Urgent Enegry Update – September 21, 2013: Fasten Your Seatbelts, the Ascension Roller Coaster Has Just Commenced

by Georgi Stankov

September 21, 2013, 21.30 GMT

Dear Georgi,

I had asked you if you wanted to Skype, but Adama came here and we’ve been talking, and now he would like me to rest/sleep. I gather it’s very important.

I love you.


Dear Carla,

it must be very important indeed. I have just woke up from a very deep nap after I drifted away during another powerful energy surge that came more than an hour ago and I was not in this reality. I am still not really here, so that from what I repeatedly dreamt I must have prepared the conditions for your imminent ascension. The energy level is staggering and all my joints ache as if I had a rheumatism due to this powerful energy wave. If it goes like this, I may not stay any longer in this reality.


PS: check the latest GaiaPortal message that has just arrived:

Higher Dimensional Cosmics Permeate All Gaia Upgrade Grids

Sentience of all Gaia Hue-manity increases dramatically during the 9-20 to 9-22 window, as Higher Dimensional Cosmics permeate all Gaia upgrade grids.

Fore-movement of these Cosmics portends major consciousness upgrades in all Gaia participants, Hue-manity as well as humanity.

Separation protocols, in place for centuries, have been dissolved and transcended as a result of these Higher Dimensional Cosmics.

“Fear aligneds” are unable to maintain such, and fade from all dimensional viewpoints.

Resistance to the incoming Higher Dimensional Cosmics is no longer an option of Hue-manity, and, at some point, humanity.

Those embracing the Higher Dimensional Cosmics thrive in the upgraded and refined energies.

All necessary Ascension Paradigms and Grids are in place.

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