Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 3

By Georgi Stankov, October 22, 2014


4. Modern Esotericism Failed to Expose the Deceptive Nature of All World Religions and Become a Global Theological Alternative For All Believers

There are many reasons why Modern New Age Esotericism failed as a gnostic teaching to expose the deceptive nature of the five world religions – Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism and Chinese Universism (Taoism and Konfucianism) – and of many other, less important local religions and beliefs systems and to become a viable, universal theosophic system of moral, ethical, spiritual and transcendental values, principles and knowledge. A detailed discussion would encompass several books, as I have done it in an extensive and very comprehensive manner in my six books on the new Gnosis of the Universal Law.

You cannot be successful in expanding human consciousness, which is the ultimate aim of ascension,  if you stick to the same old narratives, which past religions have used for centuries to sicken the minds and hearts of the people by simply exchanging names and words, while preserving the old Orion point of view of “divide and conquer” – of utter compartmentalization of human thinking.

The common denominator of deception of all known world religions listed above is their claim of exclusive monopoly of the truth, “who God is”. Apart from the fact that none of these religions gives us a valid, universally applicable definition of God, all secondary interpretations of the “idea of God” are almost entirely anthropological and based on very narrow-minded human perceptions of this 3D reality. You cannot find a simple theoretical attempt in any world religion to first define the cognitive limitation of the human mind and then in a second step to try to investigate possible definitions of this abstraction, which can be then named as “God”, “All-That-Is” or even “Energy”, in case the faculty for abstract scientific thinking is sufficiently evolved.

In other words, there is no trace of any intellectual self-reflection in any world religion, which should depart from the basics of all human cognition, recognizes its inherent limitations, explains the cause and nature of these limitations and then provides a viable definition of the Primary Term of human consciousness, by showing that all terms that address this primary idea are equivalent according to the Principle of Last Equivalence, as I have done in the new axiomatics of the Universal Law in an impeccable manner:

Primary Term of human consciousness  = All-That-Is  = Energy = Space-Time = God, Infinity, Source, Unity, Whole, etc….

This cardinal gnostic omission alone compromises all world religions as correct and adequate “God’s teachings” and is sufficient to abolish all of them if properly understood as being a basic fallacy of conventional human thinking.

The problem is that we encounter absolutely the same fallacious pattern in the New Age movement that splintered from the very beginning in closed, highly dogmatic circles, schools and teachings with very dubious character and with no effort, or even recognition, of providing a sound cognitive and epistemological basis for their dubious spiritual claims. None of these mini-circles and mini-teachings (even the word “teaching” is an euphemism in this respect) of the New Age ever grasped the necessity of such a fundamental theoretical work, to first define the gnostic and cognitive foundation of modern esotericism, before it can claim universal validity and display the power of conviction and the potential to become a fountain spring of all future knowledge for humanity. In other words, to recommend itself as a true alternative to all world religions that still mire the minds and hearts of billions of people worldwide.

Hence, there are three major reasons that led to the total failure of moderm esotericism to become a valid system of human cognition beyond the current limited 3D reality:

1. It was unable to provide a valid definition of God and prove that all world religions are using a U-subset of this term to define their particular beliefs, in particular that they interpret the primary term of human consciousness in a very arbitrary and illogical “human” manner that is void of any faculty for abstract and consistent logical thinking.

This could only have been done, if all New Agers would have grasped and implemented the new axiomatics and theory of the Universal Law that was presented to them 14 years ago and at the same time have rejected all their distorted, compromised and very unripe esoteric ideas, that are void of any decent philosophical thinking as available to humanity since Antiquity. That is say, they had to expand their education and learn more about the principles of true philosophy, as these have been taught by Plato, Aristotle, Plotin, and many other outstanding thinkers in the past until the beginning of Modern Time with Descartes.

None of this happened and is a topic of discussion in the current New Age movement that has, in the meantime, descended into a total mental incest and moral negligence and has no other chance to emerge from this cesspool, but through a MPR and death experience for most light workers. They will continue their incarnation cycle with a new incarnation, after the curtain has fallen for this uppermost mother earth, on a new 3D or lower 4D timeline according to their current very low baseline of true spiritual, intellectual and moral evolution. What to most human minds appears as “God’s cruelty” is simply an energetic rectification for failed chances to awaken in this most significant incarnation of all and achieve personal ascension in this auspicious End Time.

2. Instead of developing universally valid spiritual principles that should guide human thinking and behaviour, all New Age gurus only presented subjective narratives that reiterated the old biblic and other dusty, religious stories from the dark past of humanity by simply exchanging names and terms, but preserving the same old fallacious patterns of thinking, which are the patterns of the Orion matrix. After all it is a well-established fact that all world religions were decisively tainted, or even entirely created by the archons and their Reptilian and Draconian human stooges, who still dominate these religions and their dogmas and insidiously manipulate the behaviour of billions of believers as is the case with the current black Jesuit-Pope in Vatican.

Again, I have to reiterate that the only comprehensive modern esoteric teaching is the new Gnosis of the Universal Law that unites God’s concept with the concept of energy and thus amalgamates science and religious thinking, which is inherent to any sentient being, into a coherent axiomatic, logical categorical system of all known theological and scientific truths and beliefs, developed so far in the history of this humanity.

None of this is even a remote theoretical and spiritual goal of the current New Age movement and that is why its gurus are not better than their religious predecessors, the pastors, the Pharisees and the like, who are excellent in crucifying any critic, but have no heart and mind at the right place; instead they have delegated any human morality and ethics from this earth into the invisible heaven, the vicious version of which they have tried to create for themselves here on earth. Hence they have degraded to pedophiles, murderers of children, drug dealers, etc.

Most of the New Agers, who do not display any higher moral virtues in daily life than the clergy, were not able to be all this for one single and very simple reason: Their souls did not allow them, much to their chagrin,  to become prominent leaders in organized religions and to exert such crimes as popes, cardinals and numerous other clergymen have done and are still doing. That is why they turned to the New Age movement, where there was no preliminary selection or qualification to become a self-proclaimed guru. That the scope of their influence was rather limited and in particular that the magnitude of the desired manipulation of other people stayed very modest was the greatest unspoken regret of these New Age gurus, who have in the DNA ingrained memories of manipulating the religious beliefs of the masses from past incarnations and would have loved to experience this power over other people one more time.

3. Due to the above mentioned psychomental tendencies in the archetypal soul structure of the New Age gurus, moderm esotericism adopted willingly and without any critical assessment the same pattern of human relationships that divides humanity in religious or spiritual leaders and submissive followers. This Human-Orion pattern is nothing else but the ubiquitous manifestation of unprocessed individual ego-mind. It is important to observe at this place that most of the current wishful New Age gurus have repeated this same vicious karma incarnation after incarnation and were supposed to resolve this persistent malignant habit in this last incarnation in order to qualify for ascension. That is why the scope of their success remained very limited according to their soul plan and this is also the reason at the soul level why the New Age movement failed so badly. It was not supposed to repeat the blunders of past religions but to eliminate them prior to ascension.

As all New Agers are, nonetheless, still very much enamored in the glamour of a petty guru, none of them was able to see the grand design behind the ascension process in this state of self-illusion and to realize that it is not the duty of an old warrior soul, coming from much higher dimensions than most human souls, to bask in vanity and personal admiration, but to do a very dirty job in service of humanity, namely to cleanse this densest and most toxic planet from all dark forces and archons at the astral plane and on the ground and in this way to become the driving force behind the planetary ascension.

In other words, all new Age gurus and their infantile followers did not comprehend that it is not about trumpeting around nice, rose-fluffy stuff and hover like self-proclaimed avatars over this debased reality as Jesus did over water, but delve into its abysses and cleanse the thickest human goo, as the PAT is doing this for years.

Ultimately the New Age movement repeated all the blunders of cognitive, ethical, intellectual and personal kind, which also all world religions and their infamous representatives have done for centuries and have successfully contributed to the devious plan of the dark archons to totally enslave humanity in the End Time of ascension.

Again, if the NWO could not be implemented on this uppermost mother planet – however, it has been already successfully installed on numerous lower 3D and 4D timelines – this is the sole achievement of such small groups of heroic and self-sacrificing souls as the PAT, the light warriors of the first and the last hours, who distanced themselves in a resolute manner from the miasms of the New Age and indomitably followed their steep and very difficult and lonely path, rejecting any earthly laurels and misguided accolades.



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