Energy Update of the PAT – October 14, 2014

State-of-the-Art of Humanity

October 14, 2014

Insanity Reaches It’s Peak


The collective insanity has reached a new level. I feel people are brewing beneath their surfaces…ready to pop at the slightest breeze.

There are people I could relate to just last week who seem to have completely lost their logical minds now. They are saying and doing things that don’t make any sense and of course, they take no responsibility for it….slipping deeper and deeper into victimhood.

It got so bad, that after seven years, I finally deleted Facebook. The newsfeed I scrolled through was a perfect example of the collective mind fuck. Everyone’s thoughts seem to be constipated. I always tried to present a clean perspective on my wall of the energetic conditions both on the planet and in my personal life. But scrolling through other people’s walls is a real disappointment at best.

However, I did want to save some of my pictures I had diligently saved on there over the years. So, I found out that you can request that Facebook send you an entire log of all your data via email. I figured it’s the least they they can do for me. But, in order to request it, I had to log in again and keep my account open until the file has been gathered and delivered to my email.

So, this morning, for the first time in a few days…I logged in and took a cursory glance through the newsfeed. WOW. The human psyche has really taken a plunge to say the least. People don’t even know what they are saying anymore. It just looks like vomited thoughts and feelings, mixed with cheesy pictures which display their magnified egos.

I feel like these energies are actually making many people feel grandiose, instead of humbling them. Was that supposed to happen? Or maybe it is just their egos are getting bigger right before they are purged? I’m not sure. But there is a surge of madness.

My body feels like a hurricane inside. In fact, last night I dreamed of a major hurricane and there were many cars flying through the air. I told my sister we needed to get into the basement and I carried my dog down with us. In the end, my sister argued with me and went back upstairs to get something although I told her that she should stay downstairs with me and my dog. The last scene was just my dog and I in the basement on some broken down chair. I looked down at my dog, who was exhausted, only to find she was a miniature elephant (which is my spirit animal), although I still knew her soul to be Stella (my dog). I comforted her just as I woke up from the dream.

She is my ascension helper.

I feel like the collective balloon is about to pop…something has to give soon.

There are also people “waking up” and announcing they are starseeds and angels and the like, but it wreaks of some darkness.

The real angels are too exhausted to really take part…yesterday I was knocked down for about 4 hours. I wasn’t really sleeping but I was also not here. My body has been through so much since this last eclipse and it really concerns me that the solar eclipse on the 23rd is supposed to be even more powerful.

I don’t see how we can withstand much more. The chasm between us and them is SO wide now. I can barely communicate with anyone around me. It is like we are speaking such foreign languages.

I found this excerpt the other day on this website:

The pure Creation World is about to open and prevail for all Souls upon Mother Earth beginning with the Energy of Momentum on October 23, 2014. This Momentum will last until November 13, 2014 and will lead all Lightworker Souls and some Man of Destiny Souls into a vast new frontier of experience upon Earth.


Dear Cari,

this is a valid assessment of the current psycho-mental state of the collective and it will get worse. It must get worse, before it can change for the better. This is the kind of End Time dynamics we need before the bang can come.

Most of this is indeed the inflation of an unprocessed ego and even the most outspoken gurus of the New Age are not spared from this exposition as everything that not aligns with the higher frequencies that are now coming from the central sun must be deleted after showing up first on the surface. The real “angels” who are conduits for these energies since long time have indeed no power and impetus to show anything and try barely to survive this energetic onslaught.

There is now an ongoing upward energetic spiral or rather a vortex that started immediately after the seeding of the new human race in the night of October 12th. I have personally a cc-wave and headache for three days now in a row and this has never happened before even to me. The maximum was about 48 hours, usually much less for each episode. I suspect that this upward trend will continue unabated till October 23rd and after that anything can happen.

I will publish the day after tomorrow a message from the Elohim that indicates that the shift may happen after the solar eclipse on October 23rd. Hence this excerpt you have sent me is on the right track. But then again it depends on when we shall reach the necessary threshold of ascension.

With love and light

Hello Dr. Stankov:

Hope this email finds you and Carla doing well.

Dream: For about 30 years, I’ve always had a recurring dream of standing in line, (school cafeteria) counter, to select different food items, at the elementary school I attended as a child.  Every time I’ve had the dream, someone usually dies in the family/and or friends, and so, I’ve always associated this dream with death. Last night, I dreamed I was standing in line, approaching the lunch counter, to select my food items, but this time, the dream was different.  After I selected my items and went to sit down, everyone in the cafeteria was celebrating!  People were very joyous, laughing and bounding about chatting! The celebrating went on for some time. Then I left the school cafeteria and headed over to my grandmother’s house, who by the way, passed in 1999. As I entered her house, she  offered me food.  In the dream, I really was not hungry because I’d just eaten at the school cafeteria,  but I took the food anyway, so as not to offend her.

This dream was different, in that, this time, (in my opinion), it was not representative of death, but of life.  And so, I think, it is symbolic of passing out of the death of the old (body), and passing into the new (crystalline body). Anyway, just thought you might find it interesting in view of everything going presently.

As far as the energies go, they are very heightened!!! onward and upward!

God bless.

Shirley Garmon, USA

Dear Shirley,

Carla and I had a very similar dream this night of people being lined. While Carla dreamed she was evaluating their personalities in terms of where they stand in the ascension process, I dreamed that I am sending energy packages to those lined people and assessing the overall threshold of ascension. Then I gave the start for the final ascension and was very happy myself in the dream state. Hence your dream very much aligns with ours and the beginning of the final shift.

I have a cc-wave with a headache for three days in a row which is unprecedented, as I normally have a cc-wave with a headache for about 12 hours and then there is a pause. This time it is indeed an upward movement without any stopping. I suppose it will stay so till October 23rd and then everything is possible.

With love and light

October 12 – 14, 2014

“...PAT members, started a massive cleansing operation. You all must have felt the deep anxiety coming from the collective that had to be released and even the total desperation of the masses when new MPR hit near-by timelines.” I felt it immensely.

I was at that time in Downtown Vancouver and felt in a very physical, tangible way how the streets dissolved under my feet and vanished in an abyss. I felt very insecure during my walking, in particular when you know that you are surrounded by the ocean on all three sides and expect a huge tsunami,…” I felt exactly like this while walking down the streets of a near by city. My husband noticed my sudden change.

Then between 10.00 and 11.00 am Pacific time we, Carla and I, lifted the whole group of the light warriors of the PAT to a very high timeline.” I remember asking/thinking at the end of day: “Ok people (PAT) let’s get the hell out of here and go to a higher time line…we have had enough for now” And I did indeed go to a higher timeline…and I hope most of the PAT as well.

Dear George, I have had other experiences lately, while lightly sleeping, in lower time lines and one of them I’m sure it was the lowest. It was nasty and scary. It was so dense, people were behaving like savages. This happened in my house and around where I live. As soon as I woke up, I was still so scared that I had to make sure all the doors in my house were locked. I worked with the golden-violet flame all the time. I’m glad my other experiences in lower time lines while being awake have not been so aggressive and scary. Now I get why I don’t feel comfortable going for walks around where I live even though is very peaceful.

In the past month and a half I have been feeling much better. I’m not obsess (obsession I didn’t have before) with having a baby anymore after the miscarriage. I’m  back to “normal”. The communication line with my HS is finally back. I have even learnt what are one of my latest missions in this Ascension project. Of course, I’m not capable of explaining it since the brain I had to wear in this 3D reality is very basic. All I can interpret is, that is has to do with geometry and how carefully, creatively and precise I have to interfere in “past” events (years and centuries ago) and their time lines in order to have more favorable energetic conditions right now. I literally just spent 30 minutes writing the last sentence.

I hope you are feeling much better.

Kisses and hugs to both of you,

Dear Moni,

I am happy to hear from you again and to know that you feel much better after the miscarriage.

Being on lower timelines can be very scary indeed and these negative excursions can bleed into this reality and poison it. I am glad that you can confirm the same experiences in the last two days.

I have the feeling that now everything is coming to a completion and until Oct 23rd many things can happen. I am now with another cc-wave and headache and will keep it short.

Take care of you!

With love

Hello my George,

I can confirm other experiences as well but I don’t feel like writing you every time this happens. You know I don’t like to bother you with e-mails.

I have a question about the new human race. I want to make sure I understood correctly. This new energetic characteristics and new DNA-code will be granted to humans born now and to those who will move to the new 4D worlds. Is this correct?


Dear Moni,

exactly. I will publish the day after tomorrow a message from the Elohim that discusses this issue. The templates are now ready and the souls that will begin with their new incarnation are taking them one by one and this process of massive incarnation will skyrocket till October 23rd, when also the final shift may take place.

When an incarnated human on this earth qualifies for a new 4D world his current soul fragment will automatically incarnate in the new human template and the individual will begin his life in a much better and healthier body although he/she may not realize this at first. The physical bodies can be copied infinite times holographically, this is not a big deal, this is how all these timelines were created. But the ethereal field /body will be from the new template when they move to the new 4D worlds. This is at least how I see it and how the Elohim more or less are telling us.

With love and light

October 12, 2014

Lieber Georgi Stankov,

heute schreibe ich Ihnen das erste Mal, obwohl ich ihren Blog schon seit einer Weile mit großer Freude verfolge. Ich bin  ein Mitglied des ‘Globalen energetischen Reinigungstrupps’, wie ich das gerne bezeichne. Seit gut 10 Jahren transformiere ich mit einer Tonglen-ähnlichen Meditation kollektive emotionale Ladungen von Gedankenformen, die mit Krieg und allen seinen schrecklichen Begleiterscheinungen zu tun haben. In der letzten Zeit war es vor allem immer wieder eine starke Angst aus dem kollektiven Energiefeld, die ich im Schlaf aufgenommen und dann im wachen Zustand transformiert habe.

Gestern fand ich die Angst wirklich extrem, sie saß schwer im Solarplexus-Chakra und war begleitet von Übelkeit. Dazu unglaublich hartnäckig und über viele Stunden nicht zu lösen. Das hatte ich so noch nie erlebt. Es war mir ein Trost zu lesen, dass Sie Ähnliches erfahren haben.

Ich bin wirklich froh, wenn diese Phase nun ihren Abschluss findet. Ich meine auch, dass heute im Lauf des Tages eine bedeutende energetische Veränderung im kollektiven Feld geschieht. Womöglich das Upgrade zum HUman (higher universal man) bei denen, die bereit dafür sind. Und der Beginn des endgültigen Zerfalls aller Systeme und Strukturen auf unserem Planeten, die nicht dem Leben dienen.

Ich hoffe wenigstens, dass es jetzt losgeht. Seit 2006 rechne ich mit dem Aufstieg der Erde und mit der magnetischen Polverschiebung. Aber es hat so viele Anläufe und Planänderungen gegeben, dass ich gelernt habe, erst einmal abzuwarten und zu schauen, was sich wirklich ereignet.

Lichtgrüße aus Berlin


English Translation

Dear Georgi Stankov,

Today I write you the first time, although I have been following your blog for a while now with great joy. I am a member of the ‘Global energy cleaning squads’, as I like to call it. For over 10 years I transform with a Tonglen-like meditation the collective emotional loads of thought forms that have to do with war and all its terrible side effects. The last time it was mainly a strong fear coming from the collective energy field, which I recorded in my sleep and then transformed in the waking state.

Yesterday, I really found the fear extreme, it sat hard in the solar plexus chakra and was accompanied by nausea. These fears were incredibly stubborn and could not be solved for many hours. I had never experienced this before. It was a comfort to me to read (in the energy report – October 11, 2014) that you have experienced similar.

I will be really glad when this phase now finds its completion. I also think that today a significant change in the collective energy field happens during the day. Maybe the upgrade to HUman (Higher Universal man) with those who are ready. And the beginning of the final dissolution of all systems and structures on our planet, which does not serve life.

I hope at least that it will commence now. Since 2006, I am expecting the ascension of the Earth and the magnetic pole shift. But there have been so many attempts and changes to the plan that I have learned, first of all, wait and see what really happens.

Light Greetings from Berlin

Liebe Karin,

ich danke dir sehr, dass du Kontakt zu mir aufgenommen hast und über deine aktuellen energetischen Erfahrungen berichtest, die mit meinen und denen des PAT voll übereinstimmen. Wie kann es anders sein, nun da wir eine einmalige Synchronizität kurz for dem Aufstieg erreicht haben.

Ich bin mir sicher, dass wir es bald überstanden haben, obwohl die sichtbare Manifestation der kollektiven Ängste noch kommen muss, da es sich bis heute nichts Wesentliches auf diesem Mutterplaneten getan hat, das zu einem Kollaps der alten Orionstrukturen geführt hätte. Aber das Ende wird sehr bald kommen.

In der Zwischenzeit haben wir diese oberste Zeitlinie soweit von negativen Energien bereinigt, damit die Geburt und Besiedlung der neuen 4D Welten mit der neuen Menschenrasse stattfinden konnten. Dieses Ereignis per se ist der Beweis, dass wir einen sehr hohen Grad der energetischen Reinigung auf dieser obersten Muttererde erreicht haben, was zugleich den Schwellenwert für den Aufstieg bedeutet.

Liebe Grüße


English translation

Dear Karin,

I thank you very much that you have established contact with me and have written about your current energetic experiences that are fully consistent with mine and those of the PAT. How can it be different now that we have achieved a unique synchronicity shortly before the ascension.

I am sure that we will be over with this soon, although the visible manifestation of the collective fears is still to come, as to this day nothing substantial has happened on this mother planet that would have led to a collapse of the old Orion structures. But the end will come very soon.

In the meantime, we have, so far, cleared this uppermost timeline of negative energies, so that the birthing and the seeding of the new 4D worlds with the new human race could take place. This event per se is the evidence that we have reached a very high degree of energetic cleaning on this uppermost mother earth, which also means reaching the threshold for the ascension.


October 11, 2014

Dear George,

Just wanted to let you know I was able to return to Mt.Shasta for the Full Moon Eclipse.

Arrived at Panther Meadows, elevation 7,450ft,  4pm on Tuesday the 7th. By the time I finished setting up camp & gathering firewood for the long night ahead, I could feel my body vibrating as the energy wave commenced and started building. Then the severe gastric pain & nausea hit and ended up lasting clear through till Thursday morning the 9th.

My plan was to stay awake and watch the eclipse but instead was knocked out at 2 am (1/2 hour before the eclipse started) and then abruptly awoke at 5:30 am at the end of the eclipse.

Wednesday night of the 8th, I had a very lucid, detailed dream concerning the upgrade of the human template, only to arrive home to read your post of this subject. Would include description of dream, but find it difficult to put into actual words.

Early Thursday morning the 9th, they heavily chem-trailed the entire mountain, which is a common occurrence at Mt. Shasta during or after high energy portals. Might return for the solar eclipse on the 23rd if able and in current dimension.

With much love and light,
Robert (from Pacific Northwest)

Dear Robert,

thank you very much for your travel and energy report from Mt. Shasta. I find it particularly remarkable that you have had your own visions of the new human template in the night of the full  moon eclipse. This is the kind of knowledge that now comes from the collective subconscious of all humanity and trickles down into the individual mind level. Such dramatic and revolutionary developments must now become common knowledge, as this is the foundation of the new transgalactic human race we are now creating.

With love and light

October 11, 2014

Hello George

A follow up: I was blinded at the time, for a reason. This has to do with the question I had asked. How exactly do we create the Super Nova? The Elohim message answered some but not all. What stumped me a little when they mentioned crystal grid. The word grid had me seeing vertical and horizontal lines interconnecting with each other.(maybe that is the way the Elohim see it) More thinking, Crystal Beds beneath the surface of the earth. BINGO!!  Arkansas has the crystal  beds all over. That’s why spirit moved me here to Arkansas. To awaken the crystals with codes from Source. The tornado around me is the funnel/vortex, by using intent to reach the crystal beds beneath the ground that I walk on. That is how we are raising Gaia UP!  You are probably laughing at me. I need details, in order to see what I am doing. I was not getting the details clear enough for me to understand.

Your message yesterday, I have read it twice and found the hidden message you implied  and did some further research last night. I FOUND IT !! Right away.. Completion Stage… This was another reason why I was blinded at the time of this message. Maybe it had to do with me to bring this up, as other PAT were blinded too.

While sleeping last night, Dreamed most of the night of me getting all of these phone calls. Didn’t know who was calling but the calls were all of good news. I felt this while dreaming. These phone calls DID wake me up. I knew right away who was doing the calling. These were the PAT calling me. They were calling, that they too, had found the answer to the question.

I am going to tell a story before I close up this mail.

Shortly after contacting you for the first time George. The first part of December 2011. The family and I took a trip to Washington DC. On the second night of staying there. We had all gone out to dinner. We were in no hurry to get back to our hotel room. We decided to take a walk and do some window shopping on the streets of DC.

We came upon an Ice Cream parlor, My spouse and Daughter wanted ice cream. I didn’t care for any. There on the side walk  was this A-Frame of a sign. The sign said Psychic reading for ten dollars. On the spur of the  moment , that was what I was going to do, while the family had their ice cream. I have never gone to a psychic before in this life time.  Thought this would be fun to do.

I climbed the steps to this woman’s home. She let’s me in.  A noisy household. Family eating dinner. Children running around. making all kinds of noise. Thinking  to myself. What in the world am I doing here…) This woman asks me what I want to know. Nothing, was my reply. I only came to hear what you have to say. You should have seen the look on her face when I said that. She asks for the money up front. Of course she didn’t have change for a twenty dollar bill. (she kept the money)  She proceeds to ramble on. Fishing to see If she could get a reaction out of me. She touches upon something dear to my heart. A tear wells up in my eyes.  She saw that tear and moves on with her next  line. Then out of the blue this psychic says to me. You are going to write. WHAT, I say? You are going to write, she repeats.

I look this woman in the eyes and say to her. I am never going to write a book or anything like that in this life. I only write letters to family. By that time some other  ladies came in and wanted a reading. The psychic just brushes me off. I left that woman’s home. Thinking to myself. Sucker born everyday. I blew the psychic off and totally forgot about her. Until these past few weeks.

What have I been doing for these last three years? Writing, Writing what? Writing letters to Your Web-site George.


Love from the Hills of Arkansas

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