Resist the Devil

Asana Mahatari
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 14, 2013
first published in English on October 16, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

Please pay attention to two things, circumstances that determine this time and what the people are now facing.

1) The ” ruse of the darkness”, with which the dark ones take possession of the remaining soul fragments of those people who have already gone astray from the path of light.

2) The empty, inanimate body wraps, entities of synthetic nature that now besiege incessantly those people, whose soul fragments they cannot reach so easily but are of existential importance for the dark forces. Their aim is to confuse these people, to make them blind to the right decisions and to their ascension – until these people put their lightsabre aside and hand over their soul fragments to the dark ones.

It means, firstly: The final battle rages until the very end. Every day is precious, and this is true for every being.

And secondly, it means: It is important to understand that there is indeed absolutely soulless entities, i.e. soulless humans in this world and that these constitute the vast majority.

Although the level of 4D/12 is in the midst of the great cleansing, the synthetic beings are still in large numbers among you. They can only be removed with the final events in order to arrive at the appropriate levels of experience for them. It is important to understand that these beings have begun to besiege the people, who have principally kept away from the dark ones and are of pure intentions, but, however, in terms of ascension are still undetermined because they have fallen prey to some misinformation.

These synthetic entities lay upon their aura layers of dark veil, a carpet of resentment and doubt, until these people are discouraged and lose confidence and orientation within themselves. Their aim is to weaken these people, to rob their souls at the appropriate moment. These soulless creatures are at the service of the dark ones and the aim of their existence is solely to transfer to the dark powers as many human soul fragments as possible. Therefore, be extremely careful!

The fact that there are soulless humans is still hard to imagine for many people. However, it is necessary to comprehend this fact very quickly. To bury one’s head in the sand is hardly helpful at this time. The methods to bring back the light warriors, who stand on the bridge between the worlds, into the sinister world are becoming more perfidious and more impertinent and their arsenal has not yet been exhausted by the dark ones.

So know that each light warrior, who now lays down his lightsabre, has been swayed by such entities. This does not exempt anyone from his own responsibility, but it is a fact that has to be mentioned here.

And finally we come to the key point of this message and its essential importance: the esoteric scene, the “spiritual movement” is thoroughly contaminated by these soulless beings, and precisely here the dark forces have accomplished in this context their greatest “soul raid”. Many gurus of this time are simply possessed by alien forces and already completely taken over by the dark ones. They have either sold their soul or handed their soul fragments over to them.

Gurus who do not own a soul? This is an image that is unimaginable for many. However, it is an image that you, while you still dwell on this level of perception, should cherish in your awareness, so that you never be surprised by this fact.

In these last days of humanity only one thing is of real importance: to discern in advance the last and desperate attempts of the dark ones, so that you are prepared and stay firmly like a rock within yourself. And the entrance of the dark ones into the originally lightfilled souls is the still unprocessed and latent doubts of the people. These are stoked and built up cunningly until the light warriors are dissuaded from the path of light, so that they put down their lightsabre, while saying to themselves: “My ascension is canceled and this “error of some dreamers” does not concern me anymore.”

And that is precisely the blunder. It affects exactly you! This “blunder” will bring infinite pain to these people, because he, who fails shortly before reaching the goal, is as failed as the one who has not even taken this path. It makes no difference when one fails, it makes no difference whether one just misses the target or misses it wide. Missed is missed! The difference lies solely in the eye of the beholder: For he, who realizes at the moment when the worlds separate how close he was to the realms of light, he can be only utterly dismayed about himself and will painfully writhe in his own suffering that he has not been called by the Creator.

It is urgently necessary to show you this scene as to ensure that you remain fully aware and vigilant, and thus cast away any doubt. So that you resist, where it is necessary, when the trap of the dark ones snaps, when the “seed of doubt” over your supposedly not yet accomplished ascension thrives in your soul.

Remain steadfast, because God reveals Himself to you after you have passed all the tests, after you have done all the steps and have successfully mastered all self-imposed challenges. Have faith and carry on. Nothing can happen to you. The world has no more power over you, unless you concede this power, which it cannot muster on its own.

The world of 4D/12 is sealed and this level is now seized by all kinds of still necessary cleansing. The ascending ones will also leave this level and will expand into the fifth dimensional level or even beyond. Herewith we have reported these actual news to you.

Stay vigilant until the very end, guard the inner fire and the flame of ascension. Discern the last pitfalls of darkness and bypass them, destroy them and stay away, when  this transient world with its new temptations is trying to hold you in the illusion. These days the fruits of your actual transformation work will become apparent. Anyone, who has worked well, has nothing to fear, he, who has left out some lessons, is now confronted with his ignorance. Recognize this in an instant or return back into the darkness!

This is the last option that these people now have because the time for lengthy learning steps on the part of the ascension aspirants has already expired. Realize this and stay ready.

In infinite love for you, people

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