The Crash of the Dollar – Easily Explained One More Time

by Georgi Stankov and Kari, the Sunshinegirl, November 29, 2014


You are simply on fire lately. I am so delighted with these postings and how you help us continue to “connect the dots”. I can see such a beautiful strategy happening now on the part of Putin and I loved the latest on “The Programmed Sudden Death of the Orion Monetary System“. I love all your comments and agree with you that it’s all coming to a perfect head now. I always knew these things would come to pass, (although I was never led to get into the exact details), but I’ve had a very good understanding of the corruption behind it all for a long time and now I finally see how all the pieces are fitting together and it just makes my heart jump for joy as I can FEEL our freedom is so close. I can also sense how this is all becoming already a bad dream that we once had… fading into the eternal mist as we remember that heaven has always been helping us and loving us through this intensely hellish experience…..

I can almost understand this, but if you have a moment, could you break it down for me further? I can see how we need Russia’s gas and oil and uranium… putting the West in a vulnerable predicament, but how is Putin exchanging the US dollars for physical gold an advantage if the gold is being de-valued in the West? Is Putin basically running the US dollar into extinction and creating a standard of gold for the new economy (in other words something of real value other than corrupted fiat money)? I am certainly no financial whiz, but I’d like to understand this most excellent strategy a bit better as I find it very exciting and entertaining to watch now.

Love, Kari


Dear Kari,

it is much simpler – Russia and China are buying physical gold at the COMEX stock exchange as anybody can do this in the West. For this reason Russia uses the dollars it gets for its oil and gas from the West. These dollars are hugely overvalued, while gold is very cheap compared to the dollar – about 1200 $ an ounce. The real price of gold is estimated to be around 10,000 $. Hence they use dollars as long as it is still a stable currency to buy cheap gold from the West.

The article of Bill Holter  is  very important as it reveals that last week more physical gold was bought on the COMEX than this stock exchange possesses. He speculates that this gold was bought by the Russians and the Chinese through regular brokers who now work hand in hand to default the USA as both countries know that the USA is there enemy No 1.

These huge buyouts of gold could be hidden so far by the West by selling a lot of paper gold contracts long, which are not covered by existing physical gold. However when the buyers of physical gold, in this case Russia and China, demand the delivery of the real gold ounces they have bought, which is once a month after Thanksgiving, the long sellers in the West will not have the gold and the whole COMEX must default. Read one more time Bill Holter’s article where this is explained.

The bottom line is that as long as the dollar as petrodollar is accepted worldwide, there is no need for gold. But when two big countries such as China as the biggest manufacturer and Russia as the biggest oil and gas producer worldwide decide to discard the dollar and establish their trade on their own currencies which are now based on gold, the dollar must devalue.

This is the bigger picture. The increase in gold purchase by these countries in the last months will thus only accelerate the dollar default which is actually caused by the underlying basic economic conditions. USA is bankrupt with a huge debt and does not produce anything anymore. It has a huge trade deficit of 700 billion $ per year for the last 30 years or so. In other words the USA buys real goods from China, Russia, and the rest of the world and pays with worthless toilet paper dollars which the FED prints out of thin air.

In September this year Saudi Arabia and the USA decided to harm Russia by crashing the oil price. The Russians know this and they played the same poker as imposed on them by the West. They did not reduce their oil production so that the oil price really went down.

The effect is that they killed the shale fracking industry of the USA, which was the only hope for the USA to become energetically independent. The shale fracking is profitable only if the oil price is above 100 $ per barrel. In addition the oil reserves were hugely exaggerated and recently it became known that 90% of the estimated oil reserves were fraudulent.

That is to say, both West Europe and the USA will remain dependent on oil and gas imports for years to come. They will be dependent on Russia and the Middle East. That is why the Americans now started two wars there in order to postpone the inevitable – the dismantling of the petrodollar as world currency to trade oil, gas and other commodities. This is an absurdity and the return to trade and exchange with local currencies, especially when they are based on gold as the rubble and the yuan already are, will come very soon.

When the Russians learnt that the USA wants to destroy their country by crashing the oil price as the main source of revenues for this country, they had no reservations any more, but to also crash the rigged Western monetary system. As they knew that the gold market is very limited, they started there with their leverage. The (dis)advantage of this market is that it is overloaded with derivative products known as paper gold contracts, which exceed thousands times the real gold amount in possession of the traders.

You can buy both paper gold contracts and physical gold. The Russians and the Chinese in cahoot decided to buy physical gold, which is actually an old strategy of both countries but now has become their main focus. They know that the USA wants to destroy both countries in order to install the NWO and they know what is at stake. They have no longer any reservations to use all possible legal means to destroy the USA as the latter would like to destroy these two countries or has already destroyed any other smaller country that has opposed the hegemonic policy of the USA.

The difference is that both countries are nuclear powers and as it now becomes evident, Russia is even better equipped with modern strategic weapons than the USA. Hence the latter cannot attack these countries directly but only through proxies as in Ukraine and the ongoing unrest in Hong Kong that was triggered by Western NGOs.

This political background explains why both countries have now decided to play “va banque” and default the USA, first through the gold market and then through abolishing the petrodollar. Only today Russia has signed trade agreements with Turkey, a NATO member, and with India in national currencies. In the past such trade was done in dollars and the countries had to hedge dollars first and then to exchange them one more time in their local currencies. This kept the dollar alive so far. Nobody except the AAA (Anglo-American Axis) wants to do this anymore and be dependent on the USA that has destroyed with its hegemonic policy more countries than any other power in modern time.

We are witnessing now the most dramatic moments in the history of mankind, where historical events that have started centuries ago will culminate to a final crescendo of destruction of the old matrix and our long-awaited return back home can finally take place.

With love and light



Thank you for all the time and energy you put in to explaining this to me! I see much more clearly now and I am super excited. I’ve lived in the US my whole life and am so sick of it’s bullying and starting conflicts constantly. I really must have been nuts to volunteer here, but oh well, it is at its final end now and finally I can see some sanity beginning to take hold. But we won’t be around for any new “economy” either, but the 4D worlds will enjoy much greater freedoms. Cheers to our very near homecoming and I hope we all prepare ourselves for nexth month. I feel that after our short reprieve, its going to be a whammy!

LOVE, Kari


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