World in Balance

The Ascended Masters

channeled by Jahn J Kassl, published on December 4, 214

translated by Franz

Dream: Throughout the whole night, it seems to me, I see pictures of war, horrible unearthly war scenes (End of dream).

Beloved Ones,

In this dream it has been described what happens in those worlds, which exist far from the Light, and what happens in those worlds, wherein human beings vegetate far from the Light. Why again? So that on this level you can recognize the current discharges in its actual magnitude. These dream scenes describe worlds, whereupon the dark destructive energies of the Orion-elites discharge. The characteristic of this time is, and therefore this dream is so significant, that until last your familiar level of awareness, your world, remains untouched by these massive war scenes; and namely as long, until the transfer to the fifth dimension of all those, who have chosen this, is completed.

The intentions of the dark ones, who obviously still have this world in the grip of their claws, must manifest and this occurs extensively whereby new worlds have been created for it. This is already known. It is new that this course of action for the creation of lower vibrating worlds, is until last necessary, meaning as long as the ascending ones and the descending ones are still connected on the same level, so that the ascension in total can be completed.

Assignments to the Threshold Value

Once the threshold value for the ascension of this world has been reached, then this world will break apart and all levels will drift to their new assigned locations in All-That-Is. Meaning: As long as the ultimate threshold level for ascension of the ascending ones has not been reached, this “game” continues, until, as already announced, it abruptly ends in a moment of God’s Grace. 

The wellspring of All-That-Is has given us, the Ascended Masters, the responsibility for a new assignment, to thwart any criminal or terrorist act, which the Orion-elites plan or want to carry out, and which could destroy the whole world, as long as until all ascending ones have arrived in their new homes in Heaven.

After that the light-filled reality of this world finds itself in 5D, while the light-starved realities of this world will be returned to the cycles of the 3D/4D space-time; thereupon the transformation is completed and the newly ascended Masters are welcome into our circle, until together we start our new assignments in Creation.

Therefore: New light-starved levels of creation actually must be continually manifested, so that the intentions of the dark forces cannot discharge too early on your main level of awareness. Please understand this as a wise measure of the Creator, so that on the one hand your ascension may occur and so that on the other hand the chain of awareness of transiency can again be taken on. We hold this world in balance and we will not let go of it until the last ascending one has entered into Heaven.

Until last we are with you, as an unconquerable union, in a world exposed to separation. Until last we manifest together with a few and hand selected light warriors on earth, the conditions under which the arrival of mankind in the Kingdom of God will be fulfilled. (Please do not forget this! Note, George)

We are the


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