Meaning of All Life – Part II

Conversation with Sananda
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 8, 2014
first published on September 18, 2014 in

translated by Franz

JJK: The message of yesterday (“Echo from Space-Time”, Asana Mahatari) once again illustrated the “failure” of many human Beings to attain ascension. Was there really no other possibility?

SANANDA: I bless every human Being, who follows these words and I bless the world, which has found the trace of the Light!

Why do so many fail?

Was there another possibility for the outcome of this cosmic game? What was and still is, are infinitely many possibilities, potentials, which occur, manifest or stay away; and either wishful scenarios stay or they fulfill in another world, in another hologram. Thinking linearly, this means that there were, simply said, two fundamental scenarios for this world in a linear development:1) The complete destruction of the planet and the extinction of all human life on it, and

2) The ascension to a new dimension, at its designated space-time and this is due to a sustainable base vibration, which human Beings create on their own.

As is known to you, the second scenario has occurred. Everything went on its way, until we reached the point of no return of all ascension processes. Therefore after it was certain that this planet shall uplift into the Light and also will, the spiritual Light flooding on earth from the central Sun increased considerably. This affected the awakening of individual human Beings and more and more began to long for the Light and oriented toward it. Then it occurred what was not necessarily expected as such, even though the potential existed: Human Beings in great numbers failed to give emphasis to their soul wish of entering into the Light and to become Light themselves. They let only slight deeds follow this fundamental soul orientation of their own transformation and the return into the Light. The transformation work essentially stayed away from those, who we are talking about here and who are stranded now.

Thereby we are facing a situation that very many light warriors fall off the path and can no longer bear the higher and higher vibrating light flooding that reaches earth.

Furthermore, the forces of darkness have foiled and impaired this process of the ascension of mankind by all means, once it became obvious. With the declared goal to dissuade as many human Beings as possible from this undertaking, whereby cleverly and wherever possible, confusion, irritation and doubt was disseminated.

This way the dark forces began to occupy foremost those light warriors, who were inspired by the wish of their own ascension, yet were missing the willingness to give enough emphasis with all consequences to it. This lack of willingness to put one’s own transformation work above anything else, made these human Beings vulnerable and an easy target for the powers of darkness.

These human Beings, due to their behavior, could not partake to the necessary extent in the encompassing protection of Heaven, in the encompassing energetic self-protection and in God’s Grace. Any insight requires the purification of the inner condition, which blocks this insight and this has been neglected by those, who now remain behind – with the consequences, which are described here.

As was heralded repeatedly, the half-enlightened ones were satisfied with half-truths and often it was not even that. Thereby the dark ones could easily reach these human Beings, due to their unresolved fears and blockages, due to their own unresolved issues and belief patterns.

Such human Beings still cannot enter into the kingdom of Heaven, because they do not possess the vibration field for it. Even the actual vibration on earth cannot hold such a Being and the drifting to very sluggish vibrational conditions is the consequence and takes its disastrous course.

Yes, it could have been different and in other worlds it also came differently, because the change, due to every new decision in the Now, reinvents itself. Thereby the only constant is that this change is irreversible and that the day of days comes ever closer.

Why do the Dark Ones continue to exist?

JJK: This means also that the dark ones have to leave this world and they have lost the game in this world; yet that they will continue their doings in another world, like since time immemorial? This is a situation, which preoccupies me.

SANANDA: Yes, it is a fact that the dark forces, even though very decimated because many of these Beings will be inhaled into the prime Source of All-That-Is, meaning that they totally forfeit their individuality, that these dark forces will still receive a platform for their intentions. Why?

Because many human Beings still have not exhausted this game of illusion, have not ended it, and foremost some Beings in God’s Creation would like to try it for the first time. This has the consequence that after eons of years such a sacred moment for the ascension of such a world into the fifth dimension will be offered again. Many of us will also be present then and we will provide our knowledge and our Love, and thereby our worship for Creation will continue.

Success and Dynamic of the Ascension

Everything happens simultaneously. What in the perception of time are eons, is actually just a blink of the eye of the Creator or in the perception of a Being liberated from time and space. The success of the ascension lies in the fact that the dark forces in this world must withdraw from this world, which as a matter of fact was sanctified for the demise, and that this world is uplifting. And this process heads for the final discharge, we are in the middle of it.

It is the merit of those light warriors, who persistently and despite all adversities withstood all attacks and every imposition in this space-time, and still do, so that this potential is fulfilled; and it is the merit of those, who never strayed from the path of the Light. Therefore, the most proven light warriors of numerous epochs were sent to this world – now – and this is how this success became possible. All in all, we face an incredible dynamic:

1) the development of new worlds.

2) the dispatch of humanity to new worlds and

3) the transfiguration of all life on this Mother planet of ascension. Now.

One-eyed among the Blind

JJK: What preoccupies me also again and again is the fact that many human Beings believe that they have awakened, but really have not. These are fundamentally ambitious light warriors, who have attained certain insights and very often are traded as “one-eyed among the blind”. These have, and this is widely distributed, a totally insufficient self-perception and often an inflated self-esteem.

Many issues, which they believe to have recognized, are unrecognized and the fundamental work remains undone. Is there an “awakening experience”, an “awakening possibility” for these human Beings before the final event will make everything irreversible?

SANANDA: Possibilities for awakening exist at every moment! Some recognize these windows of opportunity and many not. The arrogance of many still unconscious human Beings is founded on the fact that their Being is overlaid and undermined by very many negative forces and dark energies. Thereby, they do not gain free access to their actual “construction site” inside.

Furthermore, these human Beings dispose of a very low capacity for perseverance and are very susceptible to frustration. These human Beings do not possess the perseverance in any weather. Meaning, the endurance and the capacity to bear supposed setbacks is marginally pronounced. Yet this characteristic is very significant if one is fully dedicated to one’s ascension, one’s redemption and the uplifting of the world.

Fundamentally, these false assessments of one’s stage of development are based on issues of inferiority and the lack of longing for God. Once these inferiorities are redeemed, much will be redeemed. New opportunities for self-recognition are repeatedly given to these human Beings, until the last of all days. It is also worth knowing that these human Beings in most cases represent a medium soul age and have not fully exhausted the experiences in a light-starved world. This is the reason why the longing for God is not protuberant, otherwise such a human Being would have no longer an interest in this game of illusion, no matter how beautiful and seductive it may seem.

JJK: Meaning that many middle age souls consider themselves to be old souls?

SANANDA: Yes, which can be traced back to issues of inferiority, because in the spiritual scene an old soul receives a certain degree of “homage”, a soul of medium age does not receive any of this. Therefore human Beings are quickly there, explicitly or inexplicably, to give themselves the aura of an old soul.

The issue for these human Beings is to recognize their own status, and this issue is gladly negated, solely in order to belong to the light warriors of the first and last hours. Some “healers” and “magicians” of the current time are also involved in this, giving themselves the aura of a Guru, without really possessing it or the least being worthy of it.

JJK: How are the light warriors of the first and last hours described, how can they be recognized, how are they defined?

Attributes of True Light Warriors

SANANDA: All old souls carry this description, those, who are fully conscious of their assignments and who have placed themselves in the service of the ascension. Furthermore, these are the captains of the ascension, who can never be led astray from the course, who deserve this title and foremost the “Great Ones” are herewith described. In short: All are meant by it, who with every fiber of their Being, devote themselves absolutely and without compromise to the processes of entering this world into the Light, as one speaks of the “light warriors of the first and last hours”.

These are mostly old prophets, great Saints, already enlightened ones, Gurus, high Initiates of many times, who fulfill their common service in this world. A soul of medium soul age can never do justice to the description of a light warrior of the first and last hours, and therefore it is inappropriate to claim this description. Who has never tasted the first, nor the last hour of an inner struggle lives at a secure distance from genuine perception.

JJK: How can a human Being find out for himself, if he is a light warrior of this kind? Many times we talk about it and many feel addressed – but not all are included.

SANANDA: Each human Being, who has the slightest courage for self-reflection, knows it exactly. Thereby it is important to understand that most human Beings do not want this illusion taken away from them, as well as other illusions. Therefore, this question goes ad absurdum, because there are barely any self-proclaimed light warriors, who want to be dissuaded from this standpoint, which is useful to them and which flatters by all means. This can only be a process of experiences through many incarnations, yet not a realization for which the time has not come yet.

JJK: The soulless and empty human shells preoccupy me also very often. How do these human Beings perceive these events and can we help these Beings in any way?

The Character of soulless Human Beings

SANANDA: These Beings cannot consciously perceive these upheavals. Their subconscious has knowledge of it; therefore they swing between fear and ignorance, in order not to petrify before the day X. These Beings experience pain and suffering, yet are not capable to see these conditions in a larger context or to redeem these. This is an unconscious state of human existence, in which very many Beings actually dwell.

After the great event these human Beings will return into the Light, where they remain as long as they are willing to make new discoveries and are prepared for a new life in one of the new worlds. The assessment and reorientation occur beyond the veil. The light warriors of the first and last hours can directly do very little for these Beings, unless, God’s fields of Grace make possible the seemingly impossible. Generally, it is true for the actual light warriors of the first and last hours:

You were truly given other and new assignments than those human Beings, who in God’s care look forward to their further evolution and are saved from harm.

JJK: How does one encounter these human Beings and in general all Beings, which shut themselves off from the change, in the most appropriate manner? What is the right thing to think, to sense and to do?

SANANDA: Think lovingly without denying the Status Quo. Feel empathy without sliding into mercy, act decisively, as these forces besiege you and you are pulled into their energies.

The latter is widely distributed, because they charge themselves in your Light for a short while, which takes a lot out of you. Meaning: Stay away from these Beings and use your light sword and useful invocations, because such forces still affect this world massively. It is essential to adopt an appropriate inner attitude. And this one is determined in the feeling of empathy. Free from judgment, far from frustration, beyond any human perspective of things and all-one with God’s plan.

I bless this world with these words to these questions. I bless every human Being, who brings down my blessing to himself and who guides my Light into his Being, because truly: Who knows me, knows the essence of empathy, knows the almightiness of Love and foremost knows Self.

I am

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