PAT-Report – September 20, 2014

The Final Cleansing

September 20, 2014

Dear Georgi,

Amazing synchronicity – On Saturday morning after I awoke I became absorbed in reviewing my life and the thread through it that led me to this point where I am now. It was very labour intensive and over whelming at one point and I had to stop, to let things gel so that I can go back to it later. This is something I have never done to this extent and so intricately.

As well, I started writing in my journal after I woke up about family attacks in my dreams where I know very well, that these people wouldn’t dare write me an email about it due to the fact that it would sound ridiculous and they would have to face this aspect of themselves – so, they attack me in my dreams. I stand firm in my dreams with these family members as well.

All this, long before I read the short energy update for September 19thearly in the afternoon.



Dear Laurie,

thank you very much for this very convincing confirmation of our recent experiences. This may be the final resolution of all old family issues that are known to be very stubborn, before we can move upwards.

With love and light



Hi Georgi,

Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know am in sync with everything going on energetically with the PAT and still in India. I hope you are recovering well from your recent operation. I missed reading your updates in between when you had taken a break but was very much in sync with whatever Jahn was posting on his blog. I think I had mentioned to you earlier how uncanny it is that I would think of something and Kahn would post his channeling immediately afterwards with regard to whatever I thought about. July 17th energy wave was especially a hard one for me, where I was hit so bad that along with extreme cc wave symptoms,anxiety attack and  my blood pressure dropped to 84/43 and I almost passed out where I started seeing nothing but white in my vision and felt like I was about to transition to the other side, but again felt no fear and was calm and prepared to transition. Luckily my mother saw me in the condition and did the needful to help raise my bp and I came out of it. These anxiety symptoms come out of the blue with intensity and disappear very fast too as I close my eyes to meditate and breath.  I know I am cleansing intensively for the collective.

What I wanted to share with you was that there is a strange calmness that pervades my senses now. For example, I was in a car accident recently. It was the other guys mistake when he rear ended me without braking in rush hour. Dented the car quite a bit. Indian traffic police suck and I had to get out of the car and fight with these guys in the middle of the highway, to make sure that they would give me their license and register the accident in the police station so we could file for insurance. Well the strange thing is that when we got hit, I was not too taken aback, my kids and I didn’t get hurt, and more so I had NO anger or upset feelings towards the driver. When I got down to deal with them I knew I had to actually feign anger or being upset to play the role I had to play at that moment so that I could get the necessary paperwork done without them running away. This is not just one incident where I have felt so surreal but in another incident when I had been back in US, one guy had practically run me over in a parking lot and I felt no fear or anger towards the offender. Only calm and peace inside me. This is an ongoing theme with me these days. I have had couple of interesting experiences socially where a freon;d friend with lower vibrations attacked me verbally in a nasty and obnoxious manner with me not having said or done anything and while he was doing it, I felt like he was totally under control of negative force and wasn’t “alive” anymore. This guy then was rebuked so badly by the rest of my friends circle that he had to leave finally, meanwhile I just gently pointed out to him bad attitude, again with no anger or expectation of apologies. These attack episodes have been frequent but with no damage to me. All I have is this surreal feeling that everything is an illusion and I am just playing the role assigned to me at any given moment, knowing this is not going to last and everything will turn out fine.

On the personal front, things are going very peacefully between my husband and me. He got a great job offer in California and has moved our house there, my children have been enjoying our stay in India and visited him last summer which went enjoyably. They have picked up Hindi language beautifully. I have joined a one year degree course in Yoga therapy and am content going to school and doing lots of yoga. I have been getting downloads of creative visions of what I will be doing in future and I am just receiving them to see where they might lead. They are related to art, poetry music and literature and how they can be tied together. I have also been getting clear visions of my past life where I can actually see an entire movie reel being downloaded where I can see silhouettes of people and places. My third eye area sees waves of energy when I close or even if I open it and look around me. Lots of opportunities for potential work dropping in my lap from all quarters, but I am only focused on the grand shift in front of us and am doing nothing as I wait for a clear cue to start work. It seems like I might move back to California next year unless we decide to stay one more year here in India. But I am going with the flow and not making any demands to the universe as I really am done on the desire aspect.  Just open to divine guidance, completely surrendered to Love and only focused on the highest good of all. Nothing else interests me or catches my attention and I feel very dedicated towards the reason I came to Earth for. I am an all or nothing person Georgi and every single human being in my consciousness will be uplifted as I feel only Love towards them as well as myself.

Sending you lots of Love and Blessings, dear Captain.



Dear Pinakini,

thank you very much for your comprehensive and very lucid report about your recent energetic and other experiences. First of all I am happy to hear that your family life unfolds to the best of your desires.

Indeed, we no longer belong to this holographic reality and are like avatars that may trigger some karmic dramas for the others to experience as to be confronted with their dark sides. Although it may seem superficially that we have been attacked by such people, it is as if we are covered with teflon and cannot suffer from any burning attacks, figuratively speaking. In other words, we are now dwelling on a much higher frequency platform, from where we can interact with this reality, but this reality cannon affect us in any way. This is very important to observe these days, as not to fall pray to some old karmic dramas in our environment and close family circles. These dramas are for them and not for us, even though we may trigger them.

The synchronicities you describe are another major sign that we have now entered the final phase of simultaneity before the ID shift and our ascension will take place.

With love and light



Dear Georgi,

I have been absorbing the information on your magnificant website for a little over 3 months (time has become the Now for me and I rarely check clocks as I clearly see the illusion). I am thanking you for your love and guidance as it has helped me confirm exactly what I have been going through. Needless to state through this site and Suzanne Lie’s website I have re-discovered ‘ME’. This is truly beyond anything that I could have imagined.

My son, who is 15 years old, has been working as a Light Warrior whilst in his sleep. We always discuss our dreams and find the correct meaning of these visions/dreams. However, there is one particular vision/dream that my son has had, on the night of 19th September 2014 that has giving me a profound feeling of awe for him. I will give you a brief description of what he told me as I believe that he has show me how truly powerful we are:

Dream – I was in a hospital type environment, you and Mum was there explaining to me that we do not die, that we ascend, then suddenly you and Mum had gone and there was Doctors all around me. The Doctors was telling me that I will die if I don’t take the pills, I refused and told them that I can not die, that I will ascend to the source. The Doctors told me that it’s not true, that I must take these pills or I would die, be snuffed out to never exist again, I still refused the pills. The Doctors became very angry and then proceeded to ram the pills in my mouth, as the Doctor’s was trying to do this to me they had changed from being concerned to being very nasty to me. I spat all the pills out, at this point I changed into a being of Light and exploded the light from within me, the light encased all that I could perceive. The Doctors (dark beings) became very scared and angry, they tried to block my Light with darkness, they didn’t stand a chance, my Light engulfed literally everything, the Doctor’s began to shrink to a very small dark spot until they puffed out of existent in little small puff’s of light. I felt nothing but love and started to float towards a beautiful white light that made me feel as if I was going to vibrate completely away. Then I found myself awake in bed still vibrating for a few minutes. End of Dream.

There have been a few other dreams where he has been scouting under ground bunkers and also rescuing souls from the sea where the boat has been damaged, he told me that these people from the boat was so frightened with the water flooding their lungs, that him and what he believes is his twin soul was pulling them back onto the damaged boat, once all the souls was back on the boat, all of them ascended in a flash of magnificent Light. He told me this as soon as he woke up, later that morning, to my surprise I was checking the news on Ukraine and on this site I was guided to an article about a boat with immigrants that had a very bad accident, my HS informed me that my son was at this location in the ‘NOW’ doing his duty of his soul.

He also has had dark attacks at school, not just from soulless students but also teachers, he immediately recognised the attacks and calls in the higher Light and then these attacks have no affect on him, he told me that to protect him all he has to do is send love and Light to them which instantly defuses any attack. He told me about these dark attacks and that evening I read a post from Kassl about his son Noah also being attacked by the dark. It all fits together so beautifully all I can do is feel such intense love.

In Love and Light to all brave souls.

Rob De Havilland
Southeast UK


Dear Rob,

thank you very much for contacting me for the first time and for your appreciation of my website. Your son must be indeed a magnificent light warrior and you should be very proud of him.

Can you please tell me, where you live, so that I can make the association.

With love and light



Thankyou for a reply, I was not expecting one. We live in a town called Faversham in the county of Kent UK, and yes, I’m very proud of him. I now believe that he has been ‘awake’ most of his life and that it has been my son (Kane) who has gifted me with an ‘awakening’. Of course I can go on for a while about some of the most marvellous things that he is capable of,  but I won’t as I have 15 years worth!

Georgi, thanks always, going deep into one’s self is the only way to gain truth and sound guidance, but like you have said so many times, you have to make big changes no matter how hard, you only guidance is within you.


September 19, 2014


Until the lightworkers of the first and last hour appear before humanity as Ascended Masters the others cannot awaken.  Not all claiming to be a lightworker is truly one of us.  These are the ones who have failed.  There has been no failure on the part of true light workers.

Charlotte Smith

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