Energy Report of the PAT – January 4, 2015

3D Hoax and the True PAT

Don’t worry, guys on both sides of the pond and throughout the world. This website is on the way to become bilingual, but English is still our “lingua franca“. Especially because we do not want to miss the lucid contributions of our Sunshinegirl, Kari.


Hi Georgi,

I just read your post about the planetary alignment of Pluto and the idiots who wrote to you about the “hoax”. It’s so funny because earlier today I was researching this alignment and I saw all the headlines about it being a hoax and all the stupid comments about how, “you won’t float”. LOL. I immediately picked up on the ignorance of it all. Of course they are trying to discredit the importance of these alignments in the first place, but then to state that it is a hoax is also completely ignorant because, as you says, the whole 3 D paradigm is an illusion created to sustain this experience. What’s more is the fact that they have to take the time and energy to write about it being a hoax, just shows how fearful they are of anything that might stretch their consciousness even the least little bit. I see right through their defensive and stupid tactics and I hope to hell that it was only Internet trolls who wrote to you saying this and not any loyal readers of this website because that would be truly disappointing. Fucking idiots! I am so sorry you had to even deal with this. I understand your frustration and cannot even believe you still take as much time as you do to explain things to their ignorant minds. You must have the most incredible patience in the history of mankind! Wow Georgi, I am truly in awe of you today my friend.

I definitely feel like we are in the midst of a major shift even as I write this. My soul won’t even let me out of the house today. I tried to leave this morning but couldn’t bring myself to. I stayed home and made breakfast with my dog and did stuff around my house. About an hour ago, I decided to take a drive up to Mt. Charleston which is a beautiful area about 45 minutes outside of Vegas. I got about 5 minutes away and was overcome by exhaustion and a heavy feeling like being in a fog. I know that feeling well enough to know it’s my HS blocking me from doing something. So I got some food and turned around drove straight back home. Now I’m in bed and I will be taking a nap right after I finish typing this. I feel completely allergic to dealing with any outside energies right now. I feel it’s extremely important to remain in my own world and take it easy for the next few days.

Just an update about my boyfriends’ bank account situation: He said he went in to speak to the bank and apparently it was some sort of fraudulent wire transfers and they are correcting it. But, I believe it ACTUALLY happened on another timeline (this has also happened to us several times, note George) and it was something of high significance for me to hear about and also to report to you. Just like all the ascension test runs… this was an economic collapse test run. This way, there will be absolutely no shock to our systems when this becomes reality. I am not putting any money in the bank except what I need to pay bills. The rest I am keeping on me in case there may be a need for it in the interim before our ascension.

The increase of ignorance around us also tells me it can’t be long before ascension now. How can we continue to bridge such a ridiculous gap? I mean for Christ sake, we are breathing the same air as people who don’t even understand that gravity and velocity are merely illusions that are necessary in order to maintain this 3 D illusion. There are many children who know more! Most people are completely incapable of thinking from a creative mindset in the first place. I just don’t give a shit anymore. My apathy has reached a new level to where I’ve cut off even more people that I used to be able to stand in small doses.

It’s actually hard to believe how advanced we are sometimes Georgi. Like, how can there be so truly few of us on the planet? It used to scare me to realize that but now it’s just something I accept as the truth. I have spent most of my life giving people around me way more credit than they actually deserve to be able to comprehend anything of real importance. It has been a sad journey to realize that even people I should technically be able to look up to (such as my parents and my grandparents) are indeed not nearly as advanced as I am on a soul level. That is why I have distanced myself from most of them. They know it and I know it and its’ almost embarrassing now. Their egos just end up getting in the way of learning anything further from me.

I now just sit way out west in Vegas with my precious dog and my kind boyfriend and feel utterly over this reality. At least I have the love of these two and my friendship with you. Although we are not in person, I feel your presence and your support daily and it helps me continue.

Love, Kari

Well you sound good George, as you give ’em hell on the Gravity goofs sent your way. It is a big, hefty re-arrangement we are headed into and I needed a chuckle which you provided. My physical body is exhausted and inflamed! And through it all, owls are perching in the nearby trees, a huge hawk spent most of a day standing watch on our back fence and a beautiful black lab stolen from his owners 16 months ago appeared at dawn howling for me to do what only a human could do, effect the re-uniting. I swear I heard his voice urging me to act in his behalf and so I did.

Much Love Floating Freely

Greetings Georgi,

As I dwell in the zero point frequency it occurs to me the surface miscreants of the Cabal and their stooges will be caught naked in their lies since they cannot merge on the zero point timeline…

It is utterly useless trying to explain this to the multitude of sheeple since their techno-drone wormhole stuffed with every gadget (iPad, iPhones, tablets, laptops, 60 inch pixel TV’s) affix their intellects to bio-robot sufferings…

Therefore the Cabal’s sick parasitic underlings continue to be exposed in broad daylight as Source energy scatters them like the cockroaches they are…check the link:

Erick Premiere


Dear Georgi,

you are very welcome. I am very happy that I can make modest donations from time to time. I have tried earlier as well, but PayPal did not let me donate first for a while. So I was also clicking the adds several times a day.

All the months back, up until today, I try to keep my morals high while navigating through this special times and all challenges we are brought before, including experiencing MPRs from lower timelines and managing sudden exhaustion, as well well sudden influxes of higher inspirations and those quiet days, were you just process. Your site, of course, as well as staying in contact with some PAT members via facebook, and also checking very few favourites on Internet helps me so much to relax more into this incubation/ cleansing processes before ascension.

I was especially impressed by what April’s HS spoke of, working magically with the fires but also cooling and nurturing ourselves in the celestial waters. Just, of course my mind is always “too late” to finally recognize that, after all, I did well!

I agree with you, Georgi, we will NOT experience this year as a whole in this reality and I am very much looking forward to seeing the PTW go down and under, the masses stand tall and awake without the yoke of slavery on their shoulders, as well as the New Spring, with the Equinox of March 21st!

I wish you and Carla a very blessed New Year 2015 and send much love and light to you both as well as  to all FirstWavers / PAT!

Joana, Berlin

Like you, Georgi, I am so glad to hear from Jerry! His article is a  huge confirmation. It’s been a challenge for me to admit my status in 3D/4D because I am at heart a member of the PAT, but have been so thoroughly conditioned to devalue myself, it is not until this very moment that I free myself. Very little channelled material interests me, and it’s extraordinary to say the least that the war of duality has now reached the so-called spiritual websites. Good grief, it’s hard enough dragging humanity out of the mud without spiritual types spitting at each other as to whose truth is the truth.

The vertigo, nausea, and all-around joint aches continue and the only thing that keeps me going is, just as Jerry says,

I have done the work, I have fought the good fight, and the prize is mine.”

Again, so good to hear from Jerry, and thank you, Georgi, for your article about ‘hell and damnation’ channels. The PAT have been through so much hell and damnation, I doubt there could be any left to encounter that we haven’t already experienced.

Despite the above, the calmness continues with even a hint of joy now and then, when I’m not working hard to keep my physical balance as the Earth spins.



Now this i can relate to that is my life since 5 years now.. I fully concur with everything said in this post except the dreams part.. I tend to have “normal” dreams.. nothing like the mentioned ones.. maybe sometimes a climatic event but nothing more than that.

If I may ask, who is this Jerry? He seems to have it figured out correctly.

Be well Georgi!.
Ariel Mansur, Argentina

Dear Ariel,

use the search function with his name “Jerry R James” on my website and find all the articles he has written in the past and you will know all about him.

With love and light

Happy New Year, Georgi!

I don’t know if you knew about this, but I find something very-very interesting about a new website created on 30th December.

I think 1-st article about this website is here:

The website you’ll find here and all the stuff about how u surfing on it u’ll find here with an update here


Dear Cristi,

the last two links seem not to work, but I am receiving emails from this source (with this picture) now for more than a month and immediately delete them as my HS told me that it is a dark op website, most probably started by the CIA or other dark US agencies to mire the people. They used to do this four years ago when I began with my website. The CIA immediately attacked me and opened their own block to attract my readers. Go to search function on my website and search for “satina”. They seem to invest quite a bit of money in this side just as at that time when they tried to hijack mine. They opened three esoteric websites in 2011 shortly before the PAT opened the stargate 11.11.11..


And please do not forget to visit interesting ads, this website still needs your energy support in 2015. Thank you!

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