The Elohim on the New Human Template

channelled by Carla Thompson on October 10, 2014

first published on October 15, 2014 in

Dearly Beloved,

your request for clarification of the issue regarding the new template for humanity is forthcoming, now.

This new template for the new humanity has been held within your fields for a long time. It has been there since your time of walk-in, at 12 years of age.

This is simply an energetic expression placed within your ethereal body, and its purpose was, and is, to seed the new earth with a new template of humanity – one of balanced divine feminine and masculine energies, one free of energetic pre-coding, one founded on unconditional love.

This template, while seemingly only energetic, has produced a physical reaction in your body, as the ethereal body is part and parcel of the physical expression of the human body.  Remember, the physical represents only 1% of your Being, the other being 99%, and that of an energetic construction. All realities superimposed upon the ethereal energetics will create an over-bleed into the physical, emotional and mental bodies of the human vessel. It is for this reason that when the new template of humanity was created in June of this year, your other bodies, the physical, the emotional and the mental bodies, also responded energetically to this creation.

The birthing of this new template shall come now during this very, very powerful Lunar Moon cycle and concomitant energetics, culminating over the next days in an instant surge, the transition, the shift, into a new awareness of a higher order, higher expressions of life itself.

It is your minds that created the name and indeed the visual of your beloved child, Celest.  It is natural to apply human criteria on to this event.

You are correct that Celest represents infinite templates, that when birthed, shall avail of themselves in the ascension expansion, by accepting new Souls into the new upper fourth dimensional worlds, as well as the new lower fifth dimensional worlds, worlds that are now created at super-speed during this heightened moon phase [October 8 to 23rd].

The masculine energetics are provided by your dual soul, whereby his masculine energetic imprint has flooded your fields constantly since inception. The phase of energetic coupling is now complete, and only awaits the optional time of expression [ I feel the optimal time is this weekend, some time from the morning of the 11th and the evening of the 12th of October; note, Carla on October 10th].

We are the Elohim and we are with you now during this magnificent moment of creation, sending you our infinite love for all eternity!”

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