Final Details of the Ascension Scenario

by Georgi Stankov, September 5, 2013

translation from German by Georgi Stankov

These messages of Babaji below, dealing with the final details of the ongoing ascension scenario, might at first glance contain some contradictions, but they can be easily resolved from the perspective of the multidimensionality of the higher realms. It is always true that each message is valid only for a particular person and timeline. Objective, absolute truth beyond the reality of all multidimensionality does not exist. This has always been a guiding principle of our discussions.

And now to my question to Jahn and Babaji below regarding the important statement that those people who will remain on the newly formed, balanced 4D earth will not experience massive disasters and social upheavals in the unfoldment of linear time. This statement represents ostensibly a contradiction to earlier statements of Sananda and Asama Mahatari. But it only seems to be a contradiction, as I will now explain .

I have deliberately asked this question to confirm one more time the correctness of my multidimensional conception of the ascension process, which Babaji has already made in his second message below and will do in another statement yet according to Jahn’s announcement. This is the way how one has to lead dialogue with such higher dimensional sources in order to overcome the limitations of the human mind and yet to come to a deeper understanding. Hence I recommend all my readers to read this publication carefully and with an open mind. Incidentally, I got last night further clarifications and insights to the discussed ascension scenario below, which are included in this discussion.

Now all incarnated entities who will not ascend with us, but will find themselves on the new 4D earth after the detonation of the PAT Supernova and the ID split, have already ascended to the higher levels of 4D, to my knowledge to the 10th level and beyond, whereby constantly new levels / holograms are created from the Source. These envelope the people and protect them from the catastrophic events that already occur at the lower levels (8th and 9th). They will be carried away from these disasters and lifted to safety frequency realms.

This applies of course also to us, the first ascending humans, but this message has already been announced many times, so that unanimity should prevail over it. As I wrote yesterday, the PAT is with its frequencies already at the first level of 5D and the large group of people that will ascend with us are on the 11th or 12th 4D levels. They rise incessantly in these last hours and days until the final thrust will take place. So far, so good.

From now on, each person will experience a unique, subjective, however fully valid version of his life, that will have nothing in common with that of another incarnated person and may even be in conflict with it. After all, we have seen from the experience with the Internet trolls, who, by the way, have disappeared from the scene more than a month ago, how different people’s perceptions are. What we see and consider to be truth, is for these soulless entities, whose soul fragments are roasting long since in the hell of the 3D dogs’ earth, a mere illusion.

We have known for some time that all seven 4D earths were hit by disasters – by the MPR and by disasters that were triggered by the dark cabal – and are now largely destroyed. Most of soul fragments were retrieved to the 3D earth and the seven 4D earth holograms are now being wrapped up. The remaining soul fragments will be then added to the 3D earth.

Meanwhile, the disasters have reached the 8th level of the upper 4D holograms, as confirmed by Jahn with his dream below. I have also received this same information a few days ago. None of that will be seen and experienced here by the masses. But it does not mean that this did not happen and is not a valid part of the End Time scenario for the Earth. If I have always warned in recent articles that the ascension scenario would be worse than originally planned, I meant these lower holograms that we have left behind us and which no longer affect us.

In this sense, the global war in the Middle East, the U.S. wants to instigate currently, has already unfolded on the 8th level and the people there now experience hell time. It’s just as bad as on the seventh 4D earth when Carla was able to witness on August 11th directly the horrors of the MPR during her astral journey.

In effect, we have thus to do with the original three-earth-scenario, as I have pointed out frequently. The creation of seven 4D earths had solely the purpose to split the dark forces as to weaken them, so that the people were offered the opportunity of an efficient awakening. This possibility, however, was not perceived by most incarnated souls and now they will land in their majority on the 3D dogs’ earth or have already landed there, like Babaji confirms below once again. When the detonation of the PAT Supernova will take place and the ID split will be complete, all soul fragments of the currently incarnated people shall find themselves on the 3D earth or die.

However, the new balanced 4D earth, of which we speak since March 2012, should continue to develop steadily. This is clear from its definition, where the forces of light and darkness are in equilibrium. Currently darkness still prevails on the upper 8th to 12th 4D holograms as a holographic illusion. It is rapidly degraded at this time – one hologram (level) after another – so that a new harmony can arise from this confrontation (see also the latest article “Final Light Work on 5D“). It is important now to understand this process in all its dialectical facets.

For this reason it is appropriate that all the people, who will continue with their incarnation cycle on the balanced 4D earth after ascension and the ID split, should find orderly conditions from the very beginning. They will be also energetically heaved above the impending disaster by divine providence and will, just as ourselves, who will ascend to the 5D, not experience any catastrophes.

I have spoken frequently of the partial amnesia of these individuals after their ascension. Events happen first and foremost in our imagination before they materialize. In the 5D such ideas will immediately become reality. Whereas the new balanced 4D earth will still display a certain level of inertia and stability of forms, so that creation there will be faster than on the old earth, but will be still relatively slow from the perspective of the higher realms. In this respect there is no contradiction between earlier statements of Asama Mahatari and Sananda and those of Babaji below. Once you look at this process from the standpoint of multidimensionality and the validity of these statements is understood only in the context of a particular timeline, this apparent paradox dissolves by itself

This last piece of information from Babaji therefore confirms that the social and economic transformation will take place on the new 4D earth in a linear manner on the historical stage according to the old and proven way of social evolution. However, new 4D technologies will be made available from the very beginning, which will improve the lives of the people very quickly.

This has always been our view and we are those creator gods who have diligently built this technological, energetic infrastructure in the past two years, after we had approved the creation of the 4D earth as a three-earth scenario on February 26, 2012. By the way, there will not be only one balanced 4D Earth, but a variety of them, on which we will be active as ascended masters. I, for my part, will introduce there the new theory of the Universal Law and explain it to the people, so that it will become the mental and spiritual basis of all scientific and intellectual activity.

Finally, I would like to highlight an important aspect of the conflict-free transformation of the new balanced 4D earth after ascension and the ID split that I learned only today (August 4) in this form from my soul. Currently, 90% of the people on the timeline that we are experiencing at this moment, are soulless, empty, holographic sleeves. Those who still have individual soul fragments but have not overcome their darkness will be transferred to 3D after the ascension ofGaia and part of humanity to 4D and 5D. This transfer is an integral part of the current ascension scenario, based on the seven 4D earths and numerous further 4D holograms between the upper 4D and lower 5D.

Exactly the same mechanism of soul migration is now being applied to the balanced 4D earth from the source as to ensure an uninterrupted linear evolution of this timeline before, during and after the detonation of the PAT Supernova and planetary ascension. This continuity is created by several billion new souls who will incarnate in a stroke into the current soulless bodies of these people and begin their cycle of incarnation on the new 4D earth. They have been waiting for this opportunity for very long time. Thus, the population will remain visually unchanged on 4D. This process is identical to the incarnation of 20 million very old souls as walk-in a few months ago, as reported on our website, so that the light quotient of humanity was lifted abruptly before its ascension. This massive wave of new incarnated souls on the new 4D earth will have the following three effects:

1) These souls have met all the requirements to develop harmoniously on the new 4D earth.

2) This quantum leap in spiritual maturity will encourage the rapid introduction of new 4D technologies enormously.

3) These souls do not need catastrophic events to wake up, because they have already had this experience in the past, just as we, who will ascend to 5D, so that the Source will not confront them with such negative events.

This new aspect in the ascension scenario which has been communicated to me by my HS today, is the ultimate explanation as to why those people, who will ascend automatically to the new 4D earth, will not experience any disasters in their timeline, while simultaneously all the lower levels will break away and be massively plagued by major catastrophes.

I hope that I have eliminated with this explanation the seeming cognitive contradictions that arise from the last message of Babaji and that we are now in the position to look with clarity to the future and be confident that our ascension will play out in absolute perfection.

Next Door to
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 1, 2013

With your arrival at the light all conflicts and all wars end, with your arrival at the light you enter the eternal kingdom of peace. Until then it is important to be vigilant and to endure, you must participate with full force in the ascension process. Inertia, laziness, idleness or indecision affect today every awareness that succumbs to these conditions to its greatest detriment  – and this immediately.

The separation of the worlds implies that you feel displaced, that you experience states that seem to be unreal to you, that you are here and there at the same time, that you do not know what is happening with you and with your perception. In these “intermediate space-times” you will get used to the level of the 5D, so that you can switch easily and naturally into the new state at the zero hour.

Currently, the errors are increasing, currently the illusion of time builds up powerfully and takes a lot of people, and pulls them down, back into time, because for an untrained mind and a soul that is not prepared for these events, ascension is not only impossible, but absolutely unreal.

Therefore, I announce as follows:

1) Significant and sudden changes in society, whether through war, natural disasters or the peaceful and conscious evolution of humanity, are off for those left behind (on 4D), what happens is that in the linear edifice of space-time everything will occur as previously and development is possible only step by step – this applies to the 4D level.

2) The worlds that will be destroyed by the catastrophic events will find themselves at the level of the third dimension of being. The “Planet of the Dogs” will then open its gates to welcome the newcomers, because many people have chosen this evolution.

3) After all the “sub-holograms” that serve as bridges of ascension to the realms of the fifth dimension are dissolved after the successful ascension, the souls of those left behind will enter a subtle “level of redefining’, from where each entity will continue with its individual journey. Either in 3D or 4D or in different regions of the universe.

This would say that all clones and uninhabited body wraps that are equipped with at least one soul fragment of their primal soul will choose between 3D and 4D. If these remaining soul fragments have fully surrendered to the evil, then their path must commence on the 3D earth, has everything been done to brace against the darkness, then the soul will incarnate in 4D as a whole entity. Evaluated will be the actual soul state of each entity, after all the soul segments are present and after these have appeared for judgment before the “Council of Life” and the “Council of karma”.

These complex processes illustrate how comprehensive this ascension of humanity and the world is. And it shows that in the precision of God every man will experience exactly the “fate ” that he has determined for himself.

In a nutshell, this means that human clones with still remaining soul fragments that were fully imbued by malignancy and hatred on 4D, will return to 3D and that people, who oppose these conditions with all their force, will remain on 4D. Only people who have overcome these conditions go into the light. Still one should actively go to work on oneself, because your hearts must be healed before you find access into the realms of light.

Anything is possible until the very end. The impossible does not exist. Ascension and descent live next door to. The heavenly hosts expect all comers, so that the new worlds are populated and so that the passengers reach their new destination fields.

I am with you. Everyone who calls me is blessed and everyone who denies me, denies his divine nature, which means to choose death rather than life on 5D.

I am

Dear Jahn,

I thank you for this very important message. I am writing to you immediately as I have some difficulties in understanding this quotation:

1) Significant and sudden changes in society, whether through war, natural disasters or the peaceful and conscious evolution of humanity, are off for those left behind (on 4D), what happens is that in the linear edifice of space-time everything will occur as previously and development is possible only step by step – this  applies to the 4D level.

2) The worlds that will be destroyed by the catastrophic events will find themselves at the level of the third dimension of being. The “Planet of the Dogs” will then open its gates to welcome the newcomers, because many people have chosen this evolution.”

All your previous messages depart from the notion that the remaining potential ascension candidates (approx. 800 million according to my knowledge) who will not ascend with the first wave, which will be only a few million, as AsamaMahatari has recently announced, will have to go through the turmoil of the transformations as to wake up – they must go through the “karma loops“, to quote A.M., and may only then ascend eventually.

Now Babaji tells us that the remaining people will experience no such tribulations. More precisely, those soul segments, which will be brought back to the 3D earth, will find there catastrophic conditions. But those, who have opted (qualified) for 4D, will experience no major disasters. This contradicts everything that we have heard from your sources so far. Here is a great need for clarification as to avoid any misunderstandings in the end.

Can you, please, quickly check what is meant by this statement and why this apparent departure from previous announcements?

I thank you for your effort in advance.


Dear George,

this as follows :

) “Yes, by war, natural disasters or peaceful and conscious evolution” this means to me that there will be DISASTERS. Only it will not necessarily affect all 4D candidates. What concerns all of them, and this is new for me, is that the development will always be linear, i.e. it will be possibly “slow”, because the disasters will not alter anything. Yes, the people will have to go through the turmoil and the “peaceful evolution” is a real option as a later consequence. This is what I see as being mentioned – after the drama a certain relaxation and unfolding will come.

2 ) “The worlds that will be destroyed” … this relates in my view to those worlds that will be completely erased, where there will be nothing left. The worlds that will be plagued by devastation, but will still continue to exist, will have this kind of development described above.






This is all so far, dear George !

The text in large and bold letters I received now in real time, as I was writing to you and struggling with my explanation, because I did not understand it clearly and good enough myself. As always, however, I am not troubled much by this. That you must make your efforts to understand, is clear and logical to me because of your orders.

Now love from me

Dear George,

I am again. I had a dream last night and received a message after that. In this dream I was in the 4D at the 8th hologram and was shown what it looks like after the disaster came. Not a pretty sight, and I know now that we are already at least at the 4D/9th level and higher and that new upper holograms must be created. I will try to deliver the message to you tomorrow night, now I can not edit it because I need to get away.

Well once again wish you all the power of the world and my love

Opposites of God
channelled by Jahn J Kassl on September 2, 2013

To the often seemingly contradictory messages I give as follows :

1) It always comes down to when, in which space-time structure a message, knowledge and insight are given.

2) It all depends to whom this knowledge is conveyed.

These are the two points and therefore one needs to remain alert and not mess up anything. What to someone has the potential of absolute validity is meaningless to the other – and vice versa. There is everything in Being, there are many truths, but only one reality: the reality of all life in God. Contradictions always arise in the human mind. An enlightened and liberated from the mind consciousness does not know this condition.

This means in practice, consider any knowledge, any message in its comprehensive content and remember that God reveals himself to every man in his unique way. Always the exact opposite of a spiritual statement is true, and the true masters use this method to confuse the human mind, until it gives up, until it is abandoned, so that the bigger relationships can be assessed.

The pristine and to every human concept unrelated eternal “Geist”, spirit, whom and what you are, knows neither contradiction nor rebellion, but is pure, flowing, eternal and unchanging omniscient awareness. Understand now, that even if we name the evil, even if you are called to resist the darkness and eradicate it from you, nonetheless, each state is filled with truth, even if it is hidden on some levels. Just as a thief hides, who wants to steal something valuable from you and can do his work only under the cover of darkness.

Now extend your consciousness, so that each spiritual message reclaims more than its content of words does, because the truth is wordless and is placed directly into the heart of every man. “Right or wrong” does not exist, is being said, and yet, everything is correct that serves the knowledge and everything is wrong that this prevents and blocks it.

Strive to the highest, then you will see the highest – GOD. Lose you not any longer in the time and in the concepts that arise from time. Understanding and knowledge, the enlightenment of your being happens after you are ready to really experience everything as an expression of the ever new emerging divine creations .

Evil exists. Anyone who tells you otherwise, is an ignorant and hardly worth mentioning. The good exists, and he. who denies the good, is equal to the gardener who denies the finest fruits in his garden. Good and evil are the powers that should be overcome at the linear time level, because he, who stands in the light, is neither good nor evil, he is pure, clean, divine ALL-THAT-IS consciousness.

The true nature of creation is shrouded in many errors and misconceptions as to the true nature of things. A luminous state is free from all laws of this world. To this end goes the journey now, then he, who has conquered evil, has realized all and will be led to new levels of knowledge, beyond imagination.

I am the almighty power of the universe.
I am

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