On Edith Bramley’s Vision (1893), Jesus, Apollonius of Tyana, and Absolute Time in the Universal Equation

by Jon Roberts and Georgi Stankov, October 27, 2014

Dear Georgi,

Sorry to vent on you in my last email, I was going through it as I know we all are. I have come to call that day the “Ides of October”, but onward and upward.

Firstly, I hope you are healing well, I meant to say that last time, but was a bit erratic when I emailed you last. Energies have still been thick at times but my mind seems to be spiraling more and more in deep thoughts.

At any rate, a few orders of business I wanted to get with you on. I want to apologize from the outset for not being able to link pages from this email, but my computer is on the brink of crashing and am not sure it will make it if I try searching and linking, so I am really sorry about that.

 I wanted to tell you about an intuition I had that fits well with things and also ask you a few questions for clarity. First, I got an inkling the other day to search for the artist, N.B. Starr, who channelled the painting of Apollonius and signed it, “The Nazarene” Raphael, that we see in “Antiquity Unveiled”. I got to looking for him and ended up finding a document written by his wife, Enola Starr called “Edith Bramley’s Vision, 1893 (This is what I need you to find and read, its a 32 pager you can google.)

Apparently, some of this document was taken from J.M. Roberts publication Mind and Matter, which I sent you that link,iapsop.com for which was hard to read. Anyway, it ties in well with what you have been talking about as of late as it talks about the Jesuit order and plans to basically stop the Ascension, plus it has some new stuff with a channeling from the founded of the Jesuit order (Ignatius) talking about wanting to kill J. Manning Roberts (Jon’s grand-grand father, note George) etc., but I wanted you to read it and see what you think.

I was also hoping for some clarity on a few things.  I know we had touched on the Christ story, how it relates to different timelines or dimensions.  Now, I won’t lie, while you were gone, I was following Jahn and I remember some of the channelings were talking about Jesus, not that he was crucified, but still speaking of him instead of Apollonius, and I was a bit concerned. Then when I read what you wrote about it happening differently across timelines/ dimensons and that made sense, but here is my dilemma, if all this Catholicism stuff is such a pitfall in the afterlife like we read in “Antiquity Unveiled” and “Edith Bramley’s Vision” of 1893, then why confuse the issue if this is so dangerous.

Again, I apologize for not linking, but Jahns’ channeling of St. John, the Revelator, was that also Apollonius? Paul?   Now my other question, was the Jesus story created independently of the Apollonius story in this or a different timeline /dimension and if not created independently, was it formed from all the thought energy it received from its manipulation at the hands of Constantine, Eusebius, etc…? Again, if we can trust “Antiquity Unveiled” that this Jesus manipulation is such a problem in the afterlife, why confuse the issue? Also, was not Apollonius, Paul and St. John the revelator all the same person?

Please, note that I am not in anyway calling  out Jahn, I love his stuff, but I just don’t understand this all. I am trying to think critically and make sense of all this like you have taught us. Heck, I’m actually really reading Volume II and am on page 54 as of today, but need some help here.

Love and Light,

Dear Jon,

I found this text and started reading it, but I will finish it tomorrow and then comment. Here is the link:


Now to your question. I also do not feel very comfortable with Jahn’s book on Jesus, as it does not say anything about Apollonius of Tyana, but you must know that Jahn was not aware at that time of this story and that is why he was not given this information. As a channeller one only gets the information, one can digest without being confused.

Now, this is my interpretation that satisfies both versions. I have always said that the Christian myth of Jesus Christ was based on the amalgamation of two historical personalities – Apollonius of Tyana and Ben Jeshua -, who was a Jew and a pupil of Apollonius when he founded the Essene order in Jerusalem during his first visit there.

The Christian fraudsters wanted to cover the true story of Apollonius and created the saga of Jesus in the four gospels as we now know it, by taking mainly the biography of Ben Jeshua and attributing to him the miracles Apollonius did and the knowledge he had. Of course Ben Jeshua was not crucified, but went to South France and founded the order of the Katharer there, about which I have written some articles.

Apollonius went twice to India and then became a counsellor of two Roman emperors and visited in his late years Jerusalem one more time after it was destroyed. These facts one can read in “Antiquity Unveiled“, although I have now forgotten the details.

The Christian myth of Jesus is so strong itself that it is as real as a historical personality or even more in the higher realms. Hence the preoccupation of many channellers with this saga. And it also explains why different stories are given, so that the people begin to doubt the official Christian religion. They are only pedagogical means for the people to start thinking.

Now the advantage of your grand-grand father was that he was an expert in the history of antiquity and was able to understand the true story. There are very few such experts and most of them are no longer alive. I know the best of them as I have read their books and they are all dead. The others have absolutely no idea about this epoch.

Hence I would not delve too deeply now into this topic on your place – it is enough to know that Apollonius of Tyana was the actual prototype of Jesus and a student of him rendered the bigger part of the biography. It is noteworthy to mention that even in the gospels nobody knows what Jesus did until he was 31 years old. We all know what he did in the last two years, which is a clear fraud. This is how the Church tried to camouflage the facts.

Jahn channelled once St. John, the Baptist as far as I remember and not St John, the Revelator, who is an aspect of Apollonius as St Paul is. In fact the biography of St Paul is very close to that of Apollonius and this is how the archons hid the historical personality of Apollonius. It is a fact that St Paul was the actual founder of the Christian religion and this elucidates the paramount importance of Apollonius, while Ben Jeshua remained a marginal figure. I think that this interpretation reconciles both narratives and explains the broad space for various interpretations and stories about Jesus, which are only parables and not historical facts.


Dear George,

Thank You!  That makes much more sense. Especially about all the attention giving rise to energetic thought forms.

I know this may sound dumb and probably already read it, but could you please describe “absolute time, f”  I keep looking at your equations and that keeps bothering me. Is that like the whole U-Set of time in linear 3d?

I suspected I would need to read Volume II more than once, at best, but don’t feel too bad as I suspect I am not alone here. I am actually getting excited about math again. The Orion schools here beat the fun out of it, so it feels good to have that little zest for math again. Usually we just count bills, ha.


Dear Jon,

absolute time is frequency and frequency is a number. You have so much waves in a certain period of linear time and this gives you the frequency. And frequency f is reciprocal to linear or conventional time t : f =1/t. That’s all.Absolute time = frequency f is proportional to Energy E. For instance, if you stay on the coast in the shallow water and are hit by 10 waves in a minute f = 10 and each wave has the constant energy package of EA, then the total energy that you receive during this time is;

E = EA . f = EA.10.

I define EA also as “action potential“, which is a constant energy package for each system. It is very simple when you know that all systems, also all material systems, are wave systems and can be reduced to this equation, which is the general mathematical form of the Universal Law (Universal Equation).

I hope this helps you for the beginning.

With love and light

Dear Jon,

I read Edith Bramley’s Vision, 1893 with great delight for two main reasons:

See PDF here:


1) I admired the clarity and intelligence of this piece and how well it discloses the heinous tactics of the dark ones, in this particular case of the Jesuits such as the current Pope to mire humanity. All the arsenal of their dark psyops, which we now also observe with respect to the New Age movement in a very massive manner, have been already developed and used in the past against all “spiritualists”, as these light warriors called themselves in the 19th century, when modern esotericism began with the foundation of the Theosophical society.

In this context, it does not matter if this encounter and conversation of the lady with the black Jesuits has really taken place in an out-of-body experience, as it is presented in this wonderful text, or whether it should be read as a literary piece of spiritual prose with great value. The only important thing is the clarity of the ideas and the message to the reader about the insidious character of the Jesuits and all other human stooges of the dark archons on the earth and how one can discern their pernicious tactics against all spiritual humans.

2) The second reason why I very much enjoyed this reading is that it shows in a compelling manner how much more evolved and educated the predecessors of the New Age movement were compared to the present-day light worker-cretins, as I am discussing it currently in my serial article on

Ten Reasons Why the New Age Movement Has Declared Intellectual and Moral Bankruptcy – Part 6

This  a very timely lecture from the past that illuminates many shadows of the present and shows that there is nothing new on this earth, except constantly growing level of human stupidity and subsequent enslavement of the masses, until the final resolution makes an end to this despicable reality. We are almost there.


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