Short Energy Update – January 11, 2015

Georgi Stankov

Since the New Year we have had four major Ascension shifts – on January 3rd/4th, 5th/6th, 8th and 10th. I had personally last week on four days a massive cc-wave with a severe headache due to a huge descent of source energies that fuel the ID shifts at the global level. The first Mega-Shift was at the hockey rink in Langley as reported by myself the next day and then confirmed by the Elohim in their latest message. They also confirmed the second shift on January 5th/6th when we moved first to very low timelines and scraped all their very negative and dense energies before heaving them to higher frequency levels. Many MPR took place on such separated low timelines during these days and since then that has caused us a lot of chills. The third one was particularly painful for Carla, while I was relatively spared, although I also vibrated at a maximal level.

The last one yesterday was the most intensive descent of Source energy I have experienced in the last months. If I have to gauge its intensity at a scale from 1 to 10, the 10 being given for the opening of the two stargates 12.12.12 and 12.21.12 when I almost died, then this one was of a magnitude of 9 and the aftermath of this Source tsunami is still felt today. I do not know how intensively you have experienced these ascension waves, but from my point of view we are now ascending at a maximal velocity and that any further acceleration of the ascension process would be tantamount to our physical annihilation.

The result of these shifts is that we are now very close to the Inner Earth and the 5D cities of light. Yesterday evening we were listening to a recording of a conversation with Adama, channeled by an American medium. This event was arranged by Larry, an American who lives near Mt. Shasta. Carla was switched onto this channeling via conference call. The transmission took place about ten days ago and the topic was how and when the Agarthans will show up in this reality.

At the end, there was not any new information as the leitmotif of Adama was that one needs to raise his frequencies in the first place to be able to perceive the Agarthans and that they will not appear in this 3D matrix. Larry who is not in the LBP, but has the frantic desire to meet the Agarthans, continued to ask questions about when and how he would be able to arrange such an encounter with them and the invariant answer of Adama was that as long as he puts 3D conditions and continues to cherish this kind of 3D expectations, he will not be able to see the Agarthans as this is a fluid affair and he must first raise his frequencies as all light warriors of the first and last hour belonging to the PAT have already done all these years ago. Chiaro!

In other words, there will be an energetic convergence between the inner fields of each individuum with the higher realms and his soul essence before humans can see and communicate with the Agarthans.

While listening to this recording, the Agarthans came to our apartment and we felt their presence very intensively. They downloaded new codes of information to us. I was personally given a very powerful vision, where I realized in a very profound manner that we exist only with a tiny fraction of our soul essence in this reality, while more than 90% of us exist already in the 5D and higher dimensions and are also present as holographic images in the new 4D worlds. Which means, we have already fully ascended to the higher realms and have a full-fledged multidimensional experience and that our actual personalities on this uppermost mother planet will be retrieved very soon when we are no longer needed here.

Adama likened our existence here as “one big vacation”, which we should enjoy. Normally I would have gone mad at this comparison, especially as I had a terrible headache the whole day yesterday, but this time I was rather surprised that I fully concurred with his metaphor as it really felt so.

The Agarthans stayed the whole night in our apartment, which seems now to be an open portal to the Inner Earth and the new 5D cities of light. What I get very strongly is that with these maximal ascension shifts since the New Year we have achieved a remarkable energetic convergence of our personal fields with the Inner Earth, and by this I mean the fields of all light warriors of the first and the last hour, who now operate as a collective unity field of global, interdimensional proportions. We are now heaving this uppermost mother planet steadily to the upper 4D, before it can fully merge with the new already existent and vibrant 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy. But the degree of energetic interception must be very high now after these four significant ID shifts in January, so that I am very confident that we will very soon see the results of our huge cleansing and ascension efforts this year.

By the way, during the last few days we also accomplished a massive cleansing of a plethora of dark patterns at the emotional level, predominantly of the second wave of ascension candidates. This includes hatred, aggression, frustration, various other emotional imbalances, in other words a full bouquet of all negative feelings to which we have been relentlessly exposed in this toxic reality throughout this whole last incarnation. This must have been one last peak before their final dissolution. Today the energies feel much calmer and more comfortable, but who knows for how long.

It is obvious that the old matrix is currently dissolving in front of our eyes and that we have now fully detached from this reality, Like Gods in the Greek mythology, we are now watching all the follies and dramas on the surface of this planet with Olympic serenity on top of the mountain with the same name. At least this is how it feels to me from our apartment on the 6th floor with a view over the roofs of the two-storey houses around us and the human ants crawling around on the streets.







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