Hour of Enlightenment

channelled by Jahn J Kassl on October 13, 2013

first published on October 16, 2013 in

translated by Georgi Stankov

The Access to Multidimensionality Is Open

Enlightenment and advancement go hand in hand.


the Awakened One, who has come to this world again to awaken the people, those people who are capable of it, but they themselves do not expect it. You, loved ones, are now given a unique opportunity:

1 ) The opening of your telepathic abilities.

2) Obtaining your ability to be at different places at the same time (bi-location / teleportation).

3) The fact that you can manifest through your creative power what serves you and that you will move entire worlds, as you like it.

Before you become a BUDDHA, you will give up your inferior nature and you will begin to understand that your human life actually takes place at other levels. In the moment when you realize that you possess “superhuman” skills, the whole humanity will be converted and you will go into the state of Being of your divine reality.

A prerequisite for this gift of God, with which the portals to the multi-dimensionality will be opened to you, is your unconditional desire to walk the path of light, even if the details escape your awareness, even if you are scared because you know one thing and are still unfamiliar with the other. Miracles happen only when you are internally ready for this and not when you loudly call after them.

That being said to you, the enlightened of the time! Many people do not know about their inner fire, about the light that shines in them, and these people who consider themselves of less value and hence do a disservice to themselves, will be now put into the light. And it will affect the people who are inwardly pure, perhaps the “simple-minded”, who are seemingly living aside from the great cosmic processes, but are still willing to recognize everything as soon as they find the appropriate opportunities to do so.

BUDDHA brings confusion, so that you can obtain clarity. BUDDHA promotes unredeemed hatred, so that you become loving. BUDDHA makes you go astray until you freed yourself from it all and find your whole Self.

Thus, all men, who neither carry karmic burdens, nor alien possessions and still have not understood or recognized their specific positions and duties in this world, will be bestowed now with the gift of the great miracles by themselves. Idly to acquire enlightenment, because everything is already accomplished. Acquire this knowledge now and meditate upon it.

Sitting under the tree renders no Buddha. The Buddha is born when from nothing a human life is radically changed, and when the person carries and integrates all knowledge of awakening into his everyday life. For the ignorant knowledgeable of this time the hour of enlightenment has arrived. Who needs this more than you, who neither know, nor believe that you are meant, when we talk about this. OM!

Miracles for you, who have stayed a whole human being, who are of pure heart and yet are ignorant about your uniqueness, as a showman who hides his most precious pieces because he does not know that he possesses them. Think and meditate about it, because maybe you are meant, you, who had forgotten yourself in the big game of the Maya.

Maybe you are meant and maybe you are standing at the top of the creator’s list, perhaps it is your name that will be called first when it will be said: I CALL ON THE NAME OF … – COME ! You are Buddha. I have just walked ahead of you. You are! Om!


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