Obama’s Genocide on the American People. More Than 4 Million Americans Have Been Disappeared by the Criminal Obama Administration in the Last 5 Years

by Georgi Stankov, October 23, 2013

It is a well-established fact that all official statistics which the Western Orion governments and states publish annually are forged and fraudulent. This is obvious for all financial data. But one expects that it is much more difficult to forge demographic statistics as to hide the intended genocide on humanity by the ruling dark cabal in the End Time, whose aim is to establish the NWO and preserve their power. This has been a leitmotif in all my publications on this topic. And indeed I will prove below that it is not so easy to forge demographic data to anybody who displays a logical, unspoiled mind and has a clear view as to what is ongoing on this most toxic and criminal planet in the whole universe. 

For instance I have always sustained the view that the current official estimation of the world population to be 7 billion is bluntly wrong as it is used as an alibi to demand the implementation of various covered euthanasia programs by the Western ruling cabal under the disguise of philanthropic organisations on behalf of the Third World, such as the one of Bill and Melinda Gates, which in fact aim at coiling the human population. Hence in all my disquisitions on the current seven 4D-earth-model and the distribution of human souls among various timelines, I have always departed from a lower figure of 6 billion total human population, which is my educated estimation based on the analysis of official demographic statistics and clever mathematical extrapolations based on the theory of the Universal Law.

Since Obama came on power, the number of voices that warn the American population that his criminal administration has the intention to coil the American population – be it Obamacare or FEMA – in the End Time has grown exponentially. There are numerous facts that confirm this, both overt and clandestine, effort of the monster Obama to commit genocide on the Americans, who are not his compatriots as he is not an American citizen, but a criminal usurper of power. We all know about FEMA or the easiness with which the US police shoots and kills innocent citizens, predominantly of black colour, etc., without being punished and sent to prison. These practices point out to an ongoing massive genocide on the American population by the criminal authorities under the ruling of Obama and his dark masters that pull the strings of this dark monster behind the scene.

However until now nobody in the USA (only abroad) has made the effort to scrutinize the official statistics of the USA in order to reveal the dreadful fact that in the last almost five years (but also much earlier during the Bush and Clinton administrations) millions of American citizens disappeared each year and cannot be accounted for by the official demographic statistics of this rotten and crumbling empire. The discrepancies are so huge that it is a real conundrum why they have not been noticed by any honest and diligent US scientist in social sciences.

Now this task has been delegated (by heavenly order) one more time to me as a foreign physician and a theoretical scientist in physics to reveal Obama’s heinous genocide on the American nation. I found that during Obama’s ruling in the White House more than 4 Million American citizens have been disappeared, most probably killed by the American government and its numerous secret, military and dark paramilitary organisations financed by the tax payers and manipulated by the hidden dark cabal with the ultimate goal to decimate the American people and also the world population and install the NWO.

Let us now restrict to the American population and analyse the official demographic data published by the US government ( and here) in the light of this horrible discovery.

In last two available years the basic demographics are as follow:

…………………………………………………………………………………..2010……………….. 2011

– Number of deaths:                                                                2,468,435                 2, 513,171

– standardized death rate (SDR),
deaths per 100,000 population:                                                799.5                        811, 3
– Life expectancy:                                                                      78.7 years                    78,7 years
– Infant Mortality rate (IMR),deaths per 1,000 live births:      6.15                         6, 05

When we compare the same data for the EU countries (27 countries, 17 in the Euro-zone and 10 poorer non-Euro countries) that have a similar quality of life and demographics as the USA, we observe the following stunning discrepancy:


– Number of deaths:                                                                     not available,  but irrelevant  for our analysis

– standardized death rate (SDR)                                                   587, 2                 not available

– Life expectancy (LE):                                                                77.0 years                  77,4 years

– Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), deaths per 1,000 live births:     between 4.92 and 4.21 for both                                                                                                     years  (ca. 50% lower than in the USA)

Let me observe that the number of deaths in the EU is irrelevant for our analysis as the overall EU-population can only be estimated because we do not have any reliable census data from most EU countries. Only recently, for instance, the German government found surprisingly that its population is actually lower by 1.5 million than officially estimated due to deliberately falsified statistics on immigrant numbers. Besides, the number of deaths is already calculated in the standardized death rate (SDR) for this area. The 2010 US census data shows a population of 308,745,538, The EU (27 countries) population is estimated to be 503,7 Million in 2012. The SDR in EU for 2011 is not available yet, but it must be lower than for 2010 of 587. 2 per 100 000 inhabitants as it is steadily falling each year since 2001, from 706 to 587.2 in 2010, so that this figure must be even lower than 587 for 2011. This is a very important trend to observe as at the same time the SDR in the USA is steadily growing.

Now let me first explain the correlation between the various demographic positions. Life expectancy is always an estimated variable that considers the SDR, including the important infant mortality rate (IMR). It gives us an estimate how long a newborn baby will statistically live in the average when all mortality data is adjusted to the current population. The higher the life expectancy, the lower the death rate, SDR must be. Here we have the first astounding discrepancy between the USA and the EU, which principally applies to any pair of compared countries (geographic/ demographic areas).

How could the US life expectancy be bigger than the EU  – 78,7 vs 77 (2010) and 78.7 vs 77.4 (2011) – when the US death rate exceeds the EU death rate by 799.3  – 587,2 = 212.1 for 2010 and is even higher than 212.1 for 2011 if one considers the improved EU life expectancy rate for this year in the absence of precise EU SDR for 2011?

If we now assume that the EU data is more correct than the US data due to the fact that one can hardly manipulate the demographic statistics of all 27 European countries as to deliberately bias them in one direction, as this is potentially the case in the USA, then we can make some remarkable calculations and adjustments which prove that millions of Americans have been disappeared in the USA in recent years, most probably have been killed by clandestine governmental measures of genocide. But these facts could not be sufficiently hidden by the fraudulent US censor authorities. Most probably their arrogance is so big that they assume that nobody will make such comparisons and analysis as I am doing here.

Let us neglect for a moment the difference of 1.5% of life expectancy in favour of the USA and assume the classical situation in all such kinds of social statistics being “ceteris paribus” (all other things equal). In this case, we have still a remarkable excess of death cases of 212 in the average per 100 000 US citizens in comparison to the average EU population. This would say that under comparative living conditions 212 Americans per 100 000 citizens die each year in excess compared to Europe. For the US population of roughly 310 million this would amount to 657 200 more death cases per year:

 212 (SDR) X 310 000 000 (US population 2010) : 100 000 (inhabitants) =

 212 X 3,100 = 657,200 excess deaths in the USA for 2010.

This figure is representative for the whole period of Obama’s governance since the beginning of 2009, so that we can now make our dreadful estimation how many Americans have been disappeared by the criminal US government compared to Europe in the last five years:

657,200 excess US deaths X 5 years = 3, 286,000 Americans

have been disappeared by the US government according to their official statistics which they have not sufficiently well forged and manipulated, when they are subjected to a stringent comparative analysis of the officially published demographic data worldwide.

Now this cumulative figure of Obama’s genocide on the American population is our most conservative estimate. When we adjust for the higher fraudulent life expectancy in the USA compared to Europe and also consider the much higher infant mortality rate of almost 50% compared to the EU IMR, then we come to a more realistic figure of

more than 4 million Americans

who have disappeared / vanished from the official US demographic statistics without any explanation in the last 5 years since Obama came to power. In fact this trend can be  traced back to  Bush, Clinton etc. until the Great Depression. This remarkable discrepancy in the US demographic data has not been thoroughly studied by any American scientist so far. When outsiders have approached this problem as was the case with Larry Grathwohl, the former US Army Vietnam War hero and FBI undercover agent, who warned the American people about the Obama genocide, they would be facing, he was mysteriously killed on 18 July this year two days after he had been contacted by Professor Borisov, a Russian scientist who has also investigated this huge discrepancies in the US demographic statistics. using a somewhat different scientific approach, but coming to similar results. He also came to the same conclusion that the USA is conducting a massive genocide on the US population and do not even bother to hide this fact properly in their official statistics. In their arrogance, the dark ruling US cabal depart from the assumption that the American population and in particular their scientific community is so dumbed down or are such cowards that they will not touch this hot potato.

Now let me show you from another angle that my analysis and calculations are very much well founded and that I have furnished the irrefutable proof that about one million American citizens disappear each year, most probably killed by the dark US government as to implement their program of the NWO, based on global genocide on humanity.

Let us analyse for this purpose the official FBI data published by the The National Crime Information Center’s (NCIC). “This centre started publishing a Missing Person File that was first implemented in 1975.  Records in the Missing Person File are retained indefinitely, until the individual is located, or the record is canceled by the entering agency“. This is what they officially say on their website. The reality is much different as their own figures perspire.

As of December 31, 2012, NCIC contained 87,217 active missing person records. Juveniles under the age of 18 account for 32,225 (36.9 %) of the records and 15,141 (17.4 %) were for juveniles between the ages of 18 and 20. However during 2012, 661,593 missing person records were entered into NCIC (a decrease of 2.5 % from the 678,860 records entered in 2011).  Missing Person records cleared or canceled during the same period totaled 659,514. Reasons for these removals include: a law enforcement agency located the subject, the individual returned home, or the record had to be removed by the entering agency due to a determination that the record is invalid.

And here comes the rub: The Missing Person Circumstances (MPC) field is optional and has been available since July 1999 when the NCIC 2000 upgrade became operational. Of the 661,593 records entered in 2012, the MPC field was utilized only in 322,936 (48.8 %). This means that this FBI centre has no information on 340 000 missing cases for the last year and as an annual average during the years of the Obama’s governance.  Even the FBI must admit that the destiny of roughly 340 00 missing persons each year in the USA is unknown and unsettledThey are simply dropped from the statistics.

This is another compelling evidence, which I have derived from the official US statistics that proves in an indirect manner (the above presented demographic data is the primary, valid data) that hundreds of thousands, even a million of US citizens disappear each year in the USA. Most of them (over 90%) are children below 21 years who fall prey to the satanic rituals of the ruling cabal, as this has already been discussed and published by myself and other members of the PAT on this website. I am only rendering the facts now from a different, fundamental scientific point of view, based on official US demographic data.

This is the naked truth and any other argumentation and discussions about this ongoing insidious genocide by the monster Obama and his criminal administration on the American people, which may very well exceed the scope of Stalin’s purges in the USSR in the 30s and of Mao’s in the 60s and 70s during the Cultural Revolution in China, is a futile exercise. This tradition of ongoing genocide on the American population conducted in a deliberate, clandestine manner by the US cabal around the 13 ruling Orion families, which have been finally ousted by the PAT during the last epic battle at the equinox portal last month, goes back to the Great Depression, where about 10 million Americans died of famine unaccounted by the official statistics and American history. These dark cabal souls have now been retrieved by the Source and dissolved and have been recently substituted by new highly evolved, old souls who will provide for a smooth transition of humanity to a more enlightened society on this upper 4D timeline in the course of this autumn.

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