PAT Report – September 3, 2014

Creator Gods At Work

September 2, 2014

Dear George,

I know that – without a doubt – we are the creator gods forming this reality.  All I have to do is think about something and energize it with my light sword and desire by invoking the gold violet flame, and it comes about almost immediately, and I mean IMMEDIATELY.

Yesterday I was thinking about the irresponsible role journalists are playing at perpetrating the by-lines and the rhetoric that is spewed in the WMNM (Western Mass News Media) and today Jahn has written an article about this.  I know that I will also write something about this as well, for energizing it and making it a reality for these journalists to become responsible for their own role in perpetrating this illusion of lies.

Every time I read about the Ukraine or the Middle East or anywhere else in this world, I invoke that the perpetrators will be held responsible for their deeds and that all violence and weapons are dismantled and rendered useless.    And that any idea of a WWIII is not to be realised.    I do this every single day – many times over.

Many things have happened since the beginning of this year – with me on a personal note.  The attacks have ranged from being robbed; once in Malaysia and once (again) here in my home while I was sleeping and awoke to see someone standing beside my bed going into the wardrobe.  I screamed and chased him, where he went out the kitchen window (had come in the bathroom window) – I live on the 4th floor of a small apartment building.  He took my computer and telephone, which I noticed when I turned on the lights – when I then went to the window and screamed for HELP again, and where 3 or 4 young men came running to my street armed with big sticks and watched this guy climb around the building on a ledge no bigger than 10 cm’s, and then climb onto the roof.  In fact, many people came out of their homes and someone called the Police.  They did catch him, but he had dropped my computer and it was completely destroyed, I did however get my telephone back.  I do know that these have been some pretty nasty dark attacks on me. This happened on June 29th before I went to Canada in July for a visit.  Someone also used my debit/credit card online and racked up purchases on it.

Upon receiving the Gold Violet Flame, I use it daily and constantly to flood my energetic fields and invoke it to deal with all situations and any problems, which as stated above, works instantaneously.  But foremost, I use it for the outcome of these nasty political events and for making these people responsible, and to help the situations for the humans in these areas of the world – wherever they are.

It is about energy and the positive use of it being invoked through our collective force for the desired outcome of these events, for the Ascension of Humanity and humanity.  For some, we leave energetic traces to be acknowledged and used at a later date in time, for others the realisation that energy is all encompassing for creation and that thought / visualisation drives it at this level, plus the understanding that we Humanity, are the realised creator Gods of this reality, having realised God in us to do so.  As such, we have freed ourselves from this Matrix with this knowledge.  We are no longer part of it, but direct it with our will and desire to culminate events and drive this to our, and Gia’s Ascension home, to a higher dimension.  And, we must do this every day without fail, many times over to reach this apex and reality by invoking the intention and realisation of this reality.

With all of us who reach this level, the attacks do become more persistent, and this is because we are destroying the darks energetic pathways of their manifestation and replacing it so that it is deactivated and completely useless.  Needless to say, they don’t want this – But, too bad, it’s already a done deal.  I know without a doubt, that I am protected and guided, having seen proof of this numerous times over and over – and this is so that I would know beyond all doubt.  I left this matrix long ago, psychologically and it’s traps.

I have experienced very strong ascension test runs, where I thought it was actually happening, only to be brought back here.  As well, the energy seems to constantly stream in non-stop, which makes me very tired.  I have also seen a gold orb of light next to my bed protecting me while I slept, upon awakening in the night.

You needn’t reply to this Georgi, I know you are recuperating from your operation and are busy as well with your own energetic work.

In Love,



Dear Laurie,

thank you very much for your comprehensive energetic report which I fully confirm on my part. I am sorry to hear that you have been persistently a victim of dark attacks in the last months, but this is also part of the End game.

I would very much appreciate if you write an article on your energetic work and how you influence all the journalistic lies and the like with respect to the Ukraine crisis and elsewhere and how you do it. You are very good at this and I will publish this article with great pleasure as we have done in the past.

From my perspective the situation is getting tenser by the hour and this is a clear sign that we are inevitably approaching the A-Day.

Wish you all the best



September 3, 2014

Hi Georgi,

It’s 6.30 in the morning, had a dream about two hours ago, can’t sleep thinking about I had to write you about it and give the PAT an important message. So here I am.

This is one of my last messages for you, if not the last one, the ascension is so near, I know it will happen soon (see my dream below). So, first of all, THANK YOU Georgi, Jahn, Carla, and all the other I don’t mention by name, but that have been working for the ascension to happen since a long time ago. You, our captain and crew members, are the reason why I’m here. My love and gratitude to you always.

Second, you must know first that, as one of Jahn’s channelings stated, my skills have improved and strengthened for the last months and most intensely for the last weeks. My telepathic and emphathic abilities are in my everyday, and my dreams are becoming my reality. I barely can define if something has happened in a dream or in “reality”. Since a couple of weeks ago, like many of you PAT members, I have witnessed the MPRs that are coming closer to our level, have witnessed the judgement of souls from my soul family and the verdict of their final installment, and had – like in past May and previous ascension attempts – a dream acknowledging the coming ascension.

In this case, the dream was the following. I was with my husband and toddler in my apartment when I receive a message from Jahn. When I start reading it I “see” him sending the message in a very protected place, like a bunker, and I know that the message “tells” me that the ascension is coming in the next moments. Then I think “Jahn knew and didn’t told us!”. So I turn to my husband and daughter and think of putting them in a safer place even though I know that I’m on the 7th level of the building and that we’ll see the floods pass from our windows. I ask them to go to the roof. I sneak through the windows and see a person jogging. I go downstairs and tell him that the event is coming and that he should come with me. He is from Eastern Europe (he looks like Modriç, the football player), smiles, kisses my cheek (I don’t know him from anything even though feels like I’ve seen him before) and agrees to come.

Then I wake up with this message/images in my head to the PAT members:

Dear PAT members,

Light warriors of the first and last hours, I am you and you are me, it is our time to fulfill our assignments. Jahn’s changelings are calling us and many of you are still deaf. We have to stabilize the energy and help mother Gaia during this process. Stop doing all daily chores that steal your precious energy and attention. Those aren’t important anymore, those aren’t real anymore. Focus! We have to unite ourselves and surround Gaia with the golden/violet flame. Call each other during your exercises and be stronger.We have to be till the end, like those priests that stayed maintaining the energy shift in Lemuria.

Don’t be afraid, this is the moment. If you are worried about your loved ones, remember we each have soul contracts and that whatever happens it is THEIR decision. Don’t loose your opportunity for something that you can’t change. During last May failed ascension I was one of the few that chose ascension: in front of me my family appeared while being surrounded by golden light, and I chose God. The cosmic orgasm that Georgi recently wrote about describes the joy and love I felt during my ascension. It was incredible and can’t wait to feel it again! Don’t be afraid! I’ve seen mother Gaia ascended and she is beautiful and wonderful. The colours and brightness can’t compare to what we see in this reality. Let yourselves go. These times are so exciting, and we incarnated in this life to live them. Enjoy them!

Light warriors of the first and last hours, trust yourselves. We all depend on each other. We are one.

In love and light,



September 2, 2014

Dear Georgi,

I read your passage on yesterday post:

“Why am I writing about this issue? Because I know too well that very few of you really believe in your almighty power as Logos Gods and Guardians of the New Universe to gestalt this reality and that you can decisively influence the course of the political events on this and many other timelines, as I am doing consciously since many years.

But this is the only reliable truth. And the sooner you stop denying this fundamental truth and reclaim your sovereignty as Creator Gods, the quicker this humanity will be transformed and we can ascend.”

You’re perfectly right! The most part of your readers (I among them) forget (or don’t fully believe in) the force of their soul. So thank you for reminding us of our almighty power. We know that we have it.

It’s a pleasure to read you.

ciao, Paolo


September 1, 2014

Dear George,

After reading your article of today as well as the one from Jahn, I think my last message to you might seem frivolous and unaware. I assure you that this is not the case! Every time I read your words decrying the current world order and their atrocities I enjoin my mind with the energy of true opposition to these heinous acts and their perpetrators. But, you are right to call us all out on this! We really must make more conscious our understanding of our own power as Logos Gods!

This is no time to sit and merely await our release from this realm. That being said, I was excited to read  Jahn’s letter. It is very well stated and makes the case so clearly, only an imbecile [of which there are many!] could fail to see the point! I am always amazed that the network news repeatedly comments right after whatever current lies about Russian involvement in Ukraine are expressed, that the Russian government denies it, but there has never been ,up to now, any further information; no follow-up to this at all!

People may be beginning to withdraw their belief in these network broadcasts, but it still appears to me that there is very little energy applied to demanding a broader view. The power of our minds, joined in this effort to bring truth and accountability to this remnant of illusion, is the only thing that can be the catalyst for the final shift out of here forever.       

Love and Light,



September 1, 2014

Thanks for the latest on your site Georgi, and the note about chills. I have wondered at times for about the past month how I can be so cold in Florida.



August 31, 2014

Dear Georgi,

About 12:30 PM EDT, I was struck with severe nausea, forcing me to bed. When I awoke around 6:30 EDT, I suffered such severe chills I had to wear a jacket, heavy socks and a stocking cap in 80 degree weather and I was still shivering.

The shivering finally subsided about 7:30 PM EDT and I began to perspire. While this is not the first time this has happened, it is the first time in more than three years.

With love and light,



August 31, 2014

Dear Georgi,

As always your website is full of history in the making.  It is a wonderful reference point for who desires the truth and has the curiosity and will to read through and learn what discernment really means.  The truth will only ever come through for the individual who has the patience to read the information from all parts. The puzzle will only ever come together if all the pieces can be seen, and the bigger picture comes together. Anything less than this will only ever be a part of the picture.

I have recently been reading books from the AMTF, based on the dictations of the Ascended Masters through the authorized messengers  Guy W. Ballard and Geraldine Innocente.  I have copied an excerpt from a book that l found to be in perfect alignment and synchronicity with what you and Jahn are communicating through your websites.  I would like to thank Jahn with all my heart fro his messages.

Reading Babaji’s words from Jahn J. Kassl’s message published yesterday 30 August 2014, from Babaji

“Human Beings Becoming Gods”, and translated by Franz (many thanks!) l found myself resonating very strongly with Babaji’s words and the words l had read (below, l defined the exact sentence in italics and underlined) of how Jesus shows how he centered himself before doing anything. I feel this “I Am” presence very strongly and this simple centering is very loving and powerful. The only difference   to change from the dictation would be “Leaders of Today”!

With Love







August 30, 2014

“…proof that these dark ones have now decided to commit a collective suicide, while attempting to start a genocide on humanity. However, this will not be allowed by us, the new Logos Gods and the Guardians of the new Golden Galaxy.”

YES, most definitely we will not allow that! The time of final crossing and of action is near and almost here. Have been following this and empowering the good guys through my strong intentions and constant projections, but agree, alas, no stretching and no simple way out anymore for this world other than the prophesied end of time and change of this old outworn reality.

Good to see you back again.

Stay healthy ,
Rob Behr


Dearest Georgi,

You have lost all of your followers in Latvia, – with your’s last writings! Including me, too! Please, awake! How can you to name the Putin a “dove of peace”? What happened with you?

Your’s said against Obama and other ruling world leaders is 150% true, without questions, but Putin is tens of times worse! We have here daily tens  of witnesses from Ukraine and daily lies from Russia and feeling to be at treshhold of WW3!

It is madness what Russian troops are making there with civil people, including children! How much towns are simple deleted! Please, read this:

The finish of this world seems to be a little different as said earlier.

Still with Light and Love



Dear Karlis,

I am afraid but you are a victim of your propaganda and I cannot help you. I was a dissident myself at a time (late 6os and early 70s) when all of you believed and complied with communism and do not need to be advised by such people what is true and what is not. I have not lost anything but these people have lost their minds and hence themselves.

By the way if these people have properly read and comprehended my articles, they must know that in a few days the Baltic republics will cease to exist as they will go under in the deluge of the tsunami of the MPR. So why bother about politics? Politics is only an indicator when this hideous drama on this earth will come to an end.




Golden words! Last days I am walking around with the thought – what are we waiting for – Christmas? All the saints are speaking, that all is ready, including GaiaPortal, Aisha etc.

I am still not knowing – who I am? My HS is mute. Why so secrets? Many very good, honest people are knowing nothing about ascension. Why?  Info vacuum.

So I don’t know – to ascend to 5D, or to be lost on the restored and cleaned-up 4th, to grow further. No info.

I have not any fear, any doubts, only to work for people and to live in light and love, with unblocked brains and restored body. And without power-lovers, greedies, banksters and finances!

Good luck and success!



Dear Karlis,

you are doing the absolutely right things and everything else is in God’s hands. I think that ascension can happen any moment from now on and that is why I am following this conflict in Ukraine as it gives me an inkling when this event will come. I have no personal stake in this conflict and know perfectly well that atrocities are committed on both sides.

But from a higher vantage point of view the dark cabal in the West want to establish the NWO and enslave humanity and Russia with Putin are the only obstacle. This does not exclude the fact that Putin opposes the West for pure nationalistic interests. But in this he serves God’s will. I personally detest and reject any military conflict and war. That is why I have taken care that on the upper 4D worlds there will be no more any war, just as no money and banksters, as you wish.

With love and light



August 29, 2014

Dear George,

Observed yesterday a reality where there only existed prisons, traps and parasites. But it was no match for Me and the assistance of so many Ascended Masters, Angels, Source… Usually these sources of darkness seem much… smaller? But now it was like there were countless creations with these properties that were dissolved and cleansed.

Just read the latest article and instantly I thought about the upcoming vote for independence of Scotland. This may be a very pivotal point. I expect them to vote yes, but obviously the dark will try to do something. Rigging elections or forcefully trying to keep control? That will then very well cause the backlash from the people, so that the last clash between dark and light erupts.

Love & Light,


Dear Daniel,

this is a possible outcome of this referendum. No matter how it will end, the legitimacy of the West with respect to such popular votes is questioned and the people no longer believe the current “elite”, which is in fact the scum of society.



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