contact it and kind of blend or learn about love from it. It was so successful  and I found it was much more excited and keen to blend with me. However then I had a most terrible experience whereby my lower/anti self (the Dweller which is self aware on its own level) stepped in one night and spoke to me and tried to use temptation to seduce me. Alice Bailey talks a lot about the dweller in her channeled books, and there is a very good description in a book called “Saint Germain On Alchemy”.

To quote the first part of this it says:

“A term sometimes used to designate the anti-self, the not-self, the synthetic self, the antithesis of  the Real Self, the conglomerate of the self-created ego, ill-c0nceived through the inordinate use of the gift of free will, consisting of the carnal mind and a constellation of disqualified energies, force-fields,  focuses, animal magnetism comprising the subconscious mind.”

The crux of it is, this thing can be woken from deep slumber if it feels threatened by its destruction that it feels is imminent, it steps in and takes over the mind. During the transfiguration, it must be slayed, and this is why that initiation is the most difficult of the seven.

Now this thing only showed itself to me for about ten seconds, it was overwhelming, seductive and it showed me the biggest lies, trying to convince me to stop being spiritual. I must say it felt very good, at first, very familiar like self but not self. I let the temptation completely enter me and felt what “it” felt, then I told it clearly NO, that it was showing me illusion, and luckily it went silent again with no further attack. Over the years, I have sensed it a few times when I have tried to do spiritual practices and I was told by my guides not to provoke it because it will devour me – not a nice thought!

I am mostly just curious if you or others have encountered this, and I ask because your website is advanced in terms of the information on here. One last thing – this exact phenomena is shown clearly in  the Lord of the Rings books/movies when Galadriel is “tempted”  by the ring, she enters completely into her Dweller (the movie is so accurate as to what the dweller is truly about) and she experiences the full power of it, then she overcomes it and returns to her own being. I believe the forth initiation, the one after transfiguration, is depicted when Gandalf turns from Grey and into Gandalf the White. Also, at the end of the book, Frodo is overcome by the Ring (the dweller) and it takes him over for good, ie a failed initiation. Only by gollum destroying the ring is he saved.

I hope that wasn’t long winded, I do wonder if you have heard from others any stories about this? I have had to stop all ascension practices for the last ten years and try deliberately not to ascend. I do what I can to soothe the dweller/ego and let it have some power lol so that it feels safe and leaves me alone.

Thanks for reading,


Dear Lin,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and I am glad to hear that you like this website. It contains more than 2000 publications and it is impossible for me to relate here to all our knowledge and experience.

Now the word you use “the Dweller”, which appears in the esoteric literature, is one possibility to present certain spiritual experiences with the help of verbal descriptions. In this sense the whole New Age is entirely flawed as they have no idea of the basic essence of all existence  – the nature of energy and the fallacies of human mind, especially in the use of language. This as a general comment that discards such kind of presentations as very narrow, anthropocentric perceptions.

However, I do not dismiss what you have experienced, but I have a different interpretation. When you have opened to your HS you have threatened the dark entities who are attached to every human being and especially to star seeds since their birth as they have the most powerful energies of all incarnated humans because they come from the source. Now these dark entities or archons feel threatened when the HS descends in the body as the incarnated personality now may recognize them and then one has the right to expel them from his fields by a light invocation and by using the lightsaber, which every light worker possesses, but not many really use it. But it must be a conscious decision.

As long as the person does not know of the existence of such dark entities in his fields, who sponge on his energy, all is well for them as he cannot eliminate them. The entities know the personality structure of the individual very well as they live in full mimicry with it. Hence they can use this advantage to start actively manipulating the individual when he enters the path of awakening and merging with the HS. They know that this is their greatest menace and then they begin to manipulate the personality in an overt manner and even to threaten her as they know nothing else. This is their mentality.

This is indeed a very dangerous and vulnerable moment in the spiritual evolution of each incarnated person on this earth and one must have the inner strength to recognize this menace and to eliminate it. I must add that such dark entities use to attach even when one has expelled the original dwellers, to use this word, so that regular cleansing with the lightsaber must be performed. Now we have moved so high in terms of our frequencies and most of the archons have been removed from this timeline, that they no longer pose this same danger as in the past.

I think that you should carefully read the previous articles on this website that discuss this and similar topics from various angles.

With love and light



Hi again, thank you for your long answer. Yes I have had problems with dark entities since 1985, when a few began to speak to me telepathically and try to trick me and lure me. Then in the 90’s began constant physical attacks that seem to go on forever until I developed a strategy of invoking the angels and asking them to remove the entities from the earthly dimensions. They began to do just this and I could tune in and see them being led away forcefully between two angels, so I don’t get too much trouble now, and I hope they are indeed all gone from the earth now. As a parting shot I was told, “You have won this battle, but you have not won the war (for the universe).” I think they are wrong.

I think you answered my question as it seems no one else has had forceful ego problems whereby the monstrous anti-self comes against them. I do believe the ego exists as a distinct field on the very threshold of consciousness where it hides, and that it is not the real self, and must at some point be defeated in order to get into the really high dimensions, above 5th. When we consider the masters, they have discarded all ego, which we humans still possess, even the most advanced humans have the subtle ego enticing us and telling us lies. There is a psychic lady called Margaret McElroy who channels Maitreya and her website has some teachings on this – they use a different term that I can’t now recall. None of us have to worry about the anti-self whilst ascending to 5th. But it was said that Jesus had to slay his, that is what he did in the desert when he went off for forty days.

I read the article about Carla ascending and this is exactly what happened to a character I wrote in a novel (unpublished) where the woman bilocated to the inner earth to a conference and she felt all dizzy and had to lie down etc…so that was fascinating to read about it actually happening to someone, it was like my book came to life. I found that very interesting.

Blessings and light,


p.s. could I ask that my emails aren’t published on your site, thanks!


Dear Lin,

The ego is essentially a conglomeration of fear-based emotions and thought patterns that built both the incarnated personality and this reality as a consensual holographic model.

Most humans are driven by their fears in an unconscious manner, which are shaping their thinking, behaviour and value systems. They also shape society as can been seen now everywhere. As long as humans follow their fears and thus the commands of the ego, the personality dwells in the so called “comfort zone”. This term is a circumscription of a very narrow, low-frequency spectrum, built  by these fear-based patterns, where the latter are lived on a daily basis without causing much or any pain, as there is a relative constructive interference of these fears with the surrounding, also fear-based consensual reality. This is how human conformism operates and promotes the enslavement of humanity to the Orion matrix, which is built entirely on dense fear energies of separation.

Spiritual Evolution means per definition to leave this comfort zone, this low frequency spectrum of fear-based beliefs and behavioral patterns and to begin to substitute them with new higher frequency ideas, emotions etc. This presupposes first to process the old fear-based, contaminated emotions and thoughts, comprehend them as fears, and then radically discard them. This process is very painful and tedious and here comes the old fear-based ego that resists this change. 

The reason for this is that the ego fears to be eliminated by the HS, who indeed plays a leading role in this spiritual evolution by descending into the physical body during the LBP. But the actual truth is that the human ego is a very sluggish energetic system, it is highly conservative, and the human mind as part of the ego is also very lazy. Hence there is an inherent tendency of the ego to resist any spiritual or other energetic processes that expel the personality from the comfort zone by increasing the frequencies of the human body and its fields, such as psyche, mind, chakras and etheric body, as this creates a lot of work for the old mind and challenges the ego. 

Hence the ego uses all fear-based emotions at its disposal to suppress such escape of the incarnated personality from the comfort zone by using all kinds of emotional and pseudo-rational arguments, all of them based entirely on fears and fear-based beliefs that are still an integral part of the incarnated personality. This is the inner battlefield of each human being on the way to ascension.

Here I am discussing the initial phase of any human spiritual evolution when the personality is thrown out of its ego-created “paradise”, defined as “comfort zone” and has to enter the difficult and challenging pathway to ascension through the LBP. The latter is an accelerated version of redeeming the personality from her ego through the full descent of the HS as a higher frequency system into the human vessel.

This is my short version of this process in popular terms, but this same process can, of course, be presented in a much more stringent manner in the light of the new theory of the Universal Law by considering the dynamic nature of energy = All-That-Is, as I have done on many occasions in the past while discussing similar or related topics.

With love and light


P.S. Your emails address general spiritual topics of enormous value and I do not see anything personal in them that would justify this kind of confidentiality. In fact it is an established practice and a specific trademark of this website to discuss openly and in depth precisely such topics of general interest to all light workers.

In addition, we have already entered the epoch of total transparency. Only yesterday we discussed this issue with Carla and came to the conclusion that without full transparency no ascension is possible. Whereas full transparency always goes hand in hand with full honesty – towards oneself and also towards all other people. This is the motto of this last phase prior to the ID shift and split and our final transfiguration.


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