Short Energy Update – November 4, 2014

by Georgi Stankov

We have entered a most chaotic phase in the ascension process since we heaved the second wave of ascension candidates to this upper most mother planet and activated them to enter the LBP. This biggest ascension shift ever also led to massive separations of  numerous soul populations of all lower timelines – hence the chaotic energies this night and today.

Hello! I am back again from my very short birthday holiday and would like first and foremost to thank you all very warmly for your heartfelt birthday wishes and for your generous financial support of this website. I was overwhelmed by your pure loving desire to help me continue editing this website as a lifeline to the higher realms and a seamless chronicle of our incessant, inhuman efforts to heave Gaia and humanity to 4D and 5D.

Now back to the actual energies. Since we activated the second wave of ascension candidates on October 29/30, we are on a very steep upward spiral of ascension. This must be visible and palpable to all of you, the warriors of the first and the last hours, as these energies are now massively flowing through your bodies and fields as the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy.

As Elijah told Jahn during his light reading this weekend (I hope the English translation of Franz will be published very soon), we have already entered this final phase of ascension when the “Day of Days” must come inevitably at some point in time pretty soon. He pinpoints one more time the three ways as to how ascension will occur, which should be known to all of you as they have been discussed numerous times on this website, but I shall list them one more time as Elijah channelled them this last weekend to Jahn:

1) Through death experience by leaving the physical body and entering the crystalline light body on a higher 4D or lower 5D world.

2) During the dream state by transitioning from the old ethereal body into the new crystalline light body. The prophet Elijah does not specify what will happen in this case with the physical body that “sleeps” in the bed, but according to me it may officially die or be simply dematerialized.

3. The small group of the last warriors of the first and the last hours, the PAT, will ascend in full consciousness to the Source by hugely expanding their awareness and transforming their physical body into a crystalline light body that will emanate incredibly powerful Source energies which will trigger the proverbial “Supernova of Ascension”. This point in time is very near and all processes leading to this Big Event are set into full motion.

Last night I had a lucid dream from my HS that we have entered a most critical phase of enhanced chaotic energies on all levels as this was already announced by the Hathors. Today, I feel, to use Carla’s private term, fully “disco(m)bobulated”, which means that my coordination barely functions, so that I drop all objects and spill any glass or cup I  have in my hands, my mind can barely concentrate and a very unpleasant inner agitation has a grip on my body. I can barely cope with this 3d reality at the most elementary level and so does Carla. From what I get, this holds true also for most PAT members.

At midday, we went to the near-by beach after the 6D fleet approached us and recommended to go to the fresh air. We received  huge downloads of healing energies that helped us a lot, together with the sunny, mild weather and the fresh breeze that had wiped the clouds from the huge tempest last night. We visibly moved to a higher timeline. AA Michael was with us on the beach, which is a clear sign that we all need special protection from these chaotic energies at present.

Constant invocations of the gold-violet flame and cleansing procedures should be done many times a day, if you want to cope with this chaotic phase. But be calm and optimistic – this is a temporary event and as the tempest from last night turned into a calm, warm autumn day, so will also these energies calm down very soon.

The final separation of the worlds has already commenced in full force and we hope to learn more from the Elohim what we have achieved so far. But everything is unfolding now in a beautiful harmony and great precision and the ascension of Gaia to the new Galaxy is in full sway.




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