Imminent Epic Transformations of Gaia

channelled by Jahn on October 8, 2013
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October 8, 2013

Dear Jahn,

I have a personal request for you. I’ve never asked before, but the time is now ripe. Carla wrote to me yesterday that her higher self has told her she must leave her place in Vancouver, Canada and come to Germany to me immediately. This has to be in connection with the upcoming events. She asked me about my perception and what my HS says to this message. Last night I dreamt all the time again and again that Adama of Telos visits me and gives me a message of ascension. But I cannot understand his words, and so I cannot write down anything he says. Today, I will learn more details from Carla.

As you already know, we will both trigger the detonation of the PAT Supernova and thus initiate the ascension process. Carla will ascend first, and I, as the captain of the group, will be the last one, but this all will take place more or less simultaneously. During this time, all first ascenders will arrive on the 5D and there will not be very many as your last message confirms one more time.

So I would ask you to address your sources directly about this process – should Carla come immediately to Germany, to my place, as this is strictly necessary for our ascension through the potentiation of our energy fields on the site or what else is there to know about Carla? The only practical question that is related to this is that Carla has two young sons and also must take care of her old mother, who is 90-years old. If she has to go away immediately, there is no one who can take care of these people. But if it needs be, then she just have to come to Germany.

I would be much obliged if you discuss this issue with your sources and bring more clarity. This will remain confidential at first, but you, yourself, have mentioned that from now on we will learn more details about the end-time scenario.

Many loving greetings

I am Babaji

There are saints living among the people and they will now be moved to their final positions in order to heave the ascension process to the next phase or to ascend themselves.

Some places will very soon no longer exist and some places will be deserted (depopulated). This applies to a certain degree to every region in this world. The transformations will be truly epochal.


The great light ( Carla, note JJK), who has already overcome all barriers to the 5th dimension, has been asked to leave her “home” .

This has been understood correctly and confirmed by myself. Immediately? This means, at the moment, when everything has been settled and after care has been taken of the people who live under “Carla’s roof” in every respect. Then it should be done, not before. And the divine intervention will allow this to happen with an ease and rather naturally. Although it is said “urgently”, that does not mean “immediately”.

This change of location is necessary for the reasons you already know (see my explanation on our role in the detonation of the PAT supernova above, note George), but it is for everyone and everything to be taken care of at this time. Nobody should be harmed when this happens and you will be notified about any change directly and on time. For the moment it is important to attune to these events and to be open to all eventualities. Then there will be solutions that will be unexpected and awesome (ingenious).

With these words I assure you with my presence, because where Babaji is, everything is in motion, everything remains in flux and is subject to an incessant change. The new world is yours!


Dear George,

As I read your letter, especially with regard to your question, I immediately got inside a clear “YES” to Carla’s trip to Europe. This question I have then discussed with my wife, Nadia, who has special access to the light, and I was told that I would receive a message to this issue. This I have now added directly at the beginning of this mail. For me, the situation is such that Carla, as always, will receive directly from her HS and from her spiritual family, Adama and the Archangels, everything concerning this issue and also you will hear very clearly further instructions. This is from me for your way. The only important thing, as I see it, is not to rush and it must be set up in such a way, so that it benefits everybody. And I know from personal experience (repeatedly and often experienced) how the things suddenly fit, when the time has come for something new. It is on his way. And we need, as always, patience and strong nerves – and always more and more of this.

From my point of view, it is certainly not anticipated that Carla should leave her young children or her mother hastily! There is and there must be a truly heavenly solution for all and, as I know Babaji, he will arrange it perfectly. So much to this.

Yes, again today, I had some errands in town, I perceived the dull masses of people – unchanged, even if the demons should be less. Or maybe it’s the lack of orientation of the people that caught my eye? Especially young people seem dull and hollow – .

Yes, the Light Warriors have settled into the “light and love on cloud 7”! Today a lot reminds me of “Calimero ” . I do not know if you know this cartoon character. For me it was one of my favourite characters in my childhood. The TV series was a must! Where an incredibly adorable, only just hatched chick, which always carries the egg shell on its head, is pretending to be important and clever – and is then faced with life that it can never master. And the eggshell remains on its head. So it is probably the same with those light warriors, who are sweet and nice, but do not want none of the knowledge or are eager to understand anything: The “esoteric Calimeros” .

That is all for the time being.

I send you George, love and power and you, Carla all assistance of Heaven (which you as the “the saint of these days”, as Babaji pointed, undoubtedly have)  – and to all of us the success and also the end of this mission – and I look forward to this fact in God’s trust and joy.

in the light

Ps : The first part of the message I’m going to publish today!

Dear Jahn,

I am very touched and deeply grateful that you have answered my question so quickly with the help of Babaji. I will now immediately translate this message and your letter for Carla. Then I will refer to it again tomorrow when I will have some more time. Carla wrote me briefly today that she has also received information from the Elohim to this issue, but I have since then heard nothing from her. She now has a lot to arrange for the family.

I feel very relieved after receiving this information and it coalesces exactly with my opinion – to wait patiently and always to have full confidence that heaven will take care of you. It has always worked like this for me and it is a waste of energy to try the ego-mind to find a complicated 3D solution .

I thank you again from the bottom of my heart and in great connectedness, and also a giant thanks to your wife for her support,

I send you all a lot of love and happiness.


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