Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 1

by Georgi Stankov, October 20, 2014


Here are ten major reasons why the Western, predominantly American New Age movement has intellectually and morally declared a total bankruptcy and why these people have no chance to ascend in the coming days. To this conclusion I would like to refresh your memory and ask you to read one more time this message from the ascended masters, which I published a month and a half ago: “The Day of Days“.

And here are the ten intellectual blunders of the New Age Movement leading to this tragic and historically most dramatic failure of the vast majority of star seeds that came from various civilizations and star systems in this omniverse to first comprehend this illusory 3D reality and then awaken and help Gaia and humanity to ascend to 4D and 5D in the current End Time:

1) Why the National State is the Primary Cause of Most Evil on Earth

All light workers, except this author, failed to make a proper analysis of the current Orion order and discard all its forms of social life and individual manifestations. In particular, the New Age failed to explain why the national state is the most insidious form of Orion organisation of any sentient civilization that is the primary cause of all wars, civil unrest, exploitation, poverty, slavery, international blackmailing, trafficking, prostitution, narcotics trade, Mafia structures  etc.

At the same time all light workers failed to create a new utopia for humanity and envision how this civilization will live in higher dimensions by observing true spiritual principles. In short, they did not realize the creationary potential of human thoughts and how they shape this and any other reality. Ultimately, they succumbed to the Orion interpretation of life as an entirely biological species, subjugated to a very slow, painful and highly random evolution and thus betrayed their original soul mission.

This is a huge topic that encompasses almost 90% of the current international politics and daily news and also incorporates deep transcendental knowledge. Unfortunately, even the most critical and competent alternative media and sources such as Global Research failed to explain to the people why the national state is the main obstacle for any true evolution of humanity to a transgalactic species. First, because they do not believe in this goal and second, because these critics were intellectually not able to transcend their very narrow-minded human education and recognize the inherent creationary potential of the indvidual as a multidimensional spiritual being. Hence they only preach the legal improvement of the national state, e.g. the strict application of obsolete constitutions introduced centuries ago as a panacea for all evils, as for instance the popular US website infowars.com  propagates. In other words, none of the current alternative thinkers have the daring intellectuality and indomitable spirit to transcend this limited reality and become a true visionary.

Even worse, none of these alternative thinkers and journalists have the necessary intellectual background to even realize that the national state is a very recent social phenomenon, deliberately employed by the PTW to organize the masses in an uniform manner and that it emerged as a Leviathan (Thomas Hobbes) of the Orion NWO only after WW2. Before that most national states had very limited power over the people and there was a very healthy scepticism among the western population against creating a big state that controls all the people as a “Big Brother”. George Orwell was the first to recognize this danger, which is now a dreadful, ubiquitous reality, in particular, in the USA and Canada, which are, together with GB, the three most controlled Western countries in the world.

This is a huge topic that I cannot tackle in detail here. It suffices to say that the current Orion monetary system (see below) could start to grow to an all-pervading metastatic cancer in modern society and economy and to manipulate the lives of the people only after the omnipresent, big national state was  first established. The tax revenue system of the state is the most effective modern system to enslave the people by impoverishing them (recall that the Exodus of the Israelites from Egypt and their wandering for many years in the desert took place because they did not want to pay 10% taxes to the Pharaoh) and by criminalizing them with the help of creating constantly new, contradictory and completely obsolete laws that make it impossible even for the most honest and sincere citizen not to trespass them and make himself guilty and even go to jail.

This system is also the foundation of all central banks (see below), such as the FED, which is a private institution, although it has the authority and obligation to control the prices and inflation of the whole American nation and even of the rest of the world by modulating the interest rates. The private FED has so much power because it profits hugely from the IRS, which is a state institution and is enforced by a massive and very corrupt judicial system (see below).

In addition, all decisions to have an army, go to war, increase taxes, create huge governmental debt, etc. is made exclusively by the Orion elite (0.001%), which would not have gained so much power over the destiny of the people if the national state has not become so big, non-transparent and over-controlling.

The people have forgotten that there were times in the late 19th century and early 20th century when there was a huge and very powerful intellectual movement of the anarchists who produced some brilliant ideas as to why humanity does not need any national state. The anarchists were the forerunners of the new enlightened humanity on all 4D worlds.

None of these ideas have survived the current brainwash of the masses through the MSM and Orion educational system (see below) and the deliberate marginalizing of all alleged intellectuals in the West by the national state.

This whole set of topics is very important for any true human gnosis because most of the subversion tactics used by the dark secret services and the Western cabal, including the channeling archons from the astral plane, against the New Age movement occupied these topics very successfully with some very dark and derrogative ideas against the few light bearers and thus completely mired the minds of most light workers. To this belongs the idea of NESARA, the existence and imminent introduction of hidden St. Germain’s funds of prosperity under the current Orion order, the expropriation and substitution of the ruling cabal with other obscure secret brotherhoods, the existence of a clandestine resistance against the Orion order of the national state that will help the light workers to emerge from this cesspool, etc., etc.

You know all these New Age idiocies and the corresponding sources, so that I do not need to publish their dirty names. It is bad enough that many of these articles still appear in most New Age websites and blogs and nobody is outraged, except this author. Because the overwhelming majority of the light workers do not understand and appreciate the purity of human intellectuality as the driving force of evolution and ascension.

Had the light workers cleared in a sovereign intellectual manner their understanding of the national state as the chief instrument of enslavement of humanity and fully rejected it as a categorical system of the collective human consciousness, none of these blunders and dark machinations would have been possible and many light workers would have been able to participate in the ascension process with a clear mind and ascend with us in the coming days. Now they will have a very bad awakening from their profound, anti-intellectually driven 3D illusions, as the above message from the ascended masters reveals.

2. The Nature of Money and the Insidious Implications of the Orion Monetary System

No other Orion invention has mired and enslaved the human race more than the system of money. It has pervaded every human thought and emotion in such a dark and negative manner that only the radical eradication of money as a concept, and not only as a functional system of payment and exchange of goods, will allow for a true evolution of the new human race, we have just created, in the new 4D and 5D worlds in the Golden Galaxy.

I have been elaborating on the nature of money since the mid 90s and have written extensively on this topic in my five German books on Gnosis, in my last English book on the same topic, and in numerous publications on this website. You will not find any comparable, all-encompassing disquisition on the nature of money in any other old or modern esoteric writing and if you read what all Nobel Prize winners on economy and finance have said about money and the existing Orion monetary system, you will be disgusted by their brainless ideas and comments.

It is important to stress at this place that the inability of the light workers to truly understand the nature of money has contributed to their infestation with dark Orion ideas more than any other issue. As money plays such a key role in current human life, there is not a single social form and personal relationship that is not affected by money, or the lack of it.

All basic human fears that are an inherent part of the archetypal structure of the soul when she incarnates on the earth are closely linked to money. Greed, self-esteem, fear of any kind of scarcity, addiction to immediate gratification, all kinds of manipulation etc. are closely associated with money and how they control human lives. The Orion / Reptilian archons knew very well why they introduced money on this planet. It was their most effective means of enslaving humanity in the End Times. If they ultimately failed, it is entirely the success of this author as an Elohim and  Logos God to discern the true nature of money and pave the way for its elimination in the new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy.

My intellectual effort to abolish the Orion monetary system began in the 90s when I was pushed by my HS to invest in the equity markets and scrutinize the scam behind any form of speculative investment. The aim of this practical engagement in money speculations was to study the various forms of hidden fraud that pervade the nature of money and ultimately lead to the enslavement of humanity in the End Times. As I have tackled this problem extensively in my articles  I will be very brief at this place.

Money is an abstract, virtual reflection of the properties of energy perceived as space-time by the human senses. It is based on the intimate knowledge that energy has only two dimensions / constituents – space (e.g. as surface = 2d-space ) and time (frequency) f.  Space and time are reciprocal variables – when space increases, time/ frequency decreases and vice versa.

When the central banks such as the FED print money out of thin air, they actually increase the amount of money in circulation as measured by the amount of banknotes in circulation, which can be measured by the surface of the printed paper as money. This is the classical definition of inflation. I know too well that this is an over-simplication for didactical purposes as currently most of the money is not circulating in form of banknotes but as virtual numerical sums on credit cards, which already indicates where the new financial developments in the new 4D worlds will go when the current Orion monetary system is stripped of its deliberate fallacies that are put there by the archons only to enslave humanity. But this approach very precisely delineates the actual problem concerning the human understanding of the nature of money at the level of the ego-mind, which is the only level at which most humans can currently function as partially sentient beings.

Inflation of the space of money as measured by the surface of the printed paper in form of banknotes leads to an equivalent reciprocal decrease in the value of money, which is measured by the frequency (absolute time) of money. This is basic axiom of the theory of the Universal Law, on which I have written a lot. The value of money is measured by the amount and the quality of material goods you can purchase with money. Because money, itself, has no intrinsic value but is always measured with respect to the material goods one gets in exchange for it in order to live comfortably in this rough, inhospitable material 3D world.

For instance, if you were able to buy a large house for 200,000 CAD in the mainland area of Vancouver only 10 -20 years ago, now you need at least a million. This is the classical form of money inflation in real estate. Especially since 2003, when the prime mortgage fraud and later crisis in the USA and North America began, this inflation of money with respect to real estate almost quadrupled. It ran parallel to the excessive printing of money out of thin air by the FED and all other central banks. Hence the frequency of money is measured by its true value to obtain durable goods. If you could buy 5 houses with one million CAD twenty years ago (f = 5), now you can buy only one (f=1)

According to the theory of the Universal Law of Energy (and money is a virtual image /substitute of energy), frequency is proportional to the amount of energy, while space as inflation (expansion of space) is reciprocal to the amount of energy. Therefore, it is not at all surprising that at the start of excessive printing of money out of thin air by all central banks since the Reptilian Alan Greenspan became chairman of the FED in 1987 and significantly lowered the interest rates, thus inflating the dollar (he hugely increased the amount of money in circulation according to the theory of monetarism) and especially after 2008, when his successor, the “Helicopter Ben” lowered the interest rates to zero, the world economy is in an almost constant recession – officially three major recessions after the biggest depression in 2008 – 2009 since the Great Depression.

What all Nobel prize winners fail to explain is, how come there is so much inflated cheap money in circulation on the markets that is supposed to booster the economic growth and the economy cannot kick start. Instead, we have the worst and longest period of austerity policy in the history of mankind that has impoverished a large portion of the western populations. All these conundrums, as the prime culprit Alan Greenspan put it, are based on the complete ignorance of all experts, and even more so of all light workers who were supposed to know this, with respect to the real nature of money.

As you see from this historical example, one cannot create a future enlightened human society, unless one has thoroughly investigated all the traps and pitfalls of the current Orion monetary system. And precisely here all light workers have miserably failed and have become an easy prey to all kinds of dark Orion machinations that you can read on the Internet. This was the first major “Fall from Grace of the New Age Movement” , but not the only one.

Therefore, it is quite logical that I was retrieved end of last year from my exhausting duty as editor of this website and fully dedicated to the creation of Gaia-5 and in particular of her new 4D worlds in the new Golden Galaxy, based on completely new spiritual principles that eliminate the concept of money in the first place. If you go to the collection of Elohim messages “The Birth of the New Logos Gods..“, you will read that as early as December 2013 I eliminated money as a means of payment and exchange of goods from all upper 4D worlds of Gaia 5 in a powerful alchemical reaction in Lofer.

Since then I am diligently elaborating on this brilliant vision by constantly eliminating all negative human patterns, such as greed, high self-esteem, manipulations, enslavement, fraud, etc. that essentially determine the current collective human behaviour through intensive inter-counselling at the soul level and by using the new turnstile mechanism of eliminating human dross on a global scale. My personal energetic field is now like a huge sponge that encompasses all timelines of Gaia and I am able single-handedly to cleanse and/or seal many timelines at the same time, which is part of my mission as incarnated Elohim who drives the ascension process of this planet in a decisive and all-encompassing manner.

As I reported yesterday, I am still working very hard to the very last minute, cleansing all collective human patterns that still support the current Orion monetary system. Carla is doing the same job in a very intensive manner as we now have a common energetic field and an Infinity merkaba, that is to say, after our ascension we will be able to create any form for us whatsoever at any dimension of All-That-Is. It is a Sisyphus work that never ends, until our final transfiguration will occur, hopefully very soon.

What I want to stress at this place is that I have acted as a conscious creator of the new ascended reality of humanity since the 90s and have diligently cleared all human blunders with respect to the true nature of money, only to continue with this creationary work in the last years on a global and even transgalactic scale from the fulcrum of my Elohim I Am Presence, that is to say, from the source, to which I am still the only human nexus on this planet (see previous Elohim messages on this issue). This is how true creation occurs in All-That-Is and precisely this basic truth was fully suppressed by all light workers, not only with respect to money, but also in any area of this illusory 3D reality, as this article in sequels will reveal.






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