Scrutiny of All Human Relationships

Asana Mahatari

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, January 5, 2015

translated by Franz

Stunning, how precisely and almost simultaneously the divine dramaturgy functions these last days of Truth and Revelations.


Beloved Mankind! 

Human relationships and friendships will again be scrutinized for their degree of truth and deep value.

All levels of human living together reveal today their actual substance, will be liberated from any pipe dreams and lies, and will be seen for what they really are. Whoever until today has given the lie the priority and disdained the truth, will now be disabused of that notion, because the “Great Wave” Inundates everything and all, who have built their houses on sand or close to the water. Partnerships, friendships, ties and relationships will be subjected to further and more profound scrutiny in these days.

This is necessary, so that human Beings, to whom it may concern, will be fed into the suction of the ascension, which is impossible without a redeemed Being. In these last days of mankind only those, who are committed to the truth, are a good servant for this world, and who act free of self-deceptions. Now human Beings unveil their actual value, their true strength and identity.

The new energy quality on this earth makes it possible that human Beings are flooded by the divine Light in a so far unreached manner and in a so far unreached intensity, and appear in their actual garment, their true energetic condition. Never before in time has this fact that human Beings now truly encounter themselves, been more precisely true than today.

And this means the end of every incomplete relationship or relationships built on deceptions – and this on all levels of human living together, whereby the relationships between nations on this earth are included. Self-perception and reality drift apart for many human Beings and now events are affected, which enable an opening of awareness. 

The actual tragedy of a light warrior of the first and last hours is, if he is subjected to space-time without recognizing it himself, because the quality to look at oneself in the naked mirror has been lost or has never been acquired.    

The comfortable life in earthly securities exerts such a subtle power over such human Beings and they neither know that they do not fulfill their assignments, or that at the end of time they themselves will stay behind unfulfilled. Now more and more human Beings face this fact, those, who have entered into this world with high assignments, those, who were richly fitted with “talents”, and who are unable to live accordingly or are unwilling to apply it.

It is what it is. The new energy floods this world, breaks through barriers and blockages, and brings forth a new human Being. This time of times is intensive, truthful and penetrating. Everything that has been put on its head is adjusted, everything that is sick will get well, and everything that is ignoble will be refined; in those, who are still ready for it before the end. And we are talking foremost about the light warriors of the first and last hours, who do not live according to their divine assignments, which brought them to this earth.

While the great number of human Beings has made its choice, the very small number of those light warriors, who have gone astray and still carry a spark of truth in them, will now be awakened.

The transformation energy reaches their hearts and transforms their Being, because it is up to the awakening of this scattered number of light warriors in the last days of the world. These human Beings are consistently and uncompromisingly guided to their assignments, until they awaken, so that new strength flows to the Masters among human Beings, and in order to fulfill the ascension. The departure nears for all Masters of this time, who have stood with their Light against the rough-and-tumble of this time.

And the departure nears for those, who in the last instance will leave the wheel of time. 

We enter into the Kingdom of Peace of the Creator and we attain Glory in God. Eternally.

I am


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