Summary of the Energetic Events During the Equinox Portal

by Georgi Stankov, September 28, 2013

You must  have all gone through the energetic hell of this last monster portal and are now completely depleted and still in the process of healing your wounds. I will be very succinct now and will skip all the symptoms and details about the massive waves that were associated with this portal as it does make any sense to write another chronicle of our collective suffering.

I will stick instead to the bare facts as I have experienced and interpreted them. This is my personal assessment that I have validated with Carla and some other members of the PAT, but I cannot guarantee that it is entirely correct. However many external sources also point to the correctness of this interpretation. Carla was finally able to get a message from the Elohim today, which she will send to me as soon as she has typed it. She is also fully knocked down. None of what happened during this portal has been reported in any channeling or by other sources so far. In this respect a complete ignorance reigns among all LW and the deceptions of the channeling sources have reached another monumental peak in these final days.

Here are the facts:

It was planned for the PAT to use the fall equinox portal to ascend. Carla was informed on Sept 21st by Adama of Telos that she should be ready for ascension. She then ascended twice on Sept 22nd and 23rd and both times she had to return as the whole ascension process was thwarted by the dark forces. During this time I and surely most of you have gone through huge cc-waves in the course of these aborted two ascension test runs.

Why were these ascension test runs not successful? What  happened actually?.

The dark ones used the huge energies of this portal for their heinous plans and tried to prevent our ascension one more time. They only succeeded in delaying it, but also gave us the chance to eliminate them once and for all as it was planned in this last confrontation prior to ascension (read the messages of April’s HS and the last one by the Elohim on this final strategy of harmonization of energies through confrontation).

On the next two days, September 24th and 25th, a huge battle was unleashed at the astral planes between us, the PAT and the forces of light on the one side and the dark archons and their human minions as soul fragments on the other. This battle was associated with another massive descent of source energy as a very prolonged cc-wave on Sept 24 /25 and a huge cleansing wave on Sept 26 that finally purged all dark forces from this 12th 4D level.

It was an epic battle that humanity has not seen so far. Even my wife was thrown in this battle in the dream state, although she has vowed as an old soul not to be directly engaged in this kind of battles. All light warriors and old souls were thrown in this final battle.

On the night to Sept 27, I had a most significant energetic experience in a lucid dream state, which then continued after awakening, of complete triumph over the foes of humanity. I also experienced a profound feeling of full energetic empowerment as a massive stimulating wave from the source that bestowed me with the irrevocable knowing that I am now the new Earth Keeper and can accomplish / create anything I envision. It is impossible to relay this energetic condition and experience in human words.

What did this final epic battle achieve for humanity?

We were able  to thwart a most devastating war on the 12th 4D level. Now the ascension and ID split of this timeline will happen without a war and the inevitable natural catastrophes from the MPR will be rather mitigated. Thus we have given one last and very huge chance to many incarnated human beings to make their final decision in favour of the light and to qualify for the upper balanced 4D earth. However the number of first ascenders will still be very modest as announced in all channellings of Jahn during the last two months. But many more will follow soon.

In summary, the complete victory over the dark forces on Sept 24-26 had the following major consequences for humanity and the impending ascension process:

1) There will be no devastating war on the 12th 4D level as still anticipated before the beginning of the equinox portal.

2) All the changes will now begin with our ascension as a group and the triggering of the MPR and the ID split. The natural catastrophes associated with this event will be mitigated in scope contrary to recent estimations (e.g. see Babaji’s messages from Jahn).

3) More people will qualify for the balanced 4D earth as they now will be given one last, major chance to make a decision for the light, supported by the huge energies of revelation and truth that now flood this timeline and awaken all the people.

This fact has been prospectively confirmed by the latest GaiaPortal message which appeared as a second message yesterday – two messages on one day from this source always indicate a sudden change in the ascension plan. it informs us that some last efforts are now made to save more souls because when ascension will come, this will be a definite and irreversible event that will seal the destiny of all incarnated human souls for eons of time.

4) The initial conditions of future evolution on the balanced 4D earth (current 12th level) will be much more favourable than estimated only a few days ago and progress will be more rapid. The collapse of the old matrix will be quick and less painful and the establishment of the new balanced society will proceed swiftly. Many of us will appear also on this timeline as ascended masters.

5) The detonation of the PAT supernova and our ascension has been postponed one more time because we have to heal our energetic wounds from this last epic battle with the dark side before we can try another ascension test run very soon.

However as Babaji confirms in his latest message from September 23rd after our thwarted ascension, which I have not published as otherwise it only reiterates well-known facts, our ascension has reached “high noon”. It is still imminent and can happen any moment from now on under much more favourable conditions after the dark forces have been fully eliminated.

All of you must sense the tremendous relief in the last two days and the significant improvement of the energy qualities.

One final fact:. On Sept 22nd when Carla ascended for the first time, we met in the HR as I was also retrieved from this reality during that day. According to her communication, after I met her there, I moved to another space where I discussed the final ascension scenario with the forces of light. During this meeting the decision was made to first defeat the dark forces on all levels – as archons and as dark cabal on the earth –  and eliminate them once and for all as to give some more time to the many fence straddlers, who began to awaken very promisingly in early spring within our web of light only to fall asleep one more time in the last days and weeks as admonished by all Jahn’s sources and also felt as a detrimental trend by the entire PAT.

It is quite possible that my HS was instrumental in pushing this decision through as to give one last chance to these entities to ascend to the balanced 4D earth and then to have a better chance to prepare for their final ascension to 5D. We will know this for sure very soon. My huge disappointment about this negative outcome in the last weeks, while reading and translating Jahn’s messages, must have definitely contributed to this decision, for which I do not intend to apologize as ultimately this was a collective decision. That’s all for the moment.

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