Energy Update – August 3, 2014

The MPR Have Commenced on this Uppermost 4D Mother Planet
Georgi Stankov

The magnetic pole reversals (MPR) have commenced on the lowest timelines / holograms of this uppermost 4D mother planet, on which we now dwell, in the night of August 2nd.

I and Carla were fully involved in the triggering of these MPR that caused indescribable shock, pain and suffering of billions of empty, soulless human duplicates on these timelines, as we have personally experienced it in the most depressing and debilitating manner in the last 48 hours. I am sure that all the true PAT members and light warriors of the first and the last hours have made the same experience. We also were witnesses, how this MPR hit one particular lower timeline, which we visited yesterday, before we were rapidly and most dramatically removed to a higher timeline.

These MPR will now continue to encompass all timelines and parallel holograms in a domino effect, before they will reach this uppermost 4D mother planet, which is the final interception of these 4D holograms. Most probably this will happen during or shortly after my operation in Munich. I expected the beginning of these MPR before my travel to Munich and surgery and this is now the most clear indication that the final process of ascension has truly commenced, and I am happy to give you this confirmation now, one day before my departure to Munich, Germany.

It is equally true that we shall ascend before the MPR will reach this uppermost 4D mother earth, because our energetic, electromagnetic fields are now of global proportions, and they are not supposed to be damaged by such a devastating singularity event. Instead, we shall ascend as a group shortly before that, as Babaji has just announced in his message to me and Jahn’s other sources have been repeatedly informing us for the last year or so. The same holds true for our sources, such as the Elohim.

Hence we are fully on schedule and ascension will happen this month. There is no longer any doubt about it.

You should be now very careful, as we experience at present an incredible compression of all parallel holograms and timelines in this reality, where the boundaries between them are rapidly dissolving, before they can be separated interdimensionally once and for all. This would say that you may experience sudden encounters with archons and reptilians from lower timelines, as was the case with us on August the 1st, when a reptilian entered our room and wanted to harm Carla, who was taken to the Mothership for healing at that time. She saw him though with her third eye and told me about his presence in a trance state. I immediately annihilated this dark reptilian entity with my light saber and it disappeared for ever.

Other members of the PAT have reported similar encounters recently. Hence use indomitably your light sabers immediately when you sense negative energies around you and do not hesitate to do so, even if it may be one time too much. Better you do this cleansing procedure too often than neglect your protection in these last most turbulent days, when chaos is beginning to reign, before the final separation between darkness and light can take place or before we have ascended, which will be shortly before the final culmination and confrontation of the forces of light with that of darkness and will lead to the demise of the dark elite from power. This will coincide with our appearance as ascended masters and Logos Gods on this uppermost timeline in order to take over the leadership of humanity.

Stay confident and centered in your inner core these days and know with certainty that all is well and that we have already won. The most exciting phase in our present incarnation has already commenced.

Addendum (14.00 PM)

I have just received a message from Jahn, which he himself has received from Sananda less than an hour ago. Here is the quotation that confirms one more time the beginning of the MPR on lower timelines of this uppermost 4D mother planet, which is the frame of reference of our existence, and announces their imminent arrival on this reality:

“Different levels experience in these days a magnetic transformation, which means that this will have impact on this level of your frame of reference, before this world is fully encompassed by it (the MPR). “
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