Pathetic Last Ditch Effort of the Dark Cabal to Prevent Ascension: HAARP-Attack From Munich Airport on My Portal

by Georgi Stankov and Christine Louise Saul, September 18, 2013

Hello Dr. Georgi~~

Thought this might be of interest to you. This one has a German translation as well. Sending an additional update that was sent out 9/17 (next email #2). This post made me wonder, Are you being targeted? 

Really, no need to reply. I have gained so much from your most recent posts. Rest & Get Ready, instead of replying.

In Deepest Appreciation,



9/16/2013 — Munich Germany RADAR pulse / “HAARP ring” event @ Flughafen München (International Munich Airport)

In the early AM hours midnight to 1AM of September 16, 2013 (local time in Munich Germany) a “mid size” RADAR pulse occurred coming from the RADAR located at the international Airport ( Flughafen München ) which is located at the epicenter of the pulse.

We do not normally see RADAR pulses / “HAARP rings” occurring on mainland Europe. In the United States we know what to expect from our events (48 hour time frame for severe weather after the pulse occurs)…… however, in Europe, I don’t know what the effect of their RADAR will be , if there is any effect at all.

German weather RADAR functions anywhere from 800MHz to 6GHz.  The broadcast frequency for communication of RADAR data to pilots is between 120-130MHz.

much more on the topic of weather modification via frequency:

Watch this video showing  the HAARP -Ring in my portal:


Dear Chris,

thank you very much for this very interesting information which I did not know. It explains at least why the weather in Bavaria is so bad now, cold and a lot of rain in the last days, contrary to the initial weather forecast that announced sunny and very warm weather for the whole month of September.

It is known that the dark cabal want to dumb down the German population with bad weather since long time as to depress them and hinder ascension. Insofar this can be also interpreted as an attack against my portal, which is very huge and encompasses Munich international airport and the whole region around it. Very important information indeed.

With love and light

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