Urgent Energy Update: The MPR Has Hit the 9th and 10th level of 4D on August 7th and Will Manifest Any Moment in Our Timelines

by Georgi Stankov and Carla Thompson, September 8, 2013

It is very difficult to make universally valid assessments at this End Time as everybody will experience from now on a different individual destiny and timeline. This is due to the fact that there is a recent decision by the Source to create as many upper 4D timelines as necessary, so that each individual will experience the perfect destiny he needs in the End Times as to progress in his ascension process (see “Final Details on the Ascension Scenario“). The bottom line is:

1) Nobody will go through a catastrophe if this is detrimental to his spiritual evolution.

2) All other incarnated human beings are already experiencing huge catastrophes and hardships at the levels 8th to 10th in order to awaken as soon as possible and move to higher 4D timelines in preparation for their future ascension (read “Rescue Squad on 4D/8th Level“).

3) The catastrophic End Time scenario on all 4D timelines is almost as bad as on the 3D earth of the dogs. The NWO has been established on all these 4D earths. The only difference is that these 4D earths have the potential to emerge quicker from this catastrophic state and evolve to a new society of peace and equality (see also “The Final Battle Rages“. The reason for this is that the dark forces do not have  enough incarnated entities with real soul fragments on these timelines due to the splitting of the old earth in many 4D timelines. They do not have enough incarnated souls (more than 500 000  on each earth) from whose fear they can feed. They cannot profit from soulless clones and thus will lose very soon control on all 4D timelines, contrary to the catastrophic 3D earth, where all unripe souls have been collected now and build a favourable human pool for full enslavement by the dark archons with the help of  elected dark human minions as was the case on the old earth.

4) The PAT and the first wave of ascension candidates will not experience any catastrophes and may not even see them in their physical reality. But this does not exclude their experience in the inner realm of the soul, and within the individual field as emotional and energetic waves, the quality of which clearly reveals the catastrophic character of the events on the 9th and 10th level of 4D as I will show below.

Please try to comprehend the complex character of this most unique multidimensional drama, which we shall fully oversee only after our ascension when we have acquired full awareness. But you should strain your imagination to the utmost now and listen attentively to your inner voice, which tells you what is happening on the lower 4D timelines as they affect you destiny decisively in this very moment.

Yesterday, September 7th, the MPR has commenced on the 9th and 10th 4D levels and the catastrophes are as devastating as on all lower seven 4D earths which have been sealed in the meantime from the upper 4D levels that contain the ascension candidates and those who will go to the balanced 4D earth and will also not be affected by the End Time catastrophes. The MPR on level 8th began last week as described by Jahn in his latest dream.

The situation is very complicated indeed and one has to be very vigilant and stay in full mental clarity as not to mix the events and come to the wrong conclusion based on past linear thinking. It is very important not to get lost in the current End Time.  Below I will add my latest correspondence with Carla, where we discuss these events. It is now too early to make any comprehensive final assessments as these catastrophic events are still unfolding on the 9th and 10th 4D levels and have not reached their peak and produced definite results. It is impossible to say when they will manifest in the upper timelines 11th to 12th and to what extent.

The PAT has now moved to the 1st level of 5D and will definitely not be affected by these events. Hence it is impossible for me to tell you if you will even see them before the detonation of the PAT supernova and your ascension. I hope to get a more comprehensive overview from our channeling sources today or tomorrow, in case we are still on the ground. From now on, the detonation of the PAT supernova can happen any minute and everything I say or write at present is of provisional character.

I have just received another long message from Jahn channelled by Babaji, where the recent changes of the ascension scenario are explained in detail one more time and complement the picture presented above. Hence stay centered and know that the final act of the human drama has commenced with full force on September 7th as announced by my HS ten days ago and that your ascension has already started real time. There is no power in this universe that can hinder it anymore. Our ascension is the only absolute certainty in this whole process. As linear time is an illusion, it is though impossible to say when we shall undergo our final energetic transfiguration from physical entities into immortal crystalline, light beings. But as I said above, it can happen any moment from now on.


September 6, 2013

Dear Georgi,

I have just read “Rescue Squad on 4D/8th level” as channeled by Jahn from Asana Mahatari.

There is one truth that jumps out at me immediately in this message and it is truthful for our current level of reality in this moment:

Nothing Learned“.

With reference to nuclear energy, no one is up in arms. No one cares about the intransigence. No one cares about the incompetence. No one cares about the import of this crisis on our home, our planet.

Humanity has failed in its complacency, its rhetoric, its lip service.

Until Humanity cares about something SO fundamentally shocking and clearly critical to our own survival from a linear one-dimensional point of view that most of Humanity carries at this time, they will NEVER get ascension and the complexities of multi-dimensional existence.

I suspect there will be a long hard road ahead for these souls in terms of evolution. It may be that another 26,000 years of incarnations will not even then be enough.

The Bible saying “God Have Mercy” seems to fit well here.

With infinite love,

Dear Carla,

this is correct and compared to the Chernobyl crisis in Europe and in Bavaria in particular when the people were shocked and talked for years about this catastrophe in 1987, it is a real conundrum to me as to how complacent the people with the Fukushima disaster are. But one should consider the fact that we have to do only with soulless, empty shells and they are unable to develop any critical attitude and to actively change their destiny anymore.

When I visited King Ludwig’s castle the other day (September 4th), I met a lot of people on the way there and they were bleak shadows in the landscape, no inner radiance, no power, no life, no vitality  at all – whether young or old. I did some physiognomy research on them and discovered with my clinical eye that all of them had a very retarded mouth and kin with a thick neck and looked all like imbecile with a Down syndrome. The reason for this idiotic expression is that their 5th chakra of intelligence is completely blocked, non-existent, and this affects the outer appearance of their mouth and kin region and neck.

It was shocking, as I normally  do not see much people around me. These were people from all walks and from different countries, but they all looked like the moronic persons without any exception as Jahn describes them in his dream. These people are long dead and only exist as an empty holographic image. Hence there will be no changes at the societal and political level before our ascension and the incarnation of new souls in these listless bodies as I have written.


Dear Georgi,

Thank you for writing this new article  ” The Propulsion Multistage Rocket as an Explanatory Physical Model of Ascension“.  After reading it I realized that it reminded me of what I experienced during my “visit” to the 7th level of 4D on August 11th.

I recall now that as I was falling asleep, there was deepening of the darkness around me, a building of dark and heavy energies that were slow in their vibration and muddy in their colours.

After a time, I realized that I was beginning to float up into the air as though I was suspended on a bed of lighter air, and it was taking me up and away from the heaviness that was below me.

When I first bumped the west wall of my bedroom, I could feel it against the right side of my body, and I thought how odd this was that I was moving through the air as if floating on a breeze.  After about what seemed like 5 seconds, I bumped into the east wall of my bedroom. This is when I opened my eyes to look out of my bedroom window to see what all the commotion was about. I heard the screams of people on the street and saw and heard roofing materials and cars being thrown against the sides of buildings.

The ambient light began to fade outside, after what seemed like 30 seconds of visuals.  I could sense the energies becoming heavier beneath me at the same time as the light diminished before my eyes. The entire experience felt just as you describe, the combustion of darkness fueled the growth of darker, heavier energies “below” me and at the same time, as I was rising up away from the event, it was as though it was propelling me quickly upwards.

As I sensed myself floating back onto my bed, the lightness of energies was palpable and the light hitting my closed eyes was brighter.  When I opened my eyes, slowly, there was such a striking quality difference to the visual light around me.  It was as though I was seeing a whole other spectrum of light. It was yellow, but also white and pink with peach overtones. Probably the best way to describe it is to say that there was another sun shining in through my window. There were birds singing here now too. I felt as though I had indeed been propelled upwards in that one instant to a whole new reality.

With love and light,

September 7, 2013

Dear Carla,

this vivid reminiscence of the MPR on the seventh 4D earth which you has personally experienced during your astral journey on August 11th must have a sound ground in the events that now unfold on the 8th – 10th 4D levels. Jahn has already confirmed that the MPR has happened on the 8th level and I have the feeling that this event has now reached the 9th and 10th levels.

When I could not switch on the microphone of skype this morning, I got so frustrated beyond measure as I told you that it was obvious that it did not come from myself personally as this event, though deplorable, did not explain the level of my frustration and utter helplessness, which overwhelmed me at that moment. It came definitely from outside like a tornado that only needed this occasion to hit me, very much like on May 25 in Freising when I felt so helpless and frustrated all of a sudden that I could not even drive for a moment and then I was emotionally so much upset, a real wrack, the whole day when there was a huge shift upward, while at the same time there was a MPR on 3D and its separation, as we learnt afterwards.

Then this night the vibrations were so powerful and exhausting, similar to those on June 8th when the MPR came on the lowest 4D when we were in Austria that I had great difficulties to come into my body in the morning. Also when I woke up this morning I felt unusual doubts that we may not make it and that we may be doomed to stay here for ever. It was a real doom and gloom feeling without any foundation, hence it was an alien feeling. Besides this peak in energy was already predicted by myself and the Elohim  on September 3.

Of course it is ridiculous to have any doubts about ascension, but when such fleeting moods overwhelm me all of a sudden, they indicate that something major is happening with the whole humanity as I pick up such fear patterns like a sponge. Even now when I write this email, I feel emotionally so depleted as if I have quarrelled or being beaten/tortured uninterruptedly in the last 24 hours or somebody very close to me has died all of a sudden. It does not feel good and it does not come from myself, as I feel physically rather good on the other hand.

Therefore, I conclude that something big must have happened, probably on the 9th and 10th levels of the 4D earth – the next MPR or a nuclear war? This also fully coincides with the forecast of my HS on August 29th that around September 7 /8 something big will happen which I interpreted at that time as the final detonation of the PAT supernova. Even now, while writing about this experience, I begin to feel a little bit better as if the clarity I am now gaining about this event helps me recover from this very depressive mood.

April’s HS and the Elohim then confirmed that we have indeed detonated the PAT supernova on that date an that it will come to a completion around this weekend. So it might be that another MPR or a huge man-made catastrophe has hit these timelines in preparation for our ascension. It feels very much like this.

Hence I would ask you, when you feel in the mood, to check one more time with the Elohim what has happened this night and today, the way I have experienced it, as it must be very significant indeed.


Dear Georgi

Energies have been very intense today and I’ve had a bad headache all day. Now it’s a severe migraine.

There is a lot of stuff going on over the past day and a half.

I believe this is all coming from activity on a nearby 4D level, I’m getting the 9th level specifically, reaching into the 10th level.

I’m also told now its from a magnetic pole reversal on the 9th level, soon to reach the 10th level and upwards.

I’m getting the intensity is growing or worsened by the opening of major portals yesterday and today as well (see also GaiaPortal), so that there is all kinds of flux going on here.

My dreams are intense and I’m exhausted when I wake up. I’ve had confirmation from the Elohim that what everyone is feeling is the MPR of the upper levels of 4D and that’s why my memories of the MPR on the 7th level of 4D were so strong yesterday.

That’s all for now, my friend.

I hope to get some relief soon.

Love and light,

Dear Carla,

I have just woke up and had a recurrent dream. We, you and I, were summoned and appeared before the Source (Godhead) and he told us: “You have opened the hearts and minds of the people and were very successful in this incarnation.” This message was repeated many times during this night. It was a kind of final evaluation of our mission on the earth. Then we met with many different people at the soul level, from all walks, and advised them about ascension and the like.

I cannot remember now all the details, but there was one very peculiar scene which I remember very well. We were driving a special amphibian car which was actually guided by an invisible driver who also gave instructions and explanations to us like a GPS. We were visiting old timelines of humanity.

We went to a drive-in cinema in the 50s /60s where all the people drove with their Cadillacs, Chryslers, i.e. with their oldtimers, but the drive-in cinema had no screen at all. The people simply parked their cars there to make love and had a lot of fun. We drove with our amphibian vehicle also there and then our car guide started to drive over the parking cars up and down as if making a hindrance parcour. However our vehicle did do any physical harm to these cars, over which we were driving, and the people inside did not even notice us. That’s it.

Could you still get a more comprehensive information from the Elohim what has happened in the last 24-48 hours. I personally slept well and feel much better this morning (September 8th) .

Wish you a calm night.


Dear Georgi,

What a fantastic night of dreaming.

I did get a message from the Elohim but it’s not complete mostly because of my fuzzy mind and a poor connection to them.

I feel that tomorrow will give me a more complete message as there is a lot happening even now.

I am paralyzed from head pain so I’m going to bed now. Maybe I’ll go to the drive-in with you in my dreams for something fun for a change.


Dear Carla,

I have just received another comprehensive message from Jahn which also confirms the begin of the MPR and the catastrophic events on other lower levels.

I will translate and  publish it today.


Dear Georgi,

I look forward to reading Jahn’s message.

If this energy hitting us is from the 9th and 10th levels of 4D, do you think it will become more and more intense as it gets closer, at levels 11 and 12?


Dear Carla,

this is precisely what I think and I have just written an urgent energy update with what I know so far as to inform the PAT. That is why I need urgently the message from the Elohim. I had also written to April yesterday and asked to check with her HS, but she has not responded yet. Jahn is also informed and will give me a feedback as soon as he has something new. This message from Babaji is before August 7th and does not relate specifically to the MPR on the 9th and 10th level, but it already anticipates its coming.


Dear Georgi,

I am sorry but my connection to the Elohim is weak because of my physical debility from the symptoms.

I have tried all day to get a strong, flowing message and it was not possible.

I know it will come as soon as my symptoms lift.


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