The Great Purification

Asana Mahatari

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, January 3, 2015

translated by Franz


Georgi Stankov, January 4, 2015

What I gather from this message is that we are on the cusp of the long-awaited peak in personal and global dramas that will begin with the first wavers, who have not yet qualified for ascension and will then rapidly encompass the second wavers, whose heart chakra we recently opened, and the rest of the old and ripe souls, who will ascend only to the new 4D worlds.

The recent discussion around my article on Pluto’s planetary alignment and gravitation hoax shows indeed that there are still some basic cognitive deficits in the first wave candidates for ascension that must be rapidly resolved in the coming days under the new tsunami of adamantine particles of Christed Source consciousness and Scientific Truth.

Truth is painful on this planet only because the ego hates the truth. Eliminate the ego and truth is a bliss. Ascension is a bliss and it cannot happen with a human ego. We have now entered a new last period of ascension, where truth is everything, independently of the choice of the means for its revelation. This is the moment when dramas will loom high and crashed egos will cry foul as some readers did today. None of them belongs to the true members of the PAT, hence nothing new on the New Age front to worry about.

Ascension is a process of rigid energetic selection. The human ego must die first, before ascension can take place. This is the bottom line of this message of Asana Mahatari.

However, in a time of truth let me be bluntly frank and tell you what I cherish for some time. I am truly somewhat bored by the constant repetitions in Jahn’s messages about purificaion and redemption without telling us anything what should be redeemed and where the biggest deficits lie. And what is purification?

I agree that the HR leave this decision to the incarnated personalities on the ground to make their own choices. But I cannot escape the impression that with all these constant exhortations of Jahn’s sources more fear is fostered in his readers than problems resolved. I firmly believe that there should be a clear and open discussion, where the deficits concretely lie and how they can be eliminated.

I am afraid that I am the only one that does this with respect to gnostic knowledge and the new Scientific Theory of the Universal Law as the new template of truth and constantly gauges the intellectual and conceptual deficits of humanity. These are the same deficits of all first wave candidates for ascension, who are the subject of this message. None of this is ever discussed by Jahn’s sources and I think that they have now reached the level of repetitive sterility, where such messages do more harm than help the few fence straddlers, still belonging to the first wave of ascension.

I must make this statement crystal-clear and unambiguous as much as possible as I see a great danger that with such messages the reverse effect of ascension is achieved in this selected population of light workers. I personally think and recommend that Jahn should open his website for a more broader discussion on the ascension deficits of his group, where all aspects of human thinking should be openly discussed as we do in our regular PAT reports. It does not make much sense to reject any direct communication with the readers by not answering their personal emails and then perform a monthly light reading, which looks very much like sermons from the pulpit, while the personal problems with the LBP and ascension are never openly discussed. By the way, I miss any factual discussion on the LBP in Jahn’s messages, while we all know that the LBP is the portal for individual and planetary ascension. This is a truism of this website.

True awakening, leading to ascension, cannot and should not be compressed in a neo-christian version of rigid spiritual morality, where heresy against ascension is presumed behind each corner and in each humble human being.

Spiritual high-esteem is the most perfidious form of basic human fear of old souls and the most difficult to recognize as it is disguised under the quest for  pseudo-purity, which very easily mutates to mental, emotional and intellectual sterility.

This is the last challenge for all light workers in these last days prior to ascension and I cannot escape the impression that many of the recent messages, which Jahn has received, are actually meant for himself and his last remnants of spiritual deficiencies. This hidden aspect of Jahn’s messages must be clearly revealed – not only for his readers and followers, but first and foremost as a help for himself in order to overcome this last most deeply buried personal hindrance on the way to ascension.

I mean this with the utmost sincerity and compassion, as I have gone through this most treacherous period of acquiring full self-awareness through painful experiences a long time ago and I know very well where Jahn stands now and where his readers and pupils also stand. Still on the verge of ascension with an uncertain outcome, as Asana Mahatari clearly states in this very dramatic message.

Then make no mistake, if there is one inviolable truth, it is that this message is not meant for the light warriors of the first and last hours, the true members of the PAT. Were they the subject of this message, no ascension would have ever taken place, as the actual protagonists of this process would not have awakened and Gaia would have been destroyed a long time ago, so that this discussion would not have taken place.

Hence, there is no doubt that Jahn’s group must overcome all this in order to ascend. Then one fact must be put unequivocally in the centre of this discussion – most of these people as I assess them are not yet fully in the LBP and are still struggling with preliminary emotional and mental issues. This is what Jahn’s messages reflect for some time.

Those, who are fully in the LBP, the light warriors of the first and the last hour, the new Logos Gods, those, who have already ascended, in other words, the  true members of the PAT do not need all these admonitions from the HR, be they Asana Mahatari, Babaji (he seems to have disappeared after he wrongly announced my ascension this summer in Munich), Sananda etc., as we have purified ourselves a long time ago and now only do the dirty cleansing work for the rest of humanity and Gaia. We no longer bother about our personal purification and would rather consider such preaches a redundant bullhorn of the Higher Realms.

It is my duty as Logos God in human gestalt and my privilege as Jahn’s friend to make use of my divine right and admonish such messages as the sources of these messages admonish some human laggards. This is the divine dialectics of the current End Time. And nobody should feel offended by this as with such a ballast one has no chance to ascend. And that’s what matters! (Und darauf kommt es an!)



Beloved Ones,

Mankind’s paths separate! Levels upon levels are now separating; the energetic as well as physical structures are severing, visible in this world, visible for all human Beings. With the consequence that the chasm between the awakened ones and the unconscious ones widens again; until it becomes unbridgeable and the definite end of the common time of all human Beings in this world is sealed.


I perform my service on the bridge into the Light. Those human Beings, who come to me, will be securely and speedily guided over the bridge into the kingdom of Light. And while the ones already enter into the kingdom of Light and have crossed the bridge into the Light, I declare to this world: 

The next step of human purifications, the purification of individual human Beings has begun!

The false images of still insufficiently purified human Beings of themselves and of life, of their own spiritual status, will be smashed; illusions lose their power and the truth of all life appears. 

Who until today has avoided the mirror of truth, will now have to look into this mirror, if this human being ever wants to enter the bridge into the Light.

You cannot overcome this world and you cannot cross the bridge into the Light with the ballast and the illusions, with the baggage of imaginations and opinions. You could not endure the Light, which emanates from this place between the worlds. And now you are being adjusted for it, whereby everything is taken from you, which in a wrong manner you deemed a useful tool for the ascension until today.

Contained within it are foremost illusions about your own spiritual status, the false image, which you cherish of your own purification, because it is true: 

Many want to go into the Light, yet only a few possess the energetic prerequisites for the entry into Heaven, because deposits, blockages, unredeemed dogmas, patterns and assumptions have found a comfortable home in their Being.

Whoever wants to ascend with a full heart, yet has only half-heartedly pursued his own purification, receives new possibilities in these days, in order to inherit what has been promised – from God and your Higher Self: the return into the Light.

Turning Point for „Masters“ 

This means for those, who still are half asleep, yet describe themselves as “awakened”, a turning point, because truly: The unredeemed life issues are now being presented! Human Beings, who it pertains to, will be unmistakably shaken up, whereby everything, which they have concocted for themselves for the journey into the Light, will be taken from them. 

Who returns into the Light with baggage, who can cross the bridge into timelessness with burdens from time? Nobody. The hearts of these human Beings are now being opened, so that they recognize with what lack of self-love they have been living so far. Because whoever passes the mirror of truth, to him his own beauty cannot be revealed after many false faces have been dissolved.

It is the concluding and uncompromising purification of those human hearts, which orient themselves toward the ascension into the Light and thereby forget that the daily transformation work is the daily bread for it.

Intensive Purification 

The most intensive and concluding phase of purification of the human souls, which seem ready for the ascension, yet themselves have sabotaged their ascension, has begun. The devil does a full job here and implicates human Beings in their own illusions and travesties; because: 

Who does not know self, but lives in the firm belief to know self, is the best servant of illusion, because he calls his own shadows Light, the own fallacies truth and his own opinions cosmic laws.

An entirely new level of purification is in force. An entirely new intensity has been reached, so that the circle of the light warriors of the first and last hours becomes complete. Many have been called and they did not hear, many were reminded of their issues, and did not remember, and many call themselves light carriers of Heaven and yet hide their light under a bushel.

And this disrespect for the existential necessity of one’s soul for purification will now be faced with all the force that is available to Heaven.

Many lives change, and who believes to be already transformed and is not, from him will be taken away exactly what has blocked the profound transformation until today. I continue the message from our beloved brother Kuthumi, the message where it says: “Everything will be taken from you!”

(Message “Wake-Up Call from Eternity, 11/21/2014: ). And indeed…(in this moment the light bulb of my table lamp burns out)  it will be burnt what is, and it will be loosed, what enchains; it will happen what human Beings have determined for themselves.

Now those light warriors, who have a tendency toward self-assumptions, which do not correspond to reality, will be awakened, so that they see what is still alive in them, even though it is no longer surmised being there.

An extremely intensive time is ahead! It is the removal of the last illusions, before the bridge into the world of the Light can also be crossed for those human Beings. Not those, who say: “I will ascend” will go into Heaven, but those, who in total silence, make all preparations for their ascension; no matter if they are also aware of this reality.

Whoever has a freed and pure Being, whoever has realized love for God and human Beings, will enter into Heaven and with longing I expect those on the bridge into the Light. Blockages weigh heavily on Judgment Day, and must be removed, dissolved and lifted.

These days offer unique opportunities, in order to catch up quickly and efficiently on what has been neglected so far: the undistorted view of one’s still unredeemed Being. 

The closer we come to the end of time, the more intensive will be the transformation processes, for those, who have been half so far and yet are oriented toward the whole.

Look at the world, look at your closest circle, and indeed everything that is not built on truth, is transformed and especially there, where a certain degree of willingness and consciousness for it is available.

God’s time of Grace continues and whereby the light warriors of the first and last hours are subjected to a renewed “assessment”; the actual degree of “awakening” will be determined and the necessary mandates will be arranged and healings will be given.

A few will now be awakened; many still remain prisoners of their own imaginations and slaves of their inner illusions about life and about themselves. Everything changes, and everything that does not build will be removed, life begins anew – for those, who recognize it and accept it. 

To be ready for ascension means: to be purified in one’s energies, means to be purified in one’s Being! This is the case for the fewest number of human Beings, who wish to ascend. Therefore these human Beings encounter now a wave of purification, as it has never been in this world before.

So that the ascension may truly be fulfilled and remains not only a dream, a wish or at the end of time a possibility, which has been missed. It has been handed to me, to bring this urgent message to mankind at the beginning of this “new age”. Because while the energy quality in this world is permanently increased and becomes lighter, many light warriors of the first and last hours – it is the human Beings, who are now depended on – get stuck in their development. And this, even though they believe to rush toward Heaven in seven-mile boots.

Today there are optimal conditions for this last purification cycle. This world is uplifted and liberated from many collective wounds and therefore the divine power and God’s Light can freely flow to earth; and this has an effect.

On the bridge into the Light and standing between the worlds, I see hour after hour that many human Beings are missing the requisite know-how for the entry into the realms of the Light; and now I remind those, who arrive with “over baggage” to cast off these burdens.

Today this decisive point of purification has been reached and could not have been reached any earlier. The spiritual energy in this world was not sufficient for it; the collective energy fields were still not redeemed to the extent that this force could have paved a path. Based on the great work of a few light warriors of the first and last hours, based on the great work of the heavenly realms, this is now possible. 

Everything changes, for those, who are of good will; yet do not want to encounter their actual portrait. Everything changes, for those, who call on God and yet do not open to Him, as he knocks at an unexpected hour.

Meant are those, who are affected. The days will show it, the path for this divine act of Love and for purification is free.

I expected you, to no avail. I saw you coming, yet you remained far away. I called you, but you did not hear. I offered you my Light, but you could not see it. 

In one day the world will change, And in one moment human Beings will change, Those, who encounter their reality.

And the events for it are given now. I am the one, who loves you infinitely. I am the one, who holds you, as you are in danger  of falling. The following is being asked of you:

1) The courage to give up all earthly securities.

2) The devotion to dedicate entirely to God.

3) The love to unconditionally accept yourself. 

On this soil human Beings heal and mankind attains perfection in God.

In Eternity.






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