World Events Coalesce – The Divine Dialectics Behind the Current Escalation to a Global War

by David Campbell and Georgi Stankov, December 4, 2014

Hello Georgi,

I would not normally send you (or anyone) such messages as I prefer to keep my analyses to myself, however I feel compelled to provide it as a way to further connect my thoughts with those who see a similar outcome being manifested.

As the energy intensifies, everything is beginning to come to a head.  The obvious synchronicity of events is increasing, and it is becoming more evident that nearly everything taking place on the world stage is moving toward the same end.  The Cabal continues to move their chess pieces into position in an attempt to force Putin, as their greatest enemy, into a checkmate.  As has already been said however, Putin handles the board like a Grandmaster.

The media is now truly beginning to push nuclear war into the minds of the people, as evidenced through multiple channels attempting to instill the fear of this outcome.  It begins by announcing that ISIS ‘may have’ obtained nuclear material from Iraq, the same location in which the mighty military and intelligence operations of the United States were supposedly unable to find a single weapon.  Since then we have of course learned that this was merely another deception.  Weapons of mass destruction of various sorts were of course found, and have since then most likely made their way into the hands of whomever could best use them to further the agenda of the Cabal.  This of course can be effected much more easily by denying that they ever existed in the first place.

Next they begin to condition the American public to no longer feel safe behind the walls of the U.S. by suggesting that ISIS intends to begin operations inside the U.S.  This is very reminiscent of the line sent out shortly before the 9/11 attacks, the famous ‘Bin Laden determined to strike within the U.S.‘ used to prepare the populace for the eventual attacks that would take place.  These work together to put the idea of a nuclear attack within the U.S into the minds of the people as being not only possible, but a primary concern.  As we know, this attempted great crime against humanity will not be allowed.

The people themselves are further conditioned to not only expect but embrace violence and death through various mouthpieces espousing violent uprisings. In a recent speech, leader of the Nation of Islam Louis Farrakhan, instructed the people to respond violently to the injustices being forced upon them.  Using very absolutist language, such as ‘We gonna die. Let’s die for something’ he insinuates to the people that they must be ready to retaliate violently.  He cautions those that may feel they don’t want to react violently that they need to be ready to do just that anyway, insinuating that the only solution is to completely embrace fear and hatred.  He finishes with these fateful words: ‘we tired. We want some of this earth. We tear this God damn country up’.  To me this sounds exactly like the words of those negative entities who wish to have this planet to themselves. Though I think many can see his words are borne of the very great frustration he and others feel at the behavior and attitudes of those who have been given physical power and authority over others, this type of 3rd dimensional thinking is hardly conducive to uplifting the whole of humanity or contributing to their own spiritual growth.  As Einstein said, ‘We can not solve our problems with the same level of thinking that created them.’

Meanwhile, the gears that need to turn in order for the machine to work are being activated.  As people at the very top of various governments see that the moment of truth is fast approaching, they begin to flee the sinking ship.  Others are forced out to reduce resistance to the orders that will come down in the final moments.  Parliaments begin to dissolve and upper echelons of government collapse, as seen in Japan, Israel, and now Sweden.  Indeed Japan in particular should be watched very closely, as the fate of Abe could play a very strong role in the timing of the final events.  If he is ousted the Cabal will have lost a major component of their power in Asia, and indeed may be forced to act more quickly than they otherwise would have.

Those inclined toward truth continue to expose some of these inner workings.  Robert Fico, prime minister of Slovakia warns that there is a ‘70% probability of a military conflict in Ukraine..I’m not talking about a Russia-Ukraine conflict‘.  Clearly this references the greater showdown of the Western Cabal with the forces of Russia.  The United States continues to increase provocations byincreasing the military buildup in areas near Russia, essentially goading them into making the first move towards war.  Understanding the greater workings behind these events and the role Russia has to play, Putin has already said on many occasions that Russia would not be drawn into armed conflict, but was also not afraid to defend itself.  He solidifies this stance by instructing his people to be ready to rely on themselves as hard times approach.  This will leave the Cabal with two options, as you discussed in your recent article.  The first is to make the first move themselves, fully outing themselves and their intentions but having a better chance at the levels of destruction and death they hope for.  The second is to continue attempting to play the long game, eventually being strangled economically and being forced to capitulate.  Both of these options are losing scenarios for them, as they are well aware.  I believe the level to which they still believe that their plans can be salvaged will determine their course of action.

The events leading to the collapse of the fiat currency system begin to play out on a more public stage as well, with more mainstream media outlets beginning to cover the truth about the workings of the central banks.  It is also being made clear that America is not only falling from it’s position at the top of the economic heap, but has indeed already fallen.  With each of these stories, the momentum towards the final end grows.  It can be seen how everything now moves toward the result that has been shown and discussed on your website for some time.  The equity markets are teetering on the brink of total collapse, and that will have a very great effect on the global consciousness and awareness of humanity.  It should be enough to set all other things into motion, leading inevitably to the MPR and our ascension.

And so now the pieces are in place.  The major nations on either side of the conflict are fully prepared for outright war.  The people have had nuclear war and the insecurity of their homeland forced into their awareness.  The various housings of individual wealth have been ransacked.  Fear and hatred have been put forward (primarily in the west) as the proper response to not only current world events, but the events that surround individuals in their own daily lives.  The urgency is palpable from all sources as time begins to truly run out.  This can be seen even in the messages of Elijah and Sananda as given byJahn Kassl in his most recent readings.  Those channeling more unsavory sources, whether they recognize it or not, have taken on similar tones.

While the world appears to crumble before our very eyes, when viewed from the perspective of the higher realms and those achieving ascension it is clear that these are simply the last steps of purification before the timelines can be fully split.  The greater energies offer more clarity on these matters, and also greater individual power to begin manifesting the desired outcome.  To this end it would be beneficial to continue to project the collapse of the equity markets as the spark for all other grand events.

All of these things are simply my own observations, but it becomes more clear to me with each moment how these events are evidence that everything is truly connected.  Those who read and resonate with your work will obviously understand this concept.

As always, I appreciate your work.

Love and Light



Dear David,

I thank you very much for your excellent, in-depth analysis and critical survey of the major political events which now lead to the final escalation of aggression between the two nuclear powers Russia and the USA before the matrix collapses and we can ascend.

As you have presented the current situation very precisely and covered most of the issues, I will not delve into further comments on the overt events leading to a global war, as covered more and more by the MS and alternative media, except for one.

The US resolution 758 on Russia was passed with an overwhelming majority of 411 -10 votes in the Congress yesterday and opens now the doors wide for a nuclear war with Russia, as this source comments unanimously with my conclusion prior to the vote (which by the way has been surprisingly widely commented by both the opposition and supporters of this vote in the USA as I noticed today):

Breaking: Adoption of House of Representatives Resolution: Provides De Facto “Green Light” to Obama to “Declare War on Russia”

This vote triggered a prompt reaction on the part of Putin who warned the Americans that  “Talking to Russia from position of strength is meaningless“.

But the most important events do not take place in front of our eyes within this crumbling holographic model, but behind the veil and about this I would like to talk here.

We, the few light warriors of the first and last hour, are now creating exponentially new parallel 4D worlds, where all the culminating aggression of the dark ones is transported and where great catastrophes are taking place in each moment in the Now. What we now do here, is to recognize all possible scenarios and heinous acts of the dark ones leading to a new world war and expose them on this website. This clear revelation is sufficient to avert such a scenario on this uppermost mother planet. Instead this scenario is shed off from this timeline and transported on a parallel timeline, which we immediately create with our recognition and in-depth analysis, as you have done here.

In this way we export huge amounts of negativity of the dark ones to such timelines, where the End Time war escalation finds its resolution through confrontation, leading to a huge destruction of the planet and its population. We, the new Logos Gods, are involved in all these catastrophic timelines as Creators. With our multidimensional fields we encompass these timelines and absorb all these chaotic energies when a global war and / or MPR takes place there.

We perceive these chaotic, very destructive energies within our psyche and mental body and also in our physical vessels that cleanse these energies in a very intensive and debilitating way. That is why most PAT members are now so tired and completely exhausted as Kari, the Sunshinegirl wrote to me today. But without us the situation here will be much more dire and catastrophic. We are now holding the light for the whole humanity and neutralize all attempts of the Western dark cabal to unleash a new world war.

With this huge cleansing work, we, the new Logos Gods and Guardians of the new Galaxy, reduce incessantly the level of negative energies on this timeline and prevent a global nuclear world war here. At the same time we are conduits of the high frequency energies and flames from the Source that now open many human beings for the truth and they begin to see much more clearly the ongoing crimes of the ruling cabal, as is the case in Germany where Merkel and Orion Co now complain about the alleged “charming offensive of Putin and the Russian media” that mire the minds of their citizens. Imagine their desperation. This has never happened before.

This is all well known to all of you, but this fact also explains why we currently see no major events on the political stage. Such events are mitigated or simply offset by us and many other excarnated ascended masters as long as all preparations for our ascension are not fully completed. The pace-limiting factor is the degree of awakening among the small group of potential ascension candidates. The aim is to awaken all of them and help them ascend to the new 4D worlds and from there to 5D. That is why we are still here and sacrifice ourselves in this dense and extremely toxic reality.

But we should not resort to pessimism, if we still witness this tense calmness on the political front for a while, which is the proverbial lull before the final storm. And the longer the lull, the bigger the storm. This lull will last as long as all ascension candidates are ready to participate in the ID shift. When this threshold is reached, everything will happen with the speed of light – the collapse of the Orion matrix, the MPR and our ascension that will precede these cataclysmic events. This is a leitmotif of all my publications and Jahn’s channelings.

With this contribution on my part to your excellent expose, we have covered the divine dialectics of the current End Times that determines the energetics of all events on the ground and behind the veil. Until the lull lasts, there is not much more to be said on the state of the world affairs.

With love and light



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