Energy Report of the PAT – January 23, 2015

Nuclear Explosions and Catastrophes on Parallel Timelines During the Massive Shift of Gaia at the New Moon Portal on January 21st, 2015; Follow-up

The Use of the Seven Sacred Flames and Other Related Issues

Greetings Georgi,

I read the Astrological nuclear axis report and it confirms that on 1/20/15 per HS that an attack on this timeline was launched coincidentally the early morn of Obama’s State of the Union address…The attack was neutralized when we the PAT fired off a preemptive counter attack causing all the physical disorientation we encumbered on 1/21/15 between 1 and 5pm PST…. Saudi Arabia’s king was a casualty of our preemptive strike as well as ensuring the portal gateway for our ascension remain PERMANENTLY open…

Just this morning I was on my way out of here until my wife in the dream state called me back since my transfiguration was in synch with the portal…

Today I engaged in a spiritual soak (bath) and the soap suds were translucent crystal glimmering like stars and the actual bubbles were rainbow colors…This was magical since there was no electrical lighting turned on and the room was void of natural sunlight…i know water is a magical spiritual carrier in this dimension and reflects back the energy it receives…We succeeded in denying the Cabal’s attempt to thermonuclear destroy the Energy portal and now reflect Earth’s benevolence as reflected by water with our Warrior love based counter strike…..touche’

Erick Premiere

Hello Georgi,

today I’d like to share my recent contact with Agarthans. I was just doing the invocation of the Gold-violet flame for about 20 minutes and then I just enjoyed the vibrational state that I was in. Suddenly a vision of violet light appeared and introduced It’s self as St. Germain, but didn’t say anything tho. After a while a saw something like a horizontally spinning spiral, I don’t have an idea how else to describe it. Then I saw a table in a shape of a rhombus. There were four beings sitting there in each corner and one of them was trying to contact me which I perceived as a Wi-Fi signal coming out of his head, that was kinda funny. They introduced themselves as the Agarthans. I was kinda surprised because I didn’t expect that. So they told me that MPR is very close now and they probably wanted me to write this to you. After the contact I opened my eyes and I saw a golden ball flying right in front of me up and down. It introduced itself as Kryon and told me that I should immediately contact my twin-flame. Interesting. I know her for two years now, but she really isn’t aware of any of this what’s happening.

With regards, J. Fleischman. Czech Republik

Dear Pepe,

thank you very much for this very exciting report about you meeting with the Agarthans. This is excellent. I also feel that the MPR on this timeline is coming nearer and nearer. We must now attune to the Agarthans by reading any true book we can find on the Inner Earth and in particular the ones from Aurelia Jones. Carla has just confirmed that the Agarthans have come to you when I told her this and that this is the result of your working with the seven sacred flames and why it is so important that we all use these flames on a daily basis.

I have only one comment – the entity with the name “Kryon” is a dark one. It may have appeared after the Agarthans came to you to mire you. We had a similar experience a few days ago when Carla received a very clear message from Ahnahmar and then a second one which happened to be dark tainted. The dark ones always appear when we have already established contact with higher vibrating beings but at the end no longer can keep this high vibrational level while still opened for contact from excarnated beings.

The name “Kryon” comes from “Cry on” – “humans cry eternally” which is the motto of this dark entity.You must read one more time the channelings of this source received by many channellers, who also had a lawsuit a couple of years ago who is the legitimate representative of this source and “Arch-on Kry-on” was laughing loudly and celebrating how stupid humans are.

With love and light

Thank you for your response Georgi. Please tell Carla hello for me and I also thank her for the confirmation. That might be why the message from this Kryon seemed unclear and I really didn’t know if it’s really is a credible source after all. I’d like to say that since I work with the Gold-violet flame I feel a very profound peace within me and it is indeed a very powerful gift from above. I cannot imagine a day without it now, I’m grateful for that.

With regards, J. Fleischman.


This is the first time writing to you, but I have been following your website since the beginning of 2012. I want to thank you and Carla for all that you do for the  PAT.

I have been mentally detached from this 3D Orion reality for quite some time now, finding it ever so difficult to cope with anything that has to do with it.

In our spare time, my wife and I like to find used items at local thrift stores to either fix up or create something anew. I am currently working on restoring a table, but wanted to see about getting some better legs to put on it.

On January 20th, I suggested we visit a thrift store that was quite a distant away from our home that we have never been to. On an energetic level that day, I was feeling well. The weather was warm and sunny.

Once we arrived, we browsed around for some time and didn’t see anything that really caught our eye. Upon exiting the store, I saw a sign for another thrift store just up the street and suggested we go there to look there for some table legs.

I entered and went straight to the back of the store. I came across a dining table that had legs on it that would be perfect for my project. While looking over the table, a man came over to us, dressed in a shirt and tie asking if we liked the table. I said yes and more than likely we’d be purchasing it, but wished it was a tad cheaper in price. The man flagged down one of the employees and started haggling with her about the price of the table. At this point, I assume he was the store manager for he seemed to fit the look and persona. He managed to get the price reduced a tad and we all agreed that would work and I told the employee we would be taking the table. The man and the employee then went to the front of the store.

I stayed in back of the store with my wife as we discussed more about the table and some other interesting items in our vicinity. After a few moments had passed, the employee came back to us asking if we still wanted the table. I said of course. She then asked if the man was with us. I said no. She looked surprised for she said he was paying for the table.

My wife and I went to the front register and the man was paying for the table. He also was paying for some clothing items for another customer as well. I told the man that it was a nice gesture, but he didn’t have to pay for the table. He insisted and went on to tell us that he was a lawyer and his wife had divorced him and his teenage daughter despises him. This was something he wanted to do for us and made him feel better.

I could sense very deep guilt and sadness coming from him as he was explaining his life situation to us. After reading your latest energy report, I can now assume he was one of the souls that knew that they had not made it and now must go to lower timelines and experience hell. I guess this was his last days and attempts to save himself.

With regards to January 21st, I was hit by the massive wave all of a sudden and was immediately tired and felt like passing out. I knew something was different this time and immediately tried pulling up your website to see if you might had posted an update. However, your website would not load and it was then I knew we were in for quite a ride!

My wife was trying to get me to go with her to the grocery store, but I kept telling her I couldn’t due to my sudden impairment. After a bit of time passed, I was then able to muster the energy to go with her, but was still feeling a bit off-centered. I also had difficulty sleeping that night.

With regards to the energy signature today, I am feeling better, however I still feel my body has not yet fully recovered. The weather has turned cold, windy and heavy rain throughout the day. I came across this article that came out just today ( which I feel is not just a coincidence given your latest vision from your HS that there was a massive nuclear catastrophe on our uppermost mother planet.


Dear Brian,

thank you very much for finally establishing contact with me and starting with such a remarkable story. I love it. It may very well be that remorse is now the basic motivation of some souls who feel deeply within that they have not made it and want to compensate for this in the last hours. There may be as well other reasons for the generosity of this gentleman. But the story itself is a jewel.

I read this story with the doomsday watch and visited the website of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, where they discuss one more time their decision to put the clock arm three minutes before Midnight. And they have every right to do so, even though they may not know the reason for this.

We asked our HS today one more time what actually happened yesterday as I had a severe cc-wave the whole day since the night and did a lot of cleansing. Obviously the danger is not over. What we received is that there was an atomic explosion also on this timeline most probably in the Pacific and that France (and eventually the USA) were involved. We are not yet out of the woods and the next days may show some anomalies.

From that point of view this decision of the Doomsday scientists may have been made in complete ignorance of this event, but its symbolic importance at this auspicious moment should not be underestimated as it is distributed by theMSM and affects the minds of the people. This all contributes a lot at the collective psychological level to accelerate the final events. This is the kind of urgency I am sensing now and there must be a reason for it.

With love and light

Dear Mr Stankov.

I’m reading Your websites for a long time and I thank You for all Your effort.

21st is the magic number for me, also because I was born during the summer solstice.  January 21.,  I had the whole day intense headache, chills and a strong urge to protect the planet. For the first time I worked with five highest flames, flames 8-12. Now I understand why I had the feeling of urgency to do. Thank You for everything. In love…

Xenia Eleniuk
(Kosice,  Slovakia)

Dear Xenia,

thank you for contacting me for the first time and for sharing your energetic experience with me regarding the shift yesterday during the new moon portal. It was associated with a massive cleansing and it continues unabated today (Jan 22).

With love and light

Hello Dr. Stankov,

WOW, the 21st, I have only now checked the mail after arriving home from a horrible time in the courts Wednesday. I used the flame in lightsaber form and flooded the court house before I got there. Night before (Tuesday) I was up till midnight organizing for everything and anything, I had no idea what to expect going into the hearing blind. I had so many papers there’s no way I would find what I wanted even with the organizing.

Anyhow, it ends up being a different court house all together. I’m bringing in amusement for days, (the courthouse was the emerald palace and I had already light sabered the little flying ‘money monkeys’ the day before)  It ends up being at the ‘family court’ and ‘juvenile justice’ court house. Our case is civil and complex not a thing to do with family court. But, okay…

The banks lawyer went to the other court house too. We all go inside listen to an hour of restraining order Bull Shit from the pathetic bottom feeders and flat liners… Playing into the hands of the ‘suckoffofus’ (my name for the suck off of us, machine) Of course the condescending sickening energy in there, gets excited ready to feast on me.
I know not to expect anything from this hearing it is just another step in the road, turning the stones, vaporizing the lies, steady as she goes, but I’m not perfect and even though I know my guides have my back the monkeys are biting, so to speak.

I already looked up a picture of the judge a month before, pulled his oath of office in case, (judges are notoriously nothing more than attorney, magistrates some freakin commissioner, where is the court of law? Honor? Whathefuck.  Sorry for ranting, I didn’t even get a sentence into your post before I was pulled right out-a-here! Thank you… Truly, I so needed the validation) SSooothis judge, I won’t call him your honor, sir is all he gets, the banks attorney surprisingly sucked. I’m thinking he is a shitty attorney they have him go up against pro se because he’ll loose otherwise.

He was intimidated, but I wasn’t able to say shit, the judge kept me in my little corner by continuing to school me about things that don’t matter. The bank knows I’m on to them, but try and get a judge to take you serious. nothing he nor the attorney have to say even matters, they have the cart before the horse, SOOO frustrating. (I’m not a lawyer, I do know my case though. If I were a lawyer, all I have to do to to defeat the other sides motion, is a declaration saying we have an expert witness. Bam, automatic. But because I’m not a lawyer, I really need an expert witness, and I have one, but can I defeat the fucking motion?  Don’t know yet, the fuckers won’t look you in the eye and tell you, they rule later by letter. cowards..)

Now the court room is full of more flat liners all board can’t even pick up what we’re talking about but the judge can feed off of them, attempting to slay me in front of them, I bring up the fact that none of this is relevant until the bank shows who they are, been asking for 3 years now. Our expert can explain and show why you are denying us due process and our right to trial if you don’t order them to prove they have the rights they claim. But those remedies are only for lawyers. The bank lawyer says, “the 47E is only available to licensed attorneys”. I don’t know if I’m making sense, anyway it all amounts to the cleansing and exposing all the sick agendas.

So I already expected them to attack me, surrounded with Angels, sabers and all, I was so wiped out. I came back tried to open the email and couldn’t access your update. My computer has been very messed up the past 10 or so days while preparing to defeat the banks motion. So, my computer hangs and hangs, this is about 1:00. Then I was hit with the most horrible sense of disassociation to everything. A wave of horrible desolation. I even thought I had moved to a lower timeline, that dealing with the machine had robbed what light I did have and I was now trapped on this lower time line that was about ready to fly apart.

I slept for about 3 hours. I was so overwhelmed I couldn’t function, or attempt to convey anything to anyone I was completely cut off from everything, I didn’t even remember to use the flames I was unprotected. Cold, and hot, my skin on fire but felt like cold steel. Very dizzy all day today, can’t stand too fast or black around the vision. Low blood pressure. I can hear my heart in my head, and throat. My computer is still hanging today, but I opened the post from yesterday and then saw today’s urgent update, and I’m writing. (30 minutes later) I just read to the bottom of the update. WOW…

I will journal more tomorrow, this is incredible. I am still very disconnected. I had something I was writing a few days before about Mount Shasta, I will finish it and send later, you and Carla will enjoy. Much love, and I am honored, in awe and humbled that I continue the mission, although at times I feel so inadequate and nurturing doubts about myself. I guess it goes with the territory, I feel I’m poking the hornet nest…..

Pacific Northwest

Dear Jodie,

thank you very much for this preliminary energy report. Do you have any results from the lawsuit and the judge decision?

With love and light


I was just checking this site when I emailed you last night as the (earthquake) 7.0 came in. Within the half hour after it happened, they corrected it twice to a lower magnitude. It went from 7.0 to 6.9 about 15 minutes after, then it went to 6.8 around a half hour after it happened. Also George, very intriguing, is that there were two other quakes of considerable magnitude, a little above 5.0 that happened last night, which are NOT on this site now? One was in Iceland, the other in a straight line in Mexico. Looking at this a little more, and considering the earthquake I mentioned the other day just north of Antarctica and South East of South America, and also include the earthquake from a couple days ago far south in the Indian ocean, of around mag 5, you can draw almost a STRAIGHT line from the one South East of South America/ Antarctic North to Iceland. I wonder if this was/is indicative of a huge tip of Gaia on her axis that would create a new equator along this line, on A NEW TIMELINE? When I asked last night of the HR was another SHIFT happening when the Earthquakes took place last evening, and what I got was a strong yes. So again, with the messages I get and fully trust, we made another shift last night and were transported to a higher timeline as something happened on the timeline we were on yesterday.

Here is the link, click on the orange circle East of Australia.

Rick, Canada

Dear Dr George,

Yesterday i was thinking about asking you for a simple way and from which order to start using the seven sacred flames,and today i found one of your article The Seven Sacred Flames of Creation – Overview which answered all my questions ,i will give it a try even though it is for the  most advanced ones.

I have just check another article dated the 15 of August 2013 , Adama of Telos Discusses the New 12 Chakra System and all except the violet flame which does not correspond to the same chakra from the new article.

Does the old seven chakra colour that we see in books and on the Internet not valid anymore ?
Because i was using the green light with the heart chakra to dispel dark energy whenever i felt their presence around me and it did work and i was enjoy it.

Thank you for providing us with vital information.


Dear Vincent,

first of all it is the wrong approach to believe that only advanced people can use the seven sacred flames because first of all it is impossible to discern who is really advanced and how much. Only the person can know it for himself. Second, these energies are there and everbody can use them for his own creation. The greatest hindrance to have success is though to question one’s own abilities to create, which are equally present in all of us. But one must fully accept and believe in this creationary potential and make daily use of it. And here is where the ego-mind becomes the greatest hindrance to creation with its scepticism.

The association of the seven sacred flames to the seven chakras as given in our latest articles is taken from Aurelia Jones book but has also been confirmed by the Elohim and the Agarthans to Carla. The twelve chakra she published in 2013 relate to the 5 upper chakras (8th to 12th) which are now opened in all light warriors of the first and the last hour and incumbent Logos Gods.

I published last year that end of May 2014 Carla and I received three more chakras (9th to 15th) when we met with theAgarthans and the Elohim in national park Burns Bog here in Vancouver. But we do not need to use all the additional flames associated with these upper chakras for now as long as we dwell in physical vessels. They will come to us automatically after transfiguration and ascension. We must now learn how to use these seven sacred flames in a most effective and individual manner.

With love and light

Good  morning  Carla  and  George,

I  have become aware of this practice/meditation in the last few days. The  breathing  method  I  am  using  is  called  QP (quantum  pause), found  in  the  appendix  of  Dr  Neruda-interviews  (  5th  ) .

The  Heart-mind  of  the  light  body is  the  ” engine”  of  creation  –  manifestation, the  other  Chakras  are  activating  it  by bringing  in the  light. The electro-magnetic  field of  the  Heart-center is  where  the  light  spectrum  transmutes, manifests. I  AM  =  breath  in  the  Light  through  the  corresponding  Chakra, hold =  energize  the  light/flame  particles in  the  heart  center. We  are  =  breath  out  propagate  the  energy,  hold  =  transmute  manifest.

I am  practicing  with  the Green-emerald  flame  of manifestation, healing by bringing particles  from  All That  is through  pineal  gland  moving  flame  to  Heart – center  with  QP (quantum  pause ). I  am  meditating  in  the morning  and  before  going  to  bed  being  mindful  of  the  flame  throughout  the  day .

Gratitude  and  Blessings
Marco Cingolani

Dear Marco,

breathing the flames and locating them to the corresponding chakra is indeed a very effective method to use these flames and energies for healing and creation. I also use similar breathing techniques for a long time and now use them in combination with the seven sacred flames very effectively.

With love and light

Good  morning  Carla  and  George,

I am  confirming  Kundalini  rising Wednesday  night at 9 pm MST  upper  3  Chakras (at least  for  me). Didn’t know quite what  to  make  of it  until  I  saw  your  energy  report  yesterday .

Gratitude  and  Blessings

Hello George,

I cast my own horoscope when I was 19 and EVERY event and personal characteristic described has manifested, either before or after, except my “delayed inheritance”.  The Merlin Project, which is based on algorithms written for Reagan’s  “Star Wars” largely correlates with astrology; and, supposedly, has predicted events since its inception with 85% accuracy.

I also notice you have not mentioned Niburu much at your website.  As you have probably seen at BEFORE ITS NEWS, the passage of Nibiru will allegedly trigger an MPR.  Based upon the concept of “As above, so below,” perhaps this is correct.  However, based on astrology and the Merlin Project, celestial events both reflect and trigger behavior by the collective consciousness. I really want to know what you think about this; and I am prepared for any critical blast you may deem appropriate.  I am just trying to help.  Thanks.

With love and light,

Dear Robert,

I do not think that Nibiru plays any role any more and MPR happen every day on lower timelines and we, the new Logos Gods, feel them personally in our fields that encompass all timelines of Gaia.



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