The Psycho-Mental Dynamics Behind the Coming Revelations and the Expansion of Human Consciousness

by Georgi Stankov, October 17, 2014

It is worthwhile to deal one more time with the psycho-mental dynamics behind all kinds of revelations that will lead to a rapid expansion of human awareness or to a complete shutdown of the human mind. Then very soon we shall observe both opposite phenomena in the broad human population and many of you may not understand their contradictory character and be confused and disheartened, unless you consider some basic properties of energy.

As I have written on many occasions, the human being is a complex energetic system of superimposed wave systems, such as chakras, various ethereal bodies, emotional and mental body, etc. Even the single human cell is a superimposed electromagnetic wave system that is regulated by fluctuations of the membrane potential known as action potentials. I have explained in a pivotal article more than three years ago that all energy occurs in form of energetic action potentials.

In the new axiomatics of the Universal Law, I have introduced a basic axiom of application called:

“The axiom on the reciprocal behaviour of two contiguous gradients (potentials), also defined as long-range correlations (LRC) of a system”.

This axiom describes the reciprocity of space and time, which is the fundamental quality of energy and the least understood property of All-That-Is by all New Age esoteric movements. Hence their inability to understand what is currently ongoing on this planet.

Of course this objection holds true to an even greater extent for all current scientists, who have not the faintest idea what energy is, as the famous US physicist Richard Feynman admits in his “Lectures on Physics” in the chapter dedicated to the nature of energy. This ignorance of all physicists is rather striking, when one considers the fact that physics is the science of energetic interactions. This is the only object of study of this basic natural discipline. Obviously this most accurate natural science operates in a state of profound agnosticism with respect to the nature of energy, in this case of inanimate, physical matter.

In fact this science has contributed to the cementing of basic scientific dogmas that have derailed the thinking of generations of scientists as no other discipline. With the putative discovery of allegedly new elementary particles, this science has vastly contributed to the complete rejection of all primordial energy coming from the Source, which exists at the subatomic quantum level and is the origin of all known (and still unknown) elementary particles and perceivable 3D matter. The scientists went so far as to even define such particles as “God’s particles” in defiance of the God’s concept, which is the knowledge of the existence of higher frequency energies from the Source that create all 3D reality, beyond the currently only measurable electromagnetic spectrum.

From a more profane point of view, most humans nowadays believe, thanks to present-day failed empirical and materialistic science, that the world we see with our five senses represents the entire and only reality. The lack of any basic spiritualism among the masses precludes any expansion of their current narrow-mindedness and hence any evolution at the soul level.

This conclusion is underlined by the fact that on this uppermost mother earth most of the people are soulless holographic duplicates and that their soul fragments have either descended to lower catastrophic 3D and 4D timelines or have been retrieved to Celestria. This dilution of soul essence was the strategic quintessence of the ascension plan for this planet after most of the light warriors, who were sent here to awaken and participate in the ascension process, badly failed. It is important to bear this fact in mind in order to understand why the vast majority of the people will not be able to awaken to the current relentless Source energies that flood Gaia and humanity and will even close hermetically their minds and senses for the coming revelations and truth.

Currently, Gaia and humanity are beamed with high frequency, high intensity energies or “flames” from the Source that carry an incredible creationary potential as never seen before on this planet that was kept for eons of time under total energetic quarantine. We have discussed at length the creative potential of the violet-gold flame, which we introduced end of May this year and which is a highly intelligent energy that can be modulated by our thoughts and emotions. Hence the necessity to invoke this energy daily as to establish a coherent standing wave of creationary potential. Some of you have diligently worked with this energy and have reported about its remarkable, almost miraculous effects in daily life.

All these experiences contradict fully the current scientific dogmas and the common sense of the masses that are highly restricted in their awareness by their numbed five senses, anaesthetized emotions, and brain-washed minds through incessant Orion indoctrination, fear-mongering propaganda (e.g. Ebola epidemics, wars, etc.) and HAARP.

As I used to say, most of the current humans you encounter on the street and elsewhere are zombies – they think, behave and look like zombies. It is the greatest illusion to expect these people to awaken from the dead. The “Lazarus miracle” will not happen to them, no matter how many energetic changes humanity will see in the coming days. Even when we shall appear as ascended masters on the new 4D worlds and will begin to perform “miracles”, many people will first shut down their perception for our existence. This also explains why we, the small group of the enlightened light warriors of the first and the last hour, are now distancing ourselves each moment from the masses and have nothing in common with them anymore.

Due to the lack of any soul essence, the vast majority of the people will shut down their senses and minds even more hermetically than now and will not be perceptive to the huge revelations that will sweep the old order in the coming days before the MPR. It is very important for us to know this and not to succumb to desperation that nothing positive happens and that there will be no revelations for the masses and no ascension for us. Quite on the contrary – the more the masses shut down their senses, emotions and minds to the incoming truths, the sooner we shall ascend. This is the true dialectical nature of energy and precisely this aspect of All-That-Is I would like to discuss now.

Departing from the nature of energy and the behaviour of all energetic systems, such as the incarnated human personality, I will explain to you why most humans will shut down for the truth and why this phenomenon may also affect some enlightened spiritual persons, who now even enjoy the status of New Age gurus.

According to the above presented axiom, each energetic system, such as the emotional and mental human body, can be reduced to the existence of only two adjacent energetic gradients (potentials) that are closely interconnected and react in a reciprocal manner. This is a basic didactic simplification derived from the knowledge that in fact every energetic system consists of infinite superimposed wave potentials, which can be added together to two parts according to the law of preservation of energy.

Further on, we know that energy is always energy exchange and that energy always flows in a closed, circular manner. Now, when one gradient of a system starts to decrease in the course of this energy exchange (flow), the other gradient begins to increase, so that the amount of energy for each system remains constant. This energetic behaviour is founded in the nature of All-That-Is as assessed in the new axiomatics of the Universal Law and recently discussed one more time by myself in my introduction to Daniel’s Essay “One and Two’. As the Whole is closed and constant, so do all parts /systems of it as a reflection of the properties of the Whole (U-sets of the Whole).

In other words, when we observe that a gradient is beginning to decrease, the other adjacent gradient of the system begins to increase. This is best illustrated by the kinetic and static energy of an object. When a ball is carried to the highest floor of a building, it has maximal static energy and when it is dropped, it reaches the same amount of kinetic energy before hitting the ground. Another well-known perception of this ubiquitous property of all energetic systems is the famous Newtonian axiom of “actio et reactio” in classical mechanics – each force exerted on an object creates an equal opposite force. However physics has failed to understand this property of energy in its ubiquitous totality before I formulated the above axiom of reciprocity in this general from.

How does this axiom apply to the current emotional and mental systems of the people? When the higher frequency, high intensity Source energies engulf the human incarnated personality, its systems receive additional energy that changes their constant energy, which determines the closed character of their current “comfort zone”. The latter term is a circumscription of the energetic boundaries, within which the human mind and psyche evolve without experiencing massive pressure from outside and from within (there is actually no difference between soul pressure from within and soul pressure from without, as this 3D reality is entirely a creation of soul energies) that is perceived at the level of their five senses as pain, discomfort, new levels of fears etc.

One must understand that the human being is a very limited, closed energetic system and can only evolve if it opens to higher energies and is able to incorporate and process them. Most humans can’t. That is why we had to create the new human template before ascension.

But why this inability of the human species to change? All the energies we now receive from the source such as the violet-gold flame are in fact huge energetic gradients beyond the current electromagnetic spectrum within which the human race dwells. This external force causes a huge pressure upon the mental and the emotional bodies of the incarnated personality. The human psyche and the mind then automatifcally respond to this external force (pressure) by creating an equally strong opposite force (actio et reactio). There is no exception to this energetic reaction for both, soulless human duplicates and evolved light warriors of the first and the last hours. The difference lies only in their conscious or unconscious response.

The vast majority of humanity will close even further to such an external force and will not change anything in their robotic behaviour and thinking patterns. In fact they will even appear more intransigent than before when the revelation will begin to hit their reality. Please, observe that all revelations are energetic phenomena with a huge gradient and force.

When a soulless human duplicate or a human being with an unripe soul fragment is confronted with such external energetic gradients, it will shrink even more within his psychic and mental fields as to protect them from this external intrusion. In fact, these fields will be figuratively crashed under the weight of these external potentials of revelations. Ultimately few people will be able to survive this external shock of revelations and they will have to leave this reality and move to a lower timeline or die and reincarnate later on.

This reaction can be also tackled under the law of constructive and destructive interference by simply stating that the low frequency closed psychic and mental systems of the soulless duplicates are no longer compatible with the higher frequencies of the incoming Source waves that determine the energetic characteristics of the new 4D reality.

The bottom line is that the vast majority of humanity is not ready to ascend to 4D at the soul level and only a few individuals such as the PAT are ready to ascend to 5D and higher dimensions. This is also reflected by most current channelled messages from dark or unripe sources that only describe a slow linear evolution for mankind in the distant future and neglect out of fear the already dire destiny of most human soul fragments on lower timelines, which can only be comprehended if one accepts the multidimensional point of view of the simultaneity of all events.

If you go back to the beginning of your LBP, you will surely recollect how much pressure and inner tension you experienced when you were first confronted with these powerful energies and vibrations from the Source that entered your left brain portal with immense force (gradient) and began to transform your carbon-based body to crystalline light body. This same pressure is now being experienced by all soulless duplicates but without our intrinsic ability as old souls to incorporate these energies and to rapidly evolve to new Creator Gods.

Instead, their reaction will be complete dysfunction and disintegration of their personality due to shutting down of their whole energetic system. This incompatibility between their low frequency fields and the incoming high frequency source energies will determine their total dysfunctionality in this energetic environment. This is how they will be separated in the ID shift from us and will descend to a lower timeline.

At the societal level the masses will begin very soon to react in a very irrational manner, as this has already been noticed and discussed by many PAT members. We are beginning to observe this uncontrolled behaviour also in many politicians, as is the case with the Australian PM, who wanted to “shirtfront” Putin at the G20 summit, thus dismissing the usual diplomatic speak of the past and has now become an object of ridicule for the press. Currently these derailed human beings are beginning to reveal their true dark nature, which they used to hide very carefully in the past in order to comply with the general expectations of the so called “political correctness”. This kind of spontaneous revelations that will soon peak can be defined as “involuntary, unconscious revelations”, contrary to the larger group of conscious revelations that will essentially affect the small group of awakened or half-awakened human beings, who will qualify for the new 4D worlds.

Let us summarize this disquisition at this place as follows: Closed systems tend to become more closed when they are subjugated to external forces or gradients and eventually finish their lifetime in collapse, according to the law of destructive interference. Open systems tend to incorporate external forces (gradients) and to evolve to a higher energetic order.

However, there may be exceptions to this second rule. The new energies from the Source that began with the full moon eclipse on October 8th and will culminate during the new moon solar eclipse on October 23rd are virtually eliminating the very energetic basis of human existence, shortly before ascension, and the individual experiences the abyss of the Unknown. This creates huge fears, which are a reciprocal response of the human psyche to this external pressure (gradient).

If such individuals, who until now have basked in the light of accepted gurus, but have essentially not participated in the LBP and have not cleared their fields as most true PAT members have done extensively in the past,  they may suddenly retract and close themselves for these energies. As Jahn’s sources have repeatedly warned us, many light workers will fail at the very end prior to ascension and such messages are always meant as very personal warnings.

After all, these new source waves lead to full revelations of all energetic incompatibilities of the human system with the 5D and higher frequencies and will not exclude anybody. It is one thing to be a verbal guru in the light workers scene and feed your spiritual high-esteem, which is a basic human fear within the archetypal structure of the old soul, quite a different thing to be a full functional light warrior and a cleanser of collective human dross, through whose body and fields the source energies are relentlessly flowing and accomplishing the ascension process by a rigid and very painful separation of all lower frequency patterns and timelines from the new 5D template of Gaia.

This basic truth should be understood by all ascending candidates – they must be aware of their uniqueness compared to the average human population and many self-proclaimed New Age gurus and be proud of it and not hide it.


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