Sealing of the Aura

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 15, 2013
first published in English on October 19, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

by Georgi Stankov

This latest message of Buddha is highly significant, since it fully confirms my assessment of the energetic situation just before our ascension and the initiation of the MPR on our timelines. We experienced the MPR at the 12th level of 4D earth on October 11th, when this timeline, which encompasses the last dark beings on Gaia, was then sealed forever. I have reported about this in detail in my article  on October 12th:

The MPR Hit 12th Level of 4D Earth on October 11 to Avoid a Nuclear War. Our Ascension Is Imminent.

The turbulences that were triggered by this last MPR in the 4th dimension had to dissipate before the epochal transformations of the earth’s crust, and our ascension can take place on these upper timelines that are now firmly embedded in 5D. The time now seems ripe for this. A few days ago we were warned by Asama Mahatari to protect us from attacks by the soulless, synthetic beings that inhabit this timeline in the majority, and now we get the confirmation that our energy fields have become impenetrable and the dark archons in the astral planes can no longer reach us.

Thus, the final decision for our ascension has already been taken and our actual transfiguration into crystalline light body sealed. Nothing can happen to us any more as we have fulfilled all our duties to the fullest satisfaction. We just have to wait patiently for the detonation of the PAT supernova and our ascension, as I was told in a dream this night.

And please, do not let yourselves be irritated by this uneventful lull before the storm. The ego still craves for “action” and makes you restless at this time. Action will soon come, and this more than enough, but from all that we, the first ascenders, will not notice anything because we will find ourselves in higher dimensions. Many of you will ascend in fact beyond the 5D and will probably not return to the new 5D Earth.

Thus, the long awaiting is finally over. Now the last short phase prior to the storm and our ascension has commenced.

Buddha’s message

The last tears have gone! Where the realization takes place, the sorrow ends and comprehension is the only key to remain unaffected by the suffering that is attracted by millions.

Dear Creators!

The suffering of the others no longer reaches you. Remain now and be wholly all-one with yourselves and start to ascend far and beyond this world. The awareness of a Buddha is gazing steadfastly into the world and this awareness will be awakened now in all the people, who will return back into the light, so that the various levels and the variety of events will not tear any new wounds in their hearts.

Like the individual holograms that were sealed as to remain unaffected by cosmic twists, the layers of the human aura will now be sealed, so that these people can return back unscathed from the great epic battle that already takes place. Where a person is cleared and cleaned, where everything in a human vibrates with the divine light, an energetic foundation will be created that makes any unauthorized access impossible.

This is significant especially for you, who are watching this madness of the time full of compassion and need to be very careful that you are not seized by this madness in any way  – now, prior to your ascension.

Macrocosm and microcosm. What happens to the worlds, is now also available for the individual in reality:

The sealing of the nature of the ascending beings, so that the pain of the unconscious humanity never penetrates into the energy system of a redeemed person. From this uplifting fact am I reporting to you now, before you merge into your Buddha’s nature, before the awakening occurs and you pass through the great portal of light into the unchangeable Eternal Being.

I am the awakened one who is with you now, as you awaken.


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