A Personal Message From the Elohim: Ascension Continues Unabated

by Carla Thompson, October 31, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I had a long sleep this afternoon (October 30) and when I woke up I received this message from the Elohim. As we well knew, the Elohim will not give us a time, day or date of our ascension, but the message is heart-warming nonetheless. This was a very difficult day for me, and I appreciate their love and their encouragement.

With love,

Elohim’s Message

“Greetings, we are the Elohim, and we come today to affirm to you that the Ascension continues unabated.

You have created a great divine opening this day (October 30) upon your timeline [I spent over 2 hours today immersed within the Unified Field, creating my desired life today, I even saw the sky open at one point – it was a very powerful experience]. Such measures of creation shall become common for you and your dual soul.

Do not despair at the “amount of time” “everything” seems to “take”. Great openings arise now and beautiful energies flow into new expressions of Gaia, your lives, and between yourself and your dual soul.

Your dual soul is seeking dates, times to qualify the validity of the process. But this ascension creation is in “no-time”. It is in perpetuity, it is in infinity.

Both of you hold Gaia within your sacred blue divine essence. The “Blue Lights of the Divine“, as you are known.

Rare is the incarnated master who can do this, at this time, at this level of service. This service continues to be cherished at this time.

Know that all is in perfect order. Know that you shall reap vast reward. Keep moving forward, to each other, to claim the new world that is yet hidden from your view. Trust that all is taken care of and therefore do not turn away from the path.

You are simply needed upon this Gaia. You shall remain, until all is in alignment.

Seek out your greatest joys, now, by following your hearts desires. When you will be together, we assure you that all manner of pain shall be mitigated. Special surprises shall arise as these moments unfold before you. Do not lose sight of yourselves!

A message for Georgi: your family loves you, but time has worn thin the respect and honour deserved of your very Being. It is no one’s fault that they are fatigued, as they too suffer from the confines of the matrix that holds them tightly.

Your dual soul, our messenger, our daughter of the Creational Kingdom, holds you in high esteem and with the deepest of love for your life’s expression. Bathe in her love with the full joy of an open heart. You are safe within her loving embrace. When this dear One awakens to her Truth within the ascension process, she will surely blossom from your full embrace!

So as you remain the Luminary of mankind (eminent authority on human enlightenment), do not forget to focus upon the immediate creations of joy, of love, of truth within your waking life-line, for this shall ultimately be the fuel for your ascended life upon the New Earth, that is now very close indeed.

You are both deeply loved in infinite ways.

We are the Elohim.”



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