The U.S. Queer Club

by Lisa J. G., October 18, 2013

Dear Georgi –

As an additional thread to your recent investigations of Obama, you may want to take a deeper , longer look at the hidden history of Homosexual/ Bisexual people in power. Here in the USA, it’s the “Queer Club” that runs the place.

Previously in my  life, as a native born Arizonan and Real Estate Executive, I was heavily involved in Politics. I worked behind the scenes as a campaign contributor and fundraiser for both parties.  My lobbying issues involved private property and water rights, so I did not care which party did the legislation  – just that it got passed, period. These “Pols” were a daily part of my life for many years in AZ..

I know Janet Napolitano is a lesbian for a fact. She began her career decades ago, in my native Arizona (AZ) as a US Attorney, which is a Federal Appointment. This job requires candidates to be exhaustively vetted prior to being awarded the position. The Federal Government knew all about little Janet way back then, long before she was elected Governor of Arizona, and decades before her next Federal Appointment as Chief Officer, Department  of Homeland Security (DHS).  She just resigned from that position.

Napolitano is closeted publicly, but not to people in her daily life. Her father was a staunch Italian-American-Catholic and she very much was keeping this lifestyle on the down -low from him – especially and specifically. She was terrified of what her father would think, more so than what the public would do to her career. He must be out of the picture, for I see that there are many rumors in the media about how she extracted sexual favors from female underlings on the job, something she would literally kill to keep her father from seeing/ hearing. She had steady lovers while in AZ, all women who worked with her, but she cut loose when she went to DC. She began what seems to be a common practice of  having many sexual encounters with people in lesser positions – once one is at the DC level of power. The set of people around her, both lobbying for her and puppeteering her at the same time, include Hillary Clinton. The “Hill” is a well known serial lesbian, whose lovers are mainly from the pool of close administrative assistants she has had over the years-starting in her Arkansas days as the wife of then Governor, Bill “Slick Willy” Clinton. Very interesting coincidence, Georgi,  that each has recently left her High-Level Post.

On her way to DC, Napolitano sold her Soul to the Fascists; she was THE key to privatization of the State Prisons in AZ. Not surprisingly, these private prison companies were then THE key behind the controversial set of laws passed in AZ on immigration and illegal police stops, searches, detention based on race; illegal immigrant Latinos are the supposed target. It has opened the door for all State-level and down (i.e.- all local) Law Enforcement to stop and interrogate and detain “brown people” in theory; it is used/ abused on ALL people in practice. The private prisons, now the only kind of  prison in AZ,  are where these unfortunate victims are held. The State receives money from the Fed Govt ($50/day/prisoner), which is then passed through, along with added AZ Taxpayers’ money, to pay the contracts of the private companies that run the prisons.

Janet Napolitano  wrecked our State on her way up to DC. Her lesbian activity was what they used to control her – the Fascists – in order that she would compromise our State and US Constitution to do it. They threatened to out her to her father – a fate much worse to her than loosing her “job”. Then, when in DC, she was instrumental in setting up the Department of Homeland Security – which is nothing more than the shadow government, waiting in the wings for the President to declare martial law, which is when they will take power.

This” Queer Club” in our politics has deep deep roots, going back to Eleanor Roosevelt and the most powerful one of that Era – J. Edgar Hoover, initial Head of the FBI.

Also worthy of note is the history of homosexual initiation and hazing rituals within our Military Colleges. Most heavily engaged are the Naval and AirforceAcademies-and the Career-Officers that these produce. These activities are a way of “black-mailing” and taking hostage the careers and allegiances of the participants. Most of the highest ranking officers from all of our military branches are practicing homosexuals/ bisexuals, some are married as a cover, but many are “single”. The ones who are really “heterosexual”, but still find it compulsory, as career preservation, to participate in these parties allow fellatio to be performed on them by the underling victims.

These hazing rituals all involve humiliation, bondage/ SM, an  orgy-like atmosphere with copious amounts of alcohol and other intoxicants.(Who invited Caligula ?? laffn.) This conditions and desensitizes them to the really dark kinds of sexual activity such as bondage/ SM, border-line pedophilia in that they seek “younger looking” victims, and “anal virgins” as a premium, etc.  Recall “Operation Tailhook“, it was the first one of these hazing parties that became public knowledge via the media attention it got. They trotted out a female victim of rape as a distraction because it was primarily a “Queer Club” initiation ritual for males. “Tailhook” is Navy slang for “male to male anal sex orgy.”

I have first hand knowledge of all of this as more than a few of my male family members have graduated from our Military Academies – for several generations, including the current one of 18-25 year-olds. Most have had or are now having prominent military careers, and were exposed to this ritual, firstly at the Academy. They knew of or witnessed participation of the highest ranking officers as their own careers progressed. Those accounts are both in this current time, and include – at least – the past 70 years. I am talking about the very men who would be in charge under martial law now – and the ones who were/ are instrumental in all of our “wars” in the 20th and 21st century.

There was a very brave military wife who came forward a few years ago. She exposed some of the highest ranking men in the Marine Corp and she was completely persecuted for it – it ruined her bourgeois life for sure. Her name is Kay Griggs and there are at least 2 videos on the web of her being interviewed in depth about the “Queer Club” specifically.

The “Queer Club” is very powerful in the USA; I would say THE MOST POWERFUL PEOPLE are in this “Club”.

Hope you find it at least interesting to ponder how deep, and how far back in time, this really goes in America. Know that this is how the dark cabal gains control over people who seek power in American Politics and the Military. Sex and Money – they go together… along with Caligula’s personal Skype Account.  Smiles.

I remain a humble servant and observer of All-That-Is,

Lisa J G


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