New Dimensions

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 30, 2013
first published in English on November 3, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov


I am in St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna to host a light reading. Only a few people have come in this great nave and on top of that, these people behave in such a loud and inappropriate manner, that I cancel the light reading without further ado. However, I remain in the church. After the troublemakers have left the church, I declare that the light reading will be continued. In response, the church fills with a lightning speed with people till the last seat is occupied, even a well-known society reporter is there, and I, myself, have to struggle to find a place to write, because I do not sit at the front altar or otherwise at a higher visible place. (End of dream)

Interpretation (HS of JJK):

This dream confirms the current developments concerning the light readings and also global developments, after the angels have arrived, have adopted physical bodies and are incarnated. In no time, this world will change and a new longing for the light will spread among the people (full church). What is so far happening very slowly and tenaciously (troublemakers before the light reading) now receives a significant thrust because the “troublemakers” are gone. The ” society reporter ” shows that these events are now of great public interest and on the other hand, in principle and globally, an new approach to true spiritual events opens up.

The big church (St. Stephen’s cathedral) symbolizes the dimension of the spiritual space, the spiritual environment in which the light readings now occur and where humanity extends. That Jahn, like all the people sits in the audience, points out to the equality and unity of mankind. ( End of interpretation)

Loved ones,

Fast-paced and consistently will the new levels be created now and a new consciousness begins to prevail in this world. The unripe fruits remain on the tree or will be brought to ripeness on a different level, while the mature souls create a new world and a new society. Increasingly rare do troublemakers enter your life – it will become peaceful, harmonious and beautiful, and yet it remains infinitely exciting and thrilling.

For man loves tension, excitement and wonder, and of this you shall receive in abundance. Tension and excitement in order to harvest relaxation and peace are poles between which a human consciousness, no matter how aware it is of itself, undulates and this pendulum is the most natural impulse of an incarnate being, because this means movement and evolution, means to be opened up to life in full amazement.

The excitement and tension keep the flow of life in progress and ensure that this living water never stops and degenerates to a cesspool, because it cannot flow in any direction any more. Standing waters that cannot flow anywhere decay, emanate stench and are good for nothing. So it is with the human souls and with those souls who still cherish shallow images of life and love.

Love is alive, which means full of emotions and feelings, it is not a standing water. Love is the synthesis of emotions such as happiness and grief. That is, these feelings may, should and must be lived, perceived and acted out before inwardly everything calms in you. The most important thing is to never get stuck in feelings, because that makes the flow of life to come to a standstill, just as the love that gets lost in permanent niceties and in the intoxication of pity comes to a grinding halt.

Tension and excitement, these emotions now determine the time. Positive, creative and free should the people engage in the construction of the new world at those levels, you refer to as the upper most of the 4D-realms and where the angels now incarnate. The love lives on through all the states it evokes – and it dies, when it is too early converted into all-love, i.e. before its many forms of expression have been lived and experienced. Too early means, when a man negates his feelings and sensations which the love triggers, and has never lived them.

Live the hatred, live the joy, live the grief, live the anger – and then let them all go. In this field of tension the current time evolves before it goes directly into ascension. Once again, it is necessary to keep alive the flow of life, once again it is necessary to accept one’s life with everything and not omit anything. You are humans and you can overcome humanity only after you have experienced completely your human being.

Suppression does not help and neither does the disregard of actual conditions that have set quietly but firmly in your hearts like a poison that slowly takes possession of your mind, body and soul and transforms your being into a lifeless whole, before it dies. Live and be whole! Now it comes down to this. Once again, it is the time of “great emotions” – before you depart and return to God .

Never hold on anything and be aware of how life feels. Do not deny anything, take everything and let go of everything. Continue faithfully with the redemption of all your still repressed inner desires and longings, stay focused on what you want to experience, but have never dared or were allowed to do. Be whole! Suppressed emotions now come up and will flood you until you go under, because you deny them or until you understand their deep meaning and accept them because you now comprehend that the love here has prepared a wonderful gift for you.

Standing waters are obsolete now, the time, in which the sewers are dried up, has arrived. Discharges of large scale are the logical consequence, so that a sound peace can be achieved. Discharges of the still unredeemed and unlived feelings of the people, until all the nations and states are fully encompassed by them.

Before peace reigns, there will be chaos! However, a creative and productive chaos, and not the one that only destroys and leaves a scorched world. Give yourself now to your own chaos. Where do your feelings rebel, where do your emotions revolt against the “light and love illusion”, where do you want to say “no” and where you say, contrary to your feelings, still “yes”? Before the churches fill with people and before the light gains relevance for the mainstream, the people who now live in discord with themselves, will be cured and cleansed. This will happen in many ways.

Just bear in mind that this also affects you, in case you carry repressed feelings in yourself, in case you have locked away what scares you in the deepest recesses of your soul. Love is all – love resolves everything. And the All-Love is the sacred tool of those who have recognized, lived and believed the many faces of the earthly love.


The master of transformation that has a whole new meaning these days. Keep trying now with all your heart to help this world ascend and to free yourselves of all superfluous and harmful mental images.

In infinite love

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