The Astrological “Nuclear Axis” on January 21, 2015

by Javed, Astrologer and Holistic Thinker


Georgi Stankov, January 23, 2015

Dear George,

I thought that perhaps  my observations as an astrologer  on your January 21, 2015 update may be of some interest. We have had two important events that took place in the last few days. The first was of course the New Moon [20 Jan. 13:14 UT] and the second was Mercury station retrograde [21 Jan. 15:54 UT]. Mercury retrograde is known to create computer glitches [1]. And for the moment when your web link broke down [1:11 pm] Mercury was on the mid heaven (10thhouse cusp) at your place – a very significant point in mundane charts.

My second observation is regarding the Nuclear Explosion that you mention. The Nuclear Axis , an  article [2] by Eric Francis explains how most nuclear events can be related to the horoscope of the First Nuclear Reaction [3].

Repeated nuclear events over the past 58 years have led some astrologers to describe these degrees across early Gemini-Sagittarius as “the nuclear axis,” which is highly sensitive to transits. One critical degree in this axis appears to be Saturn’s location at the time of the first chain reaction, 8 degrees 56 minutes of Gemini.

But the leading edge of the axis is Uranus at 2 degrees 15 minutes of Gemini. On January 21, 2015 – the date for the event you report – Saturn was transiting at 2 degrees 46 minutes of Sagittarius opposite the Nuclear Axis Uranus position. Also transit Mars [7 Pisces] and Neptune [6 Pisces] were square the Nuclear Axis Saturn within 2 to 3 degrees. These transits served as a major trigger to the Nuclear Axis and led to the nuclear explosion that you mention.

Love, Javed


[2] The Nuclear Axis

[3] Nuclear: First Atomic Reaction


Dear Javed,

this is incredible information and I am very thankful that you have shared it with me and the PAT as I will publish it today. Now I must admit that I am completely ignorant in the field of astrology and have never heard of the so called astrological “nuclear axis”. But the advantage of this is that nobody can claim I had made use of this knowledge, while announcing the massive nuclear explosions on January 21st, 2015. These we felt directly through our fields and bodies and only then we received a confirmation from our HS.

In fact yesterday we again got a confirmation that these explosions did take place on this uppermost mother planet and that the likely place is the Pacific Ocean in the Polynesia islands and that France and the USA were involved. Of course one may speculate that the recent false flag attack in Paris was a deliberate hoax to divert the attention of the people from this heinous action, which must have had the purpose to trigger a new world war. This criminal attempt failed on this timeline and the full impact of the nuclear explosion was transported by the light warriors of the first and the last hours, the true PAT, on parallel timelines, so that this uppermost timeline remains safe and sound till Ascension as we have decreed it.

But we must expect some fallout from this explosion in the coming days. Yesterday evening the PAT member Rick from Canada sent me the following cryptic note at 20.00 pm Pacific Time: “magnitude 7.0 (earthquake) in Vanatou (Pacific ocean)  just now,” I could not find any confirmation yet on the Internet and asked Rick for the link (source).

But we must bear in mind that France has tested nuclear explosions in the Mururoa atols in the atmosphere until 1974 and then only under pressure of the New Zealand government started with underwater explosions until 1996:

French president Jacques Chirac‘s decision to run a nuclear test series at Mururoa on 5 September and 2 October 1995, just one year before the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty was to be signed, caused worldwide protest, including an embargo of French wine.[4] Riots took place across Polynesia, and the South Pacific Forum threatened to suspend France.[4] These tests were meant to provide the nation with enough data to improve further nuclear technology without needing additional series of tests. The test site at Mururoa was dismantled following France’s last nuclear test to date, detonated on 27 January 1996, but the atoll is still guarded by the French Forces. In total, 181 explosions took place at Moruroa and Fangataufa, 41 of which were atmospheric” (Wiki).

It is unlikely that the French and the other Western dark cabal have stopped their clandestine nuclear tests after that. When we had a light reading with Julia the other day, Gaia came to us and said that we have no idea how polluted her waters are in terms of radioactive contamination.

It is known that the dark cabal and the archons make extensive use of particular astrological dates to commit their heinous crimes on humanity and thus potentate their effect. Therefore, it is very likely that this nuclear axis is the result of such psychopathic considerations of the dark ones.

In this context, this news which Erick sent me last evening is very remarkable and may indicate that this rich man and CEO of IT companies working for CIA, FBI, NSA and the US government was killed exactly because he knew something with respect to the nuclear catastrophes on Jan 21st. Such things never happen coincidentally.

Head of IT Companies Monitoring Pentagon, FBI, NSA and Army Presumed Dead After Suspicious Fire –

In the vein of all the suicided bankers, here’s another mysterious death connected to some pretty high places.

The 16,000 square-foot Annapolis mansion of millionaire IT executive Don Pyle, 55, went up in flames so fast on Monday, investigators believe a chemical agent must have been used. The house, dubbed “the castle” by neighbors, was fully engulfed by the time the fire department got there. It took 85 firefighters to finally put the blaze out. Pyle, his wife and four grandchildren are currently presumed dead.”

What Carla received the other day was that when this nuclear explosion was triggered and the responsible culprits assessed the devastating impact of it they were scared to death and said to themselves: “We were talking about doing this, but we never expected what kind of destruction we would really unfold”. Now what I am getting from my HS is that this man who was killed in his house fire with his whole family must have learnt about this planned nuclear attack and must have shared it with his family in his shock and disbelief as he was apparently new in this business. This was immediately registered by the US dark secret services and they killed him and his family as to establish an example for the others to be silent.

But the question is whether these people will continue to be silent when they know that it is about their lives and that there is nothing to be gained from keeping this kind of dreadful secrets about the dark cabal trying to annihilate humanity. Hence I am confident that  very soon we shall learn much more about what happened on January 21st, 2015 during the astrological “nuclear axis.”

With love and light




Astro-Databank chart of Nuclear: First Atomic Reaction born on 2 December 1942

The Nuclear Axis

by Eric Francis

On June 27, at 1:37 pm PDT, a wildfire started at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation in Washington state, about 120 miles from Seattle. Thousands of people were evacuated, and fire scorched nearly half the 560-square-mile site, destroying 70 homes and buildings as it crept within two miles of some of the most lethal nuclear waste on Earth—waste dating back to the creation of the atomic bomb.

Government sources say no radiation was released into the environment in the Hanford blaze, though the potential for disaster was truly stunning. And this was the third serious nuclear incident since late 1999, when a mishap at a nuclear facility in Japan caused serious problems, followed by the recent fire at Los Alamos National Labs. Astrologers might well inquire whether these kinds of events follow a particular astrological signature.

A Defining Moment

To find a pattern, we need only return to the defining moment of the nuclear age. When the first self-sustaining nuclear chain reaction occurred, in a makeshift laboratory on a squash court in Chicago (December 2, 1942, at 3:25 pm CWT), a rare conjunction ofSaturn and Uranus in Gemini  was rising. This was closely opposed by a conjunction in Sagittarius, including theSun and Mercury.

Saturn represents structure; in the chain-reaction chart, it was conjunct Uranus (the planet after which man-made Uranium was named), which represents energy and the breaking of structure. With this stressful conjunction, humanity experienced the irreversible breaking of matter, the release of the nuclear force and the beginnings of a long-term relationship with atomic energy and nuclear crisis.

The Nuclear Axis

Repeated nuclear events over the past 58 years have led some astrologers to describe these degrees across early Gemini-Sagittarius as “the nuclear axis,” which is highly sensitive to transits. One critical degree in this axis appears to be Saturn’s location at the time of the first chain reaction, 8 degrees 56 minutes of Gemini.

With all of the important nuclear disasters since the first chain reaction, including Chernobyl, Three Mile Island and last year’s accident at a uranium processing facility in Tokai, Japan, the nuclear axis has been under transit by slow-moving planets, such as Saturn, Chiron, Uranus and Pluto.


For example, when the first memorable nuclear disaster occurred on March 27, 1979 (at 3:57 am, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania), transiting Saturn was within 20 minutes of an exact square to natal Saturn in the first chain reaction chart, at 8 degrees Virgo and 36 minutes. The Saturn square is often a critical or defining moment within any cycle where Saturn is directly involved.


The next time Saturn and Uranus formed their rare conjunction, it was 1986, and the world witnessed the terrifying disaster at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant in the Ukraine (April 26, 1986, at 1:26 am). Once again, Saturn-Uranus was rising in the east, the most prominent position in a horoscope. Saturn was precisely, that is, within 19 arc minutes of exact opposition to its position at the first chain reaction, located in the Chernobyl chart at 8 degrees 57 minutes Gemini.

In events since last September, the nuclear axis has been strongly aspected by the ongoing Chiron-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius.


When the nuclear accident in Tokai, Japan occurred last year (September 30, 1999, at 10:35 am JST, Tokai, Japan), Pluto (the planet after which Plutonium was named) was at 8 degrees 13 minutes Sagittarius, as well as rising in the due east—precisely square the Saturn position in the chain reaction chart, again, within arc minutes.

Incredibly, the Moon was at 8 degrees 35 minutes Gemini and setting, exactly in the due west, also square Saturn in the atom split chart. Note the exactitude of these degrees, remembering that there are 360 in the astrological wheel, and all the planets move at very different speeds. Once again, the nuclear axis was prominent, highlighted by the three most important astrological indicators: planetary position, proximity to the horizon and the angle of the Moon, all of which, in this case, were exact.

Los Alamos

Though past its exact aspect, the Chiron-Pluto conjunction in Sagittarius is apparently still well within orb of the nuclear axis, as serious wildfires have threatened two of the most critical nuclear facilities in the United States, Los Alamos National Laboratory, where nuclear bombs are designed, and the Hanford site, where historical nuclear artifacts are disposed of.


During last week’s fire at Hanford, the Moon crossed the nuclear axis in Gemini, opposing Pluto and Chiron, at the peak of the blaze.

Whatever the ultimate meaning of these aspects may be, one thing is clear: major nuclear events exist in directrelationship to the splitting of the atom, not just because without one the other would have been impossible, but also due to some connection on a hidden level.

Though only astrologers are in a position to see the alignments, the focus is thrown back on the origins of the nuclear crisis, the splitting of the atom. Will astrology ever be in a position to warn those in control of nuclear machinery when we are approaching a danger zone along the nuclear axis? With Saturn currently entering the sign Gemini, and approaching the second return to its position in the chain-reaction chart, we can only hope so.


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