Energy Report of the PAT – January 15, 2015

On Energetic Gradients, Immediate Creation and the Accelerating Collapse of the Orion Matrix

Hi George,

I have read your post on gradients, and I understand that my body is electromagnetic, rather than biochemical. I actually do not fully understand that, but it appears to me that that is what you are saying. I know that in Psychology I teach my students that neurons have either a resting or action potential, which I understand as being a certain voltage present.

The connection I am making so far is that All that is, is energy. There are also certain energy transactions we do not acknowledge, as they are not visible to us. I think you are saying that understanding how these seen and unseen energies work, is key for us right now. Particularly to me, how they function in thought, would be very interesting…

Mike in Florida
Dear Mike,

precisely – the resting and action potential of all cells is the product of the degradation of all nutrients such as fatty acids, carbohydrates and proteins in the metabolic redox cascade in the cell. The result  ist the building of free protons in the mitochondria which then build these gradients.

The amount of stored electromagnetic energy in the cells in form of resting potentials is exactly the amount of the energy obtained from the food minus the thermal energy lost by the organism to the environment. I was the first one to calculate this energy balance of the cell and the human organism and to prove this balance beyond any doubt.

Hence all the biochemical energy obtained as food by the organism is utilized for the building of electrochemical resting  (maximal) electromagnetic gradients on all cell membranes and and on all intracellular organelles. When these resting potentials are discharged, we observe an action potential and all this free electromagnetic energy is then turned into biochemical reactions (enthalpy, energy) in the cell to produce biochemical moieties such as new proteins, DNA and other building blocks of the cell and to keep this spherical capacitor – the cell – alive and functional.

If you go to volume III, you will find this all explained in more detail.

This revolutionary new approach will change our attitude towards the human body and biological nature and revolutionize all bio-science, which is now entirely based on assessing the numerous chemical reactions of cell metabolism (biochemistry) and completely neglects its total transformation into electromagnetic energy which is then responsible for the dynamic, kinematic regulation of the cell.

When I first discovered this, I wrote an article in the early 90s that was accepted in an international journal of biology. But then I continued discovering new relationships as the cell is an open energetic unit and had to expand on my scientific elaboration. The editor became scared by the scope and dropped the publication. It was then that I decided to write volume III on the General Theory of Biological Regulation.


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With Love & Light,

Dear Kathy,

on Friday Jan 9th I had the whole day a cc-wave due to a massive descent of Source energies and felt very much compressed. At this time and during the weekend the Agarthans visited us on several occasions. So it may have been the pillars of the Inner Earth they now establish on this timeline (as shown on this photo) in preparation for the final countdown as announced on one ofJahn’s messages early last year.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

this time I´m writing to you in English, because I want more people to be able to participate.

I would like to share with you what happened to me last night: I was asleep for 12 hours! Woke up once with the same awareness of life than I felt up to almost two years ago. Deep fear in my heart, pressure, weight on my chest, hard to breath and fear where ever I was going to in my thoughts…

I was wondering what was going on?! Did I do something wrong? I thought it was said that Ascension is not reversible at this point? Why then stepping back into “ancient” times? I couldn´t get rid off of them it was awful…

until I rembered the violet-golden flame!!!

At this point I was able to see the whole picture: When I called upon it I could see huge dark fields of fear…  surrounding mankind, the people, which disconnect us from the source, but I could at the same time also see and feel the illusion of it and that the freedom lies exactly behind it. And that these flames, given to us from the source, are absolutly powerful and represent our creative powers!

It felt absolut at freedom at this point, I had to laugh. It was so easy and free… and it still lasts, that´s the best part!!

I would also like to make a Decret and I would be delighted if you publish it:


I (full name) decree by the power of my awakened consciouness and the connection to the source that the earth is now flooded by the pink coloured flame of the Christ consciouness of unconditional love into the very corners of all possiblities existing out there and by this every fundament for dark, sluggish structures, elements and activities is destroyed. The earth is changed into a place of truth, light and love.

I am that I am. By the power of the connection to the source it is so.

So it is, so it is, so it is.

I would also like to do it in German so that as many people as possible can to do.


Ich (voller Name)  verfüge Kraft meines erwachten Bewusstseins und meiner Verbindung zur Urquelle dass die Erde jetzt von der rosaroten Flamme des Christusbewusstseins, der bedingunglosen Liebe geflutet wird bis in die letzte Möglichkeit des Seins  und somit jegliche Grundlage für dunkle, träge Strukturen, Elemente und Aktionen zerstört. Die Erde wird in einen Ort der Wahrheit, des Lichtes und der Liebe verwandelt.

Ich bin das Ich bin. Kraft der Verbindung zur Quelle ist es so.

So sei es, so sei es, so sei es.”

Dear Georgi, I thank you so much for publishing this.

with all my love,

Dear Conny,

excellent. I will publish it in the next Energy report of the PAT as I already published two reports yesterday. Indeed we are now still processing huge swaths of sluggish energies from parallel timelines as I have already written and I will also publish in German a new comprehensive article (translation of past articles) on this issue very soon. Hence we are on the same page.

These flames are indeed very powerful to cleanse these dark sluggish patterns, but when these energies flow through our fields, they may affect our emotional bodies and we feel the fear in a very personal manner. In this case it is important to remember that these fears are not ours and we can delete them very quickly with the Source flames.

With love and light

Dear Georgi,

I feel like it has been forever since I wrote but I am here on the ULP everyday. I just wanted to get in touch with you as to some of the goings on that have been happening.

First of, it was great to see Jerry and April post, good stuff. Everyone else too really and good job to you keeping up with the times, as usual and we have come to expect such from you.

I can confirm a lot of these energy waves and LBP symptoms that many of us are having but that is not why I write. I wanted to tell you about a dream my wife had and then also an subsequent exploration that turned up some interesting information as it relates to the portal I have been working on above my area. Which as you know, is in the States and filled with sluggish energies.

It is to the dream first, that I would like to allude. In the dream she realizes thats in a certain area near where we live a Crystal City forming overtop of the earth. And as it comes to me, is very similar to that in which April described. Now I know you guys know a lot more about this but I had a vision and then a stupid idea so here goes, as we were driving by this area, and my wife was telling me about her dream, I realized that it was very near exactly to the spot where the state of Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland all come together and touch on a single point. and although I had heard there was a field stone that marked this point, I had never seen it. This point also happens to be part of the famous Mason Dixon line and in a nature preserve here called the White Clay Creek Preserve.

So, to the point, I got the idea to find this place no matter what. Now mind you, I have been out looking for it before and it had evaded me. Finally, we find a spot and it is only a few hundred yards from an old house where George Washington stayed. In fact it is the last house in Pennsylvania before you cross into Delaware thats part of the reason it is hard to find is that it is near said house and covered in bramble. Upon arriving at this field stone, I immediately got a dark vibe. I could see that there was a ritual triangle set up with the fieldstone being one of the corners and a burned tree along with a wooden post comprised the triangle within which there was a burn pile. As if all of this was not disturbing enough we saw that maybe 50 yards from the triangle was a bunch of crates and then I learned that there was an old puppy mill that was busted here. The odd thing was that it was right near two very well off Estates. Not the kind of people that would be hawking puppies for the money.

So now I’m getting pissed Georgi. It would appear that these people are sacrificing dogs, or at least were in any case the crates were empty. This all got me thinking… it was like my higher self put me there to break some sort of evil spell.and far be it for me, to have some evil f****** triangle at the base of my Crystal City. No, no, no!

Anyway, I wanted to just let you know because I thought it’s important. I am sure there are other PAT members trying to open portals in dark places and I would say the effort is not in vain even though it may seem it sometimes.

Attached you will find some pictures so you can see what I’m talking about. Its funny also to note that even though I don’t have a picture of it, there was a lodge about 300 yards from this triangle.It being a Park Lodge, there are no roads to access it….

As we were leaving a cocky fox appears on the horizon. I say cocky because he did not run away even though I had the dogs.

I think this triangle may have something to do with this.

Love and Light,

Dear Jon,

very interesting story indeed and the photos show a landscape very similar to ones we have in Germany, also where I used to live. Here in Canada the nature is wilder.

First, I think that the cities of light or the new 4D worlds are just an inch away from us and we are merging with them daily. And of course there are always dark spots on this timeline we have to cleanse.

I remember this summer we went for lunch in a famous restaurant in a famous old hotel in Downtown Vancouver and then at the end we got so distressed and ill as we had to go suddenly. I went to the washroom and then my HS told me that in this restaurant that has been visited regularly by the dark commercial cabal of Vancouver, they have performed demonic rituals and even killed children and we were there to cleanse this hotel. I came back to the table and Carla told me the same story she had received from her HS.

So here you are – our cleansing activities are going on without a stop and one cannot even enjoy a lunch without being on duty.

With love and light

Hi George and Carla,

I wish to explain an incident that just happened to me, around 11:15 PM, it may have happened at 11:11, but not sure on that, and I don’t feel the TIMING had anything to do with what just happened.

Because of an internet outage, I decided to step outside. We have a clear night here in the low mountains and I decided to do a breathing exercise I do, to increase the Light energy in my physical body. I stood in my usual relaxed stance and took in the first breath of my exercise. I always hold these intakes of oxygen/energy as they mingle inside me and recharge.

The first  intake ( and only intake as a result of what happened) felt heavier than usual. Upon holding it in and looking up as I always do, everything went spinning and I was thrown to the ground! I felt that I was only half there, the sensations of my body seemed as though, only working on a marginal scale. What happened could easily be compared to someone passing out and collapsing, even though virtually this happened, this is not what happened and the ENERGY was responsible for this incident. After I fell to the ground, it took about 1 minute and I was back to normal in the physical but quite CHARGED from the energy intake and I feel it getting stronger as I write these words.

I have breathed in energy amplified air before, but never to this magnitude!!!! I am still around the portal that was opened several days ago, and what I witnessed a bit ago, IS THAT IT IS STRENGTHENING INTENSELY. I also experienced another time distortion this evening around 8 PM, but about 1 km away from the centre of this portal, if it remains in the same place, which I feel it does. That distortion consisted of what appeared as extentions in reality, in which took longer to get where I was going. For some reason,( it was dark,) there were more bends and segments in the road that I was travelling upon than usual. This distortion in reality, caused me to take longer to get where I was going. Coming back from that area, everything was normal, about 20 minutes later.

I am told again, to share this with YOU and Carla.  George, this portal has the ability to change time and space, and I believe it is growing bigger…..

Love and Light,

Dear Rick,

this is very interesting indeed and we must have big distortions of space and time now. I can only confirm that this morning the energies are rather calm at a very high level as we have reached a plateau after the relentless upward spiral since New Year.

Yesterday around the same time when you had your experience I connected very strongly to my HS and got some very intensive telepathic connections.

With love and light

Greetings Georgi,

Recently experiencing ascension test runs…every quiet moment leads me into a restful slumber with zero effort…
anyway the US Military loathes Obama as documented by the MilitaryTimes….

AMERICA’S MILITARY: A conservative institution’s uneasy cultural evolution

Erick Premiere

Dear Erick,

Interesting aspect – he also discharged the biggest number of generals and leading officers. But why don’t they simply kick him out of the army as commander-in-chief. A military revolt.

It does not matter now within the bigger picture.


True… The dismissed leadership refused false flag participation…the chaos of the  Cabal continues…

4 top Secret Service executives told to leave their posts in agency shake-up

Dear Erick,

Before this news came I responded as follows to an Internet troll presenting himself as an agent. Something for you to laugh.

When will Canada follow France and crack down on hate mongers like Stankov on this website, naming our Presindent Obama all these crazy hate words. Stankov has not even a valid visa and made probably false statements on his visa application. So it is time to take this nutcase out of the picture.

I have a German and a Bulgarian EU travel passport and can enter Canada whenever I want and stay as long as I wish. Read the visa regulations for Germany and EU. That is why the CIA and the USA will go under because they employ such idiots like you. Such a dumbfuck! Georgi Stankov

WOW Georgi these MoFo’s are petrified… typical agent’s ruling by threat/fear/intimidation… I notice its never official utilizing internet anonymity .. Cowards !!!.. next time advise these con artists you have a cease and desist order against their organization for making personal threats that are terrorist in nature…. That will back them up…LOL

I have been tailed by the Feds my whole life and have zero criminal offenses… Just the other day I went for an early morning workout and afterwards went into the local grocer… Afterwards an unmarked Fed was parked directly in front of my vehicle (opposite parking space) and was shocked I appeared since he never made eye contact…I scanned his late model Buick laCrosse and noticed California exempt license plates and indiscreet police lights (the flashing ones) above his rear view mirror…

Its bizarre they tag me when I drive yet never are aggressive…I wonder what they KNOW since it seems that sometimes they have a respect for me  beyond what I can discern…


Dear Erick,

I can confirm your latest observation. When I was a dissident in the early 70s in Bulgaria I was observed also by the KGB but they had so much respect for me being courageous to oppose the communist regime that they let me go. This is one of the conundrums in this illusory life on this toxic planet.


Hi George,

With your clarifying postings yesterday and dilligent spiritual practices over this week, today in the morning I’ve managed to work with the source flames as you recommended. Thank you!

It’s hard to tell the result yet of course but I could feel it had effects now that I am getting deeply connected with my Christ Self!

Just for you to know, I will be registering in the RRA Diamond Heart Conclave in August and several other events in America all related to ascension from July to October 2015. I can share my preliminary schedule if you like as If there is someone from the PAT that I could visit personally it would be great.

Each day I am more and more convinced that we are the 144.000 and that the prophecy of John, Daniel and the Mayans will be fulfilled in much better conditions than how it was predicted! Let’s do it!

With Love and Light,

Dear Philip,

thank you for this feedback. I must inform you that we checked the messages from Usa from the RRA and they are all fraudulent – he does not channel Asun and Akasha. He is inventing this. Hence this RRA is a bogus money New Age cartel that only hinders the participants in their ascension by fostering fears as I wrote today in the German version of my article on creation.

I would strongly recommend you not to visit its seminaries.

With love and light

Dear George,

Quite a ride these last weeks and months.

I noticed speeding up of reality in the beginning of januari this year. Two times I remember clearly nausea effects out of the blue. I was visiting family and friends of my wife in Belarus during that time frame. The first half of december I experienced multiple times CC waves. Like a knife penetrating through my left skull all the way down to under my chin.

During the visit I was reading the book “ORIGINAL Transmissions from the Subterranean City beneath Mt. Shasta” by Dianne Robbins and completed it at home. Such a wonderful world!

After the false flag attack in Paris I felt down, heaving to endure my colleagues blindly following everything the main stream media spewed out. Some of them are quite awake to the government theft and stealing by the banks,  but they are not ready to comprehend the idea of false flags.

Shortly after I had a very peculiar dream experience, already a couple of days ago. During the whole night I again felt like the dream state and the wake state were merging. I felt like inside a cocoon, another reality as an in-between-layer, that suggested to “have fun”. As if to forget the unpleasentness of the crumbling reality. It was quite profound experience and difficult to explain.

This Orion forgery is crashing quite interestingly, today the Swiss decided to uncouple from the Euro for a part. I knew when they started to connect the Franc to the Euro in 2011, Gold took a steep dip which was no doubt orchestrated.

The decision by Putin I was halfly expecting, but quite understandable.

With love and light,

Dear Dennis,

thank you for your latest energy update. The book of Dianne Robbins is indeed very strong. As you may not, Carla is in close contact with her and shares her insights with her on the phone at least once a week.

The Swiss Franc surge has already killed many hedge funds who were short on this currency. The repercussions will be seen in the coming days.

I have just published an article on the decision of Russia to cut its gas supplies through Ukraine, on top of demanding their 3 billion state loan back that will collapse the already bankrupt Nazi regime in Kiev.

We are now heading very rapidly to a final countdown and the coming days will be very exciting. Exactly as I like it.

With love and light

My meeting with an Argarthan?

Dear Georgi,

Fantastic articles from you as always, thankyou.

A most amazing experience happened to me today and for some reason the urge to tell you is very strong. Of the last few months my job (3d version) has increasingly been difficult to deal with, due to the low vibrations of colleagues which actually makes me feel sick at times. I meditate as often as possible and since the turn of new year I seem to be vibrating slightly different, as if with an accent, this is profoundly changing me rapidly, hence in a meeting about boring rotas which are never fair I just couldn’t stand it, I literally felt deep anger boil and rise up from my right side for about 10 seconds and then jump to my left side, this made me so emotional it stopped me from being able to talk, my throat chakra was doing overtime, so to speak. Tears started to flow down my cheeks, I haven’t had real tears since a young boy, this was awful and wonderous together, the whole of me felt all screwed up.

I left the meeting to compose myself and found myself walking through some nearby woods, in heavy winds with the rain lashing down. I came to an opening and stopped because of the view of the North Kent Downs, truly beautiful. A dog (Jack Russell) appeared barking and excited, he made me smile because of his very high vibration, then a man turned up, I am 5′ 11″, this chap towered above me, he was very slender in build. I am normally not approachable and people either do not see me or just avoid me, however this chap walked through brambles to talk to me. We exchanged pleasantries and he said to me that the Downs look the best when the sun shines , I replied that I would love to see that, he then said well it’s our lucky day look, the sky opened up and the sun did shine just on a small area and it was so beautiful, I was literally speechless. He spoke to me of the woods and gave me a brief history on them and told me that he can remember when the woods went all the way up part of the Downs, from where we stood it was around 20 miles away,

I later found out that the wood, when it was as far as the Downs was cut back just after the second world war. Now, even if he was very young at the end of the second world war it would make him around 60 to 70 years old, he looked to me around 30 years old, definitely not past 40. He continued to talk to me about our surroundings and told me how he feels free here and how much he loves his work looking after the woods and this is what he should be doing because he loves it with all his heart. We parted and I headed back to work, however, I had absolute certainly that the job I’m in London is not for me, and hasn’t been for a long while, so I will not be returning as the fear of (not) paying for everything just is not within me, it was before the walk in the woods. I feel free of that low vibration and will only do what I truly love, whether it pays Orion toilet paper or not. Anyway walking back to work from the woods I could feel the chaps essence and hear him tell me that he forgot to say where he come from, with that I get an image of him and me standing looking out to a sky with a beautiful misty sun, inner earth maybe?

The experience was of pure love, no doubt about it. I still do not know why the urge to tell you.

Love and light
Rob DH

Dear Rob,

this is an incredible story and it may well be that you have met an Agarthan at a junction in your life to help you choose the best possible way in your life, which may seem haphazard from a conventional 3D point of view. It is only you who can ultimately know the truth as it has to do with your spiritual pathway, but the story is beautiful and highly symbolic.

Thank you for sharing it with me.

With love and light


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