The Creator Gods’ Energetic Work – Changing Reality

by Laurie Stearns, September 3, 2014

When invoking decrees or invocations, I visualize the most important aspect of the decree and see it happening NOW in my 3rd eye. For example; I was reading some western news media propaganda and felt disgusted that journalists could actually call themselves such, when the investigative aspect is all and completely missing and sounds exactly like rhetoric that is repeated verbatim the same in other news media; newspapers, online major news websites. I think these people just cut and paste?

What I do is to see the journalists completely exposed in their conscience with no place to hide and unable to back up anything they have written about, having to take FULL responsibility for their shoddy actions, lack of conscience and the influence they have had on the vast majority of the unsuspecting public, with the public now acutely aware of the lies that have been perpetrated.

It isn’t a long process, it’s actually quite fast. In keeping with the feeling I have of utter disgust and with this vision in my 3rd eye, I invoke the decree that these people will without doubt be exposed and they will have to understand what they have done with regards to their own lack of conscience and feel the consequences of this. I do this by invoking the Gold Violet Flame with my light saber. The most important aspect is bypassing all the fluff and nonsense and getting to the core of an issue that will have the biggest impact.

What I have also done is take the decrees and invocations (Thank you Georgi, Jahn, Daniel and Steve) that were written here on the website, cut and paste them on a document, print them out and carry them with me, then use them wherever and whenever necessary. Needless to say I’m not standing in the middle of the street shouting out decrees and invocations, but any place that is private or just sitting in a café, quietly reading something audible to myself so that my voice is being used, I think this is important.

I do a lot of this at home in my apartment and actually say it out loud. So too is the emotional energetic push behind it – but, saying the invocations with meaning is important.  We all know we don’t take kindly to mindless unconscious activity, so one has to be mindful of what they are saying and use their 3rd eye to visualize the outcome, and have the highest intentions for the best and highest good for all.

The light sabers used to invoke the Gold Violet flame is very important for having an immediate impact. The Gold Violet Flame is amazing and gives immediate results. I have had such results with regards to family issues that were resolved in less than one minute the next day after a misunderstanding, and it was resolved with both sides (myself and the other) at peace with the issue in question. Believe me, this is nothing short of amazing, in the past it could have escalated into something more unpleasant.

And also with regards to shoddy journalism and seeing these people exposed; the next day there was an article that Jahn had posted about the unconscious activity of these journalists. This is also important for so-called politicians of the day as well. The house of cards falls faster than they can keep up with, and I just keep seeing it in my 3rd eye that way, and invoking that the implementation of The New Universal Law is being put into action and practice NOW. After all, this is the sole reason we are doing our energetic work with regards to the Universal Law and Ascension by using the Gold Violet Flame and the invocations. Which means we have the God like energetic conditions and power to implement NOW whatever we are decreeing and invoking – And, it works.

So in this sense we are the Creator Gods shaping this reality – BELIEVE IT, there is no one else who has this power to do it, and this is how it’s done.

Don’t deny this, the conditioning we’ve had, has instilled in us to deny this power and dampen it by all and any means available, so that WE DON’T use it and start creating the new energetic pathways that are taking out theirs.

Which of course, they do not want, thus the attacks. But, these are easily countered by invoking protection and using your light saber to counter these. It does work, so we must use it, this is why we were given this saber to help us and now the Violet Flame to use with our saber.  It is all about energy and pathways. The more we use our energy and create the positive pathways, the more energy we have to do this, and our other abilities start to come online; telepathy, bi-location, telekinesis etc… and a general awareness that is expanded by the realisation of this fact.

You do become stronger by doing this work, and you also gain more and more insights and deeper understandings of how it works.

I’m also very adamant about what I decree and invoke working with the Violet Flame and know in myself that it is happening NOW without any doubts.  We have been led to doubt so much about ourselves and our power, but it is all a myth, because our creative powers are truly amazing. We just need to know this and remember it. I have to say, anything that lowers my energy, I tend get rid of, to lighten myself, so that I keep vibrating faster and faster. I also feel better as well doing this. This is our way home.

Georgi and Carla have said time and again that the work they are doing as Creator Gods is by example of exposing things and going through the physical aspect of transmuting low vibrating energy patterns.

This is how we change things.

When we are in contact with other people, interacting and showing others easier ways of doing things, and also when the MPR’s have their affect; we take on the pain and lower vibrating emotions (sub-conscious or not) and by doing so, we transmute them through our energy fields. This also happens with much of what we read and are in contact with as well.

That’s why it’s wise to be aware of what we take in. We are empaths and this is how this work is done with US, because we do not take on the energetic paths, but actually transmute them, heal them through our own physical and emotional bodies and they are released. In this way, we change it and raise the energy to a higher quotient and understanding.

This is why we often do not feel well (physically / emotionally), there’s a lot of crappy energy here. But, this is changing now by our direct interaction of shifting the energetic landscape of how the game is played on this level, and will be played for eons to come with the full implementation of the Universal Law / Ascension.

Now go figure why these dark entities want and need humans to feel disempowered. We are a huge threat to them – enormous.  And this is why they have taken such great pains to make sure the population never, ever figure this out, because the Ascension renders their game pretty much useless and finished.

Yes, we are Creator Gods changing reality and will be the Guardians of the Golden Galaxy because we are capable of this. Adult, Young, Child and Baby souls are not capable of this until they reach the end of their incarnation cycle. We have and We are. We have recognized the God and God in our Selves by dealing with and recognizing all the falsehoods of this illusion. It is right for us to claim this and the responsibility and gifts that come with it.


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