Gold-Initiative in Switzerland Gets a NO

Bjoern Kurt, November 30, 2014

Dear Georgi,

this is to inform you that unfortunately the Swiss People expressed a clear NO. Two votes are important: the Cantons (Districts) and the people have to say yes. The majority of the Cantons said NO.

Many critics say that the Initiative was too strict and would bind the liberty of movement of the Swiss National Bank (Central Bank) And considering the fact that 99% of the population does NOT understand the true nature of money (including most politicians and journalists) this outcome is not astonishing.

Up to 1999 the Gold cover of Switzerland was 40%. After that the neo-liberal movement took over the Swiss National Bank (Central Bank) and the former Swiss Council said we do not know where the Gold is, we do not have to know, nor we want to know where the Gold is. The clear manipulation of the public opinion is also influenced by most expressions of economists which state that Gold is an “old” medium. Although it would be good to get the Gold back to Switzerland.

From the 1040 tons of Gold the Swiss National Bank still has 70% in Switzerland:

– 100 Tons are with the Bank of Canada

– 200 Tons are with the Bank of England

This is motivated by the fact that in case of a resell to have the gold close to a international market.

Ironically, this neo-liberal selling frenzy of the Swiss gold (over 1000 tons of Gold were sold in the 4 years after 1999) came almost in synchronicity with the abolition of the Glass-Steagall Act in 1999.–Steagall_Legislation. The Glass-Steagall Act was introduced 1932 in the aftermath of the catastrophic black Friday of 1929 which resulted in the terrible depression throughout the thirties.

The Glass -Steagall Act mainly wants to separate Bank Business into two separate sectors. Commercial Banking and Investment Banking.

So far this proved a good decision. Only in the 90s with the rise of the Neo-Liberals the US-President Bill Clinton being under pressure with the impeachment act due to his inappropriate handling of the Monica Lewinsky Affair most probably agreed to the deal to say yes to the abolition of the Glass-Steagall act. The liberation of the financial market lay the founding stone to the later financial crisis of 2008. Because not quite 10 years later the greed of the Banksters has let to such a bubble of derivatives which burst open and led to the misery of the financial sector which is – in spite of promised controls by the state – about to happen in an even absurder fashion.

Most “modern” economist do not think that Gold is the miracle solution for an economy either. They rather encourage to control the banks to separate between credits for productivity and credits for non productivity. e.g. getting a loan to build a house is a “good” credit because it is productive. Buying a house which is already built and does not involve any productive forces is a “bad credit” because it only blows up the monetary mass without enlarging the productivity. After all: it all cooks down to the fact: a good financial politic is the one that helps the common man in the street. And the actual Orion Money System is putting us deeper and deeper into the slavery.

The Swiss National Bank has actually the astronomical sum of 500 billions of Euros in their actives because they buy large sums of Euros against Swiss franks in order to keep up the value of the Swiss franks down and the value of the Euro UP in order to protect the exporting market of Switzerland. As a comparison: the yearly budget of Switzerland is about 70 billions a year. So this also is a time-bomb which is about to explode. At that point the Swiss people will most certainly regret that this money was not used to buy gold.

So to speak the Swiss People mired by the Orion Money System does not see clear. Perhaps in a few weeks when Mr. Putin’s scheme of buying more and more gold works out, and finally the US Dollar will simply fail, because the international credibility is gone and everyone will start selling their stashed dollars and throw them in to the world market this will be the starting point of the steep slide of the dollar into the nothingness of the financial underworlds.

I hope your cc-waves have come down to a supportable level.

in love and light



Dear Bjoern,

thank you for this excellent background information and explanation of the Swiss financial policies which is surely not known to most readers and some of it also to me. I shall publish your elaboration today.

It is a pity that the Swiss people did not vote for the repatriation of their gold as this would have given a symbolic sign for the others to follow. But the Swiss people have never been in the avantgarde of change, so why expect anything revolutionary from them. The problem with this Orion matrix is that the dark cabal could stay in power for so long because the majority of the people shares their dark thinking patterns and actually supports this kind of heinous policies.

I am much better today. There was a very powerful portal of adamantine, living particles that now swept over humanity and this planet and will affect everybody in the course of the impending revelations. Carla got some preliminary information yesterday and I hope that she will receive much more explanations today after she has also recovered somewhat from her severe and very long broncho-pneumonitis.

With love and light


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