The Lies and Deceit of President Barack Obama

Open Letter to Obama. Stop Preaching Peace to the World

by Feroze Mithiborwala, September 25, 2014

After having heard your words at the UN a few hours ago, I felt compelled to write this letter, compelled, to expose your lies & deceit. You, Mr. President, are a war-monger & an abettor of terror. You essentially lend a liberal face to the Trans-National Military Industrial Complex. 

During your ahistorical and ignorant speech today, you misled the world on every count, whilst trying to preach & lecture the world on the virtues of global cooperation to fight the scourge of religious extremism, terror and wars. Mr. President, the world is aware of the fact that it has been US policy to promote and foster Islamic extremism by both covert and overt means ever since 1979. You would have been aware of the policy that was essentially envisioned by your senior adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski.

On being asked, “about any regrets having supported Islamic fundamentalism, which has given arms and advice to future terrorists?”

Brzezinski replied – 

“What is more important in world history? The Taliban or the collapse of the Soviet empire? Some agitated Moslems or the liberation of Central Europe and the end of the cold war?” (Le Nouvel Observateur, 1998)

You would have surely known of the fact that it was the US-CIA that created Al Qaeda, as attested to by Hillary Clinton.

“The people we are fighting today, we funded twenty years ago”.

She also vividly describes US cooperation with the Saudi Wahhabis in this entire nefarious design, where the Mujahedeen were mobilized from across the world, funded, trained and armed with the latest weapons that the US armoury had to offer.

You surely would have watched the Hollywood blockbuster “Charlie Wilson’s War” starring Tom Hanks and Julia Roberts, also nominated for the Oscars. This is a true story of a Texas congressman Charlie Wilson’s covert dealings in Afghanistan, and his efforts to assist the Mujahedeen in their war against the Soviets

These are known facts that the entire world is aware of, but yet you chose to deceive, even as you have yet again created another Frankenstein called the ISIS, which is basically an updated version of the Al Qaeda.

To hide your own war crimes, you chose to attack Russia, even as NATO continues to march to her borders in violation of the guarantees of security that were provided to Moscow. Even as Russia seeks a political solution to Ukraine, the US-EU-NATO forces continue to wage war upon Russia by imposing economic sanctions. As you said “We will impose a cost on Russia”.

You Mr. President accused Russia of aggression, arming the rebels in Ukraine, even though Russia has done its utmost to find a political solution and now, there is a ceasefire on the ground. Far more progress towards a political solution has been made in Ukraine, than in any other recent theatre of war.

On the other hand, the US & its “democratic moderate allies”, namely Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, UAE, Bahrain – all of which are oppressive medieval kingdoms, have created a vast global network of Islamist fanatics and zealots. Worse, they have been made to imbibe the most violent, extremist and intolerant versions of Islam, essentially of the Wahhabi-Salafist schools. They force religious minorities to either convert to Islam, die or then vacate their lands, enslave their women, behead & crucify their opponents, destroy all holy & sacred religious spaces, that do not subscribe to their extreme narrow & hateful intolerant worldview. These are your allies.

We are also witness to the key roles played by the NATO allies namely Turkey, UK, France & Australia in this entire diabolical design.

The world is aware of the fact that from the ISIS, Jabhat al Nusra (Al Qaeda of Syria), to the so-called “moderate” FSA (Free Syrian Army) – all of these terrorist organizations have being mobilized, provided safe-havens for training, from Western sources. On these facts the majority of the world is aware, the reason being that you have being using the same strategy for far too long.

Thus when you called for global unity to “combat sectarianism & the intolerance that feeds into the violence” – Mr. President, your government & allies essentially fund & arm the ensuing violence!

You called for the rejection of “the cancer of violent extremism” – even as you continue to call for the arming of “moderate rebels” in Syria, when the world knows that they just do not exist.

You called for “Hope over Fear” – even as your entire political narrative is constructed on fear, so as to coerce people into accepting a cycle of perpetual wars & justify your illegal aggression.

You spoke against “fatalism” – but your devious designs have proved very “fatal” for the people of the Middle-East & for many nations across the world. You called for the “upholding of international norms” – even as you have bypassed the US Congress, as well as the UNSC, even as your airforce targets your illegitimate terror offspring’s across Iraq & Syria.

In the case of Syria your legal standing is far worse, as you even lack the fig-leaf of an official invitation from the democratically elected government of Syria. It was Sec. of State John Kerry who nonchalantly said – “We will not let geography or borders prevent our campaign against ISIS”. So much for international law! 

On Iran, despite all your rhetoric, you refuse to negotiate with honesty and integrity, whereby Iran (signatory to the IAEA & NPT) is granted its due national right to a peaceful nuclear energy programme.

You also made a veiled reference to the Pacific Ocean in your bid to counter China, this, added to your utter belligerence on Russia, you have essentially drawn the battle-lines for the two major alliance blocs around which the world in the coming generations will be constructed.

I watched transfixed, furiously taking notes as you began to preach and lecture the Muslim world.

I heard you preach against “the cancer of violent extremism that has ravaged so many parts of the Muslim world”. 

That terror has “perverted one of the great religions of the world, dividing people as either believers or infidels”.

That the terrorists, “must not be provided safe-havens”.

Mr. Obama, the world is aware about the very covert origins of the Al Qaeda, as well as the ISIS. We are aware of the safe-havens provided in the very countries that constitute the “Coalition of the Killing”,that constitute the “Empire of Chaos”. You need to refrain from making such unintelligent Bush-like Rumsfeldian remarks.

The fact you mentioned that “the US is not at war with Islam” and that you “rejected the theory of the clash of civilizations”, was maybe your saving grace, but certainly cannot atone for your manifold sins. You then focused on four essential points, namely:

(1) That your agenda is to “degrade and destroy ISIS” (which you must stop calling ISIL) and create a broad coalition to destroy its “Network of Death”.

The US, Mr. Obama, has been “degrading & destroying” the Al Qaeda for the last 13 years – and the result?

More Al Qaeda’s, ISIS, Jabhat al Nusra, Boko Haram, more terror, more wars, more hate, fear and divisions. Clearly the US policy is either a gargantuan failure in terms of destroying the Al Qaeda – or – deviously successful in creating terror & a state of perpetual state of chaos & wars. I believe the latter to be true and for very good reasons.

I think the “business & network of death” was basically operating out of the Pentagon . . . . The “network of death” are essentially the 1000 US military bases strewn across more than 130 nations which must be disbanded, as they are centres of destablisation & terror.

You once again reiterated that “We will support groups in Iraq & Syria”.

Iraq poses a little less of a dilemma, where you are cooperating with a sectarian government, which is trying to build an inclusive polity.

This, even as you refuse to work with a secular democratically elected government in Damascus to find a political solution, based on constitutional reform & an inclusive power structure.

Thus you are supporting those very extremist fanatics to overthrow the Syrian government, against the wishes of the overwhelming majority of the Syrian people. The solution lies in organizing a “free & fair election” with the presence of International monitors & the entire process overseen by the UN & Human-rights organizations.

But then way back in 2011 in your imperial pompous ways, you had opted for the policy of regime change when you infamously said – “Assad must go”!

(2) You rightly called “for the world & Muslim communities to reject the ideology of Qaeda & the ISIS”. To “stop funding hate”.

The answers to that dilemma yet again lie in Riyadh Mr. Obama, with your ‘moderate’ Saudi allies who are funding a petro-dollar version of the most regressive & obscurantist Islam the world over.

You also rightly pointed out that “all people’s & religions have been attacked by extremists”.

Here it should also be recognized that extremist Jewish & Christian Zionist fanatics too represent a clear & present danger to the world. This fact is rarely discussed or debated. But I would venture to think that with Sen. John Mccain & Lindsay Graham hovering around the White House, you would be aware of the eschatological visions & the End Times theology that they profess, which is not very different from that of the ISIS, Al Qaeda or the newly discovered Khorasan.

(3) You also rightly called “for an end to the cycle of sectarian conflict within Muslim communities”. 

This Mr. Obama, even as you & your allies systematically promote & foster sectarian strife across the entire region, with a professed agenda to balkanize & partition the entire region along religious, ethnic & sectarian lines. This was referred to as the “New Middle-East” by Condoleeza Rice.

Syria, yet a beacon of a secular liberal multi-religious, multi-cultural plural society, where minorities enjoy a degree of equal rights unknown across the rest of the region, is being destroyed by the worst fanatical Islamists from within your alliance.

Iraq too has been destroyed, just as you did Libya, even as you continue to drone across Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan & Pakistan – killing civilians & leaving a trail of death & destruction. The US has spent $1Trillion in the restructuring of Iraqi society, train & weaponise its army, basically export democracy – clearly a failed & disastrous project.

Your wars against terror, perpetuate only more wars, more terror, more hatred – and give birth to illegitimate al Qaeda’s where none earlier existed. They clearly did not in Iraq & Syria, till the US came along.

(4) You again rightly called for a “focus on the extraordinary potential of the people of the region, especially the youth by investing in education & innovation”.

On our part Mr. Obama, we request you to stop focusing on the region, to stop your policies of destabilisation, of financing terror & wars – and the nations & people’s of the region will achieve their enormous potential that you speak of.

We, Mr. Obama, are aware that the wars across the region are for Oil & Israel – and not necessarily in that order.

We are aware of the Neoconservative plans to destroy seven nations in five years, namely Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Sudan, Libya, Lebanon & Iran.

We are aware of the battle for the control of the pipelines, as well as for the great oil and gas finds in the East Mediterranean, of which Syria is one of the major benefactors.

We are aware of the Zionist plans to partition the region, so as to vanquish the resistance & finally end the struggle for Palestine.

As we headed towards the end of your speech, I thought that you would refrain from even mentioning the occupation of Palestine by Israel, your most important ally. But you eventually did, without mentioning the word “occupation” which you have in the past, but clearly you have climbed down from even that position, even if it was all meaningless rhetoric.

You have clearly gone against the grain of international opinion as you barely mentioned the Israeli war on Gaza, leave alone condemning the genocidal war & the ongoing siege, the Settlements & confiscation of land, the daily arrests and torture, the Apartheid Wall – the most brutal occupation of our times. That too has exposed you the world over, yet again.

You may have misled and not even have uttered a word on all these core issues Mr. Obama – but the nations and people are aware and will continue to wage our struggle, continue to resist till our nations and people’s are free, till the world is free.

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