Breaking News!!! The Agarthan High Council of Light Came to Us Today

The Inner Earth Agartha Has Merged with the Surface Earth Today.

The Agarthans Have Arrived on The Surface Earth Now.

Today They Announced Officially Their Imminent Appearance in Front of Humanity to Carla and Myself.

Several Cities of Light will Manifest in the Coming Days on Selected Places of This Earth.

by Georgi Stankov, December 5, 2014

This is an auspicious day indeed – full of surprises and divine bliss. After the children of Inner Earth visited us early this afternoon, exuding their exuberant joy about the merging of the Inner Earth with the surface earth and dancing around us in the bedroom and outside in the free space, now the Agarthan council of light came to us this evening.

They gave a message to Carla:

An official announcement of their arrival on the surface of Gaia today and their imminent appearance in front of humanity.

For more than 20.000 years the former Lemurian beings, to whom many of us belong, have been waiting for this most auspicious moment in the history of mankind and Gaia  to occur. Now we have arrived at it and we should be exalted like small children in anticipation of the Christmas gifts.

I am making this urgent announcement in advance, so that you know that the final most crucial phase of the ascension has commenced. Tomorrow, I shall publish the full message of the Agarthan council of light.

Let me now reveal that much in advance. The Agarthans have confirmed that the old matrix has, since today, no longer any power over us – the new ascended humanity. Hence we should now attune to the 5D and 6D energies of love coming from the Inner Earth and the higher realms and forget once and for all about this dreadful, dense and still very toxic reality, which will now quickly fade away.

This is a necessary prerequisite for all the light warriors of the first and the last hours to be able to see the Agarthans and communicate with them. As they will not lower their frequencies, only a few anointed human beings, such as the true members of the PAT, will be able to see them. The same holds true when the first cities of light begin to manifest on this upper mother planet and substitute the current 3D overlay of the old Orion matrix.

There is more to come tomorrow. Be prepared now for the best news in our lives – for which have fought throughout this whole incarnation. Now we are finally victorious as the Agarthans have confirmed us one more time and we should now begin to celebrate.

Congratulations to all PAT members and warriors of the first and the last hours. We have made it! We have arrived at our final destination – immortality and eternal bliss! Our imminent transfiguration and ascension are now beyond any doubt and much more – a whole new world of miracles, we cannot even envision. I have sensed this good news for some time now and here it is finally.

Enjoy now your evening on the Pacific Coast and your new dawn on the old Continent of Europe.

We are One!

We are Ascended Masters!

We are the new Logos Gods of the New Worlds.

We are the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy

We are Victorious!

We have accomplished the greatest miracle in this omniverse – the ascension of Gaia – for which we have worked so hard since the Fall of Lemuria and Atlantis.


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