Latest News on the Ukraine Conflict

by Georgi Stankov, August 29, 2014

As predicted the conflict in Ukraine is stipulating. The acts of aggression on the part of the West are now culminating as the dark elite can no longer keep its nastiness for themselves, but must spew it out onto the whole humanity.

While Putin is showing good will on every occasion  to mitigate the crisis, the madmen in the West can only resort to venomous attacks that only reveal their true nature. Like the US envoy in UN, who followed the Bulgarian saying “the thief cries, hold the thief” and accused Russia of lying, while the US government and the EU are lying all the time at the governmental level and through their MSM and do not even notice it.

In these days the ruling cabal in the West behave like somnambulists, but this time there will be a very nasty awakening for them.

Here is a selection of the latest news on the Ukraine crisis that clearly show the anticipated rapid escalation, which is carried by the new source waves of revelation and resolution and will soon lead to more irrational behavior and subsequent demise of the Western ruling cabal. It is like watching a Greek tragedy and knowing how it will end and not being able to prevent its dreadful outcome, because all protagonists are petrified by their vices and dark patterns and blindly follow their way to perdition.

Corridor: Putin calls on Ukraine militia to let out surrounded Kiev ,

Lavrov: No proof given for Western allegations about Russian troops in Ukraine

Ukraine president blames military failure on deserting commanders

Over 60 Ukrainian troops cross into Russia seeking refuge

Kiev, rise up!’ Protesters demand ouster of Ukrainian president, defense minister

Impressive Video: You abandoned us!’ Ukrainian soldiers & families despair over Kiev failures

Video: Putin says situation in Ukraine reminds him of Second World War.

US rebukes Russia: ‘Stop lying about Ukraine’

Nato accuses Russia of violating Ukraine sovereignty

Poland bars Russian minister’s jet from airspace

 Watch also this excellent discussion in CrossTalk, RT:

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