Interplay of Forces

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 14, 2014
first published on September 24, 2014 in

translated by Franz

Report: I am in the sauna and register today three men, which seem to me to be very purified and straight. Manner of expression, body language and appearance in general let me draw this conclusion. An assessment, which in most cases does not apply to such a location, as well as to many locations in the old world. One of the men finds a sharp razor blade, which lies freely on one of the benches. After this object had been removed, which could have caused serious injury and was placed there out of negligence or consciously, we all shook our heads. (End of report)

Interpretation JJK: This scene describes that it is still necessary to remain vigilant and careful. Because even also there, where one does not assume it, uninvited guests can interfere and create much chaos. This small incidence shows how the forces act in an actual situation in this world: The dark utilizes every opportunity in order to create mischief and the light warriors are urged to remain wide awake and to expose every situation to their Light – until the last day of days.(End of interpretation)

Beloved Ones,


Indeed, until last this game of illusion, which now loses its strength, is characterized by the great controversy between light and darkness, good and evil, life and death.

A struggle, which the ascending ones have overcome long ago, yet for those, who are still not fully interlocked with the affairs of the ascension, it occurs day after day. The vigilance, the being awake in daily life, guarantees you that uninvited guest will stay far away and foreign occupations will not occur.

Who presumes an open razor blade in a sauna on one of the benches? And who presumes in one’s immediate and familiar environment weakening and paralyzing forces, which block the ascension energy, lower the will for ascension of a human Being or even minimize it?

Be aware that you have already ascended and be aware that this level still needs to attain this reality. Until then, the game of the dark ones continues, until then and no instance longer.

Remain vigilant, wide awake and in Trust

Therefore, encounter life carefully and remain in trust. Avoid fundamental mistrust, yet remain vigilant in every moment of your day, because the dark does not shy away from anything and also looks for new ways in order to divert light warriors from their path or block their pathways.

This scene points to all those human Beings, who cannot imagine the unimaginable. And it is unimaginable that friends turn away and behave hostile toward you, that families dissolve and familiar environments suddenly feel alien.

Everything changes, while the “interplay of the forces” continues until the very end. And only those, who have fully dedicated their life to God and their devotion is absolute, will at the end attain the seal of eternal Life and enter into their own Glory.

The path has been paved for the ascending ones. Stride with secure steps through the last space-time upheavals as vigilant warriors: ubiquitously apply courage, where it is needed, decisiveness, where necessary, power of distinction in every situation, and equanimity.

Thereby, before the disastrous ones exercise their disastrous power over you, you remain ­free of what shapes this world to its end: The interplay of forces.

I am with you, today and at all time,

I am

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