Alternative and Probable Worlds in the End Time

by Georgi Stankov, February 15, 2015

Multidimensional worlds, parallel realities, infinite probability alternatives are now superimposing on this uppermost mother planet which is the crucible of all probable and real histories of humanity before they merge into the all-encompassing blueprint of Gaia 5 as and become an integral part of All-That-Is. This is what we now experience and we must be very careful not get lost in this highly compartmentalized holographic reality, where two convergent trends co-exist and are engaged in a final mortal competition.

On the one hand, we have the rapidly progressing narrowing of the point of view of the western ruling cabal and their stooges that creates a dense parallel universe, built entirely on lies, deceptions and reality denial. On the other hand, we have the constantly expanding ability of the alternative mass media to see the truth through this smoke and mirrors facade. And here lies the big danger.

We know that the ruling cabal only lie and know nothing else, but lies. The same holds true for their MSM presstitutes. As a critical observer or a journalist, you may reveal one, ten or hundred lies each day and be even proud of challenging the establishment in this way. But what is the purpose of such a contest of truth? This is not the Olympic games, where you win a race and get the gold medal.

The purpose of the current End Time revelations is not to make each alternative investigative journalist another “Alex Jones”,, then, honestly, I am repelled by the vision of a new world, where numerous Alex Jones run around and decry amidst spitting saliva the dark agenda of the ruling cabal in the name of an obsolete constitution.

This may be an alternative probability world, where the special type of “Alex Jones” souls may find comfort in continuing with their incarnation cycle of finding the ultimate truth for an indefinite period of time, but this will be a highly askew and sterile world for the new enlightened humanity to evolve to a transgalactic civilisation as we envision and create it Now.

At present we observe simultaneously so many parallel worlds and how rapidly they separate from each other, parallel to the growing number of awakening and thinking individuals on this planet. Although the majority of the incarnated souls are now completely refractory to the incoming source energies of truth, the influx of many old souls and souls pertaining to the new human template is awakening so many people from within in a miraculous manner that it has been impossible only a couple of days ago. But even these souls are limited by the pre-existing personality structure of the incarnated individual and can only make baby steps in their evolution under the current energetic conditions.

We, the incumbent Logos Gods of Gaia, are still here to hold the light and stabilize this uppermost mother planet with our powerful fields that now fully encompass this whole timeline. One objective of our energetic presence in physical vessels here is to carefully observe and analyse the political and other events on the ground and explain them to the masses in a congruent manner from the higher vantage point of view of our higher selves, to which we now have an unlimited access. Most of the people do not have this cognitive advantage.

Every publication on this website that sheds more light onto the current political and societal events is multiplied and augmented infinite times in its power and has a direct and immediate impact on all other critical alternative thinkers. This trend is so obvious in the last few days that I need not give any proofs here. All the topics we have addressed in the past and our holistic approach to them is now more or less successfully adopted by many other alternative thinkers and writers. This, in itself, is the most convincing proof for the rapid expansion of their awareness under the current powerful energies coming relentlessly from the source.

While it was necessary in the past to focus my attention on some key facts, for instance regarding the true perpetrators and development of the Ukrainian crisis and subsequent war, because this knowledge is indispensable for the coming resolution through confrontation in the End Time, now it is our obligation to detach one more time decisively from this crumbling reality and substitute it boldly with our visions of a new, pristine world in which we want to live from now on.

It is time to stop dealing with all the lies of the ruling cabal that built the facade of this illusory reality and are now becoming obvious for the first time to the slumbering masses. It is now their turn to process them and begin to evolve. We must always stay at least one big step ahead of the rest of humanity as its true wayshowers.

While it may still be necessary to publish from time to time on new significant developments at the political and economic level that now shape the collapse of the Orion matrix, I have decided from now on to focus my attention more on the transcendental dimension that shapes our last days in this rapidly changing reality.

Ultimately, our choice in personal perception must be, whether we should still cling to this crumbling reality and thus perpetuate it as a kind of a nightmare, or simply disregard it as obsolete and begin actively with the creation of new wonderful worlds, we want to live in from now on, within the inner space of our unlimited imagination and endow them with the longing for eternal harmony of our tormented souls. It is up to us now to create what we want and be able to imagine and to live it in a consequent manner.


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