How Russia Crashes the US Economy and Accelerates Our Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov, November 29, 2014

As just reported in my previous article of today,  Moscow has agreed to follow the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) decision not to cut its oil output in order to help crash the oil price and thus the US oil fracking industry. Since then the oil price dropped for the first time in four years under 70 $ a barrel. This action must have unleashed a “temper tantrum”in the dark Obama regime resulting in the launching of three US Submarine Launched Ballistic Missiles (SLBM) towards the far eastern Pacific regions.

“Temper tantrum is an emotional outbreak, usually associated with children or those in emotional distress, that is typically characterized by stubbornness, crying, screaming, defiance, angryranting, a resistance to attempts at pacification and, in some cases, hitting. Physical control may be lost, the person may be unable to remain still, and even if the “goal” of the person is met he or she may not be calmed.”

What we now observe is the long-expected breakdown, a total mental, emotional and physical decompensation of the dark Western cabal, caused by the relentless flooding of this uppermost mother planet with high frequency energies of Truth from the Source as manifested by my latest, new cc-wave with excruciating headache in the last 36 hours.

Guys, this is big and it happens now. We are preparing now the psychological ground for the final major heinous crime of the dark ruling cabal against humanity that will lead to their demise and trigger our ascension. This has been heralded by myself and all channeling sources on this website for months.

This night I met with Putin in the higher realms. We attended a conference together where he very meticulously explained to his Western colleagues the rules of the End Game and why they have already lost. He was very calm and understanding in this negotiation, as somebody who has all the trumps in his hand. I was holding all the time the light for him to accomplish his mission. After that my excruciating headache due to massive descent of Source energies peaked up one more time around 2.00 am in the night (Pacific time) and is still ongoing while I try to write this article.

According to the new Russian news outlet “Sputnik International“, the Russian Aerospace Defense Forces (ADF) detected the launching of two of these US SLBM’s on Thursday following the conclusion of OPEC’s meeting in Vienna (Austria), where the decision not to cut oil production was made on that same day and the oil price plummeted.

Likewise, a third US SLBM was launched earlier today,  just hours after First Deputy Prime Minister Igor Shuvalov affirmed Moscow’s support of OPEC’s decision.

Major General Anatoly Nestechuk, the Deputy Chief of the ADF, has reported to the Russian government and the press that the Obama regime gave only a few hours notice prior to the launching of these SLBM’s. He further noted the fact that they were successfully detected, which illustrates the high combat readiness level and professionalism of his forces as also discussed by myself in today’s article.

The true cause of the Obama regime’s “temper tantrum” in launching these three SLBM’s at a cost of over $130 million against the Far Eastern Pacific Region was that both US and EU oil companies lost over $100 billion of their value this past week because of OPEC and Russia’s decision not to cut global oil supplies:

Fund managers described the last 24 hours of trading as “capitulation” – the point at which a sell-off becomes widespread and panic-driven – as investors reassessed whether the sector could keep gushing cash after OPEC’s decision not to cut oil production to fight a supply glut.”

As I have reported on several occasions this week the Obama regimes “childish anger” is entirely misdirected as the Americans have no one else to blame but themselves for the collapse of global oil prices due to the secret agreement they made with Saudi Arabia this past fall backfiring on them. In other words, uncle Sam shot in his own oily foot.

The background for the US-Saudi secret agreement from this past September is as follows: Secretary of State John Kerry traveled to Saudi Arabia to make a deal for the American air forces to unleash their bombing of Syria. This undeclared war was supposed to be financed to a large part by the Saudis as the USA is broke. However the Saudis insisted that they would only consent to the deal if the USA guarantees that the Syrian regime of Assad would be toppled too.

A major part of this US-Saudi secret agreement was for the Saudis to increase their output of oil to put political pressure on both Russia and Iran. The Saudis must have been at first stunned by this part of the US secret agreement, but became “quickly overjoyed” to comply with the US in increasing their oil output, They realized that this heinous agreement provides them with a solution to counter one of their largest competitors… the United States, The latter had put forward the ambitious plan to become the biggest oil producer with the help of shale fracking and thus to challenge the role of the Saudis as the current biggest oil producer.

As to how foolish the Obama regime was to use oil as a weapon against Russia via their secret agreement with Saudi Arabia can, perhaps, be best explained by the Zerohedge News Service who in their report on this American debacle wrote:

“Who could have seen this coming? With oil prices holding at 4-year lows, heavily pressuring around half of US shale production economics, the “secret” US deal with Saudi Arabia to crush Russia via oil over-supply in a slumping demand world appears to be backfiring rapidly for John Kerry and his strategy team.

Capable of withstanding considerably lower prices for longer, Saudi Arabia’s oil minister Ali al-Naimi proclaimed “no one should cut production and the market will stabilize itself,” adding rather ominously (for the US economy and HY default rates), “Why should Saudi Arabia cut? The U.S. is a big producer too now. Should they cut?”

This grim assessment of the Obama regime’s actions against their own oil industry was further confirmed by Leonid Fedun, vice president and board member at OAO Lukoil (LKOD) who warned this past week:

, “OPEC policy on crude production will ensure a crash in the U.S. shale industry”.

With global oil prices crashing below the production costs needed for their oil companies to profit from the biggest US Bakken shale oil reserves estimated to hold 24 billion barrels, the Americans are now faced with a veritable nightmare scenario. At the same time the Russians possess with the  Western Siberia’s Bazhenov shale oil reserves holding 1,920 billion barrels the biggest oil resources worldwide. They know that they will be able to expand and capture global market share in the future and that is why they patiently and confidently encounter the temporary problems associated with a lower ruble and diminishing oil revenues this year.

At the same time the US is now about to lose hundreds-of-thousands of good paying jobs in their oil industry due to their secret agreement with Saudi Arabia that is backfiring on them, Russia, on the other hand, possesses billions of foreign exchange and gold reserves, which combined with its low national debt and cheap oil production costs is ready and confident to survive well even the most brutal blow from the crashing price of oil.

The same, however, cannot be said of the US, which in the past 8 weeks had to borrow the staggering sum of over $ 1 Trillion in order to keep their Ponzi scheme of an economy from outright collapsing, thus increasing the horrendous national debt over 5 trillion only this year. Have you heard anything recently about the budget debt ceiling which let to shutdown of the US government last year for several months?

But for how long can the Obama regime and Fed print toilet paper dollars out of thin air? Next month will be the Month of Truth for the USA after this month we flooded this uppermost mother planet and humanity with the energies of truth by opening the peoples’ truth centre (4th and 5th chakra). And then expect the collapse of the dollar and the Orion monetary system that will herald our ascension and the MPR for the rest.

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